"Hey, do you wanna go to Dunkin' Donuts?" It's a question we've definitely asked our friends, or really just ourselves, at one point or another. The name has become a staple in America and we all know their signature donut flavors and, quite frankly, its signature name. Well, brace yourselves because the company is rebranding in a serious way: come January of next year they'll be known only as Dunkin'.

Yes, you read that right. The company plans on focussing their attention on food and coffee over merely serving donuts. Further explanation for the name change came in a letter penned by Dunkin' Donuts' CMO Tony Weisman. "Our new name is simpler, shorter and more modern, while still embracing our rich heritage by retaining the familiar pink and orange colors and iconic font that was introduced in 1973," he wrote. "It also speaks to the breadth of our product offerings. We're all about serving great coffee fast. But we're also about donuts and baked goods and breakfast sandwiches. All delivered at the speed of Dunkin'."

the exterior of a dunkin donuts

Rest assured, everyone, that Dunkin' Donuts will still serve their signature doughnuts to the public. They're only rebranding to focus more on everything they offer the public rather than one thing. Weisman added in his letter that starting January 2019, the signage will change inside your local shop and on their packaging. Eventually, the name change will happen across international locations as well.

So, enjoy your Dunkin' Donuts while they last because in just a few short months things will be pretty different. Maybe save one of your coffee cups as a reminder of the things that used to be...

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