Ah! You've been invited to a holiday party and everyone's partaking in white elephant. You don't really know every guest and you certainly don't want to spend lots of money. What to do? Hit up our list of awesome white elephant gifts, that's what! Each item on this list is something any guest would love to grab.

1. Toilet Bowl Mug

a mug in the shape of a toilet bowl

Cost: $12.99

There's no better way to let someone know they're full of it than by gifting them a mug that says so. This hilarious and inexpensive mug looks exactly like a toilet bowl, which is what the recipient will be drinking from. When it comes right down to it, though, it's a cool novelty item that will, at the very least, be a conversation piece.

2. Electric Wine Bottle Opener

Cost: $19.05

Whoever brings the corkscrew or bottle opener Is usually the hero for the night. It's such an essential tool, yet we always seem to forget it. This one isn't exactly compact, but it's definitely an item cool enough to remember. Give someone the gift of wine and minimal work.

3. Nessie Ladle

a ladle that looks like the loch ness monster in a pot

Cost: $15.40

Bringing loved ones together for a holiday party sure is nice, but things can take a turn for the worse when crucial items are missing. No bowl of delicious punch or steaming mulled wine is complete without a ladle. And not just any ladle, mind you. A ladle that looks exactly like famed cryptid The Loch Ness Monster. At least this one you can take a clear photo of.

4. Board Games

Prices will vary

Unless you're playing with a bunch of scrooges, a board game is a terrific white elephant gift to give someone. The possibilities really are endless, too, since you can go with something a little more modern like Dixit, or you can purchase the classics like Clue or Monopoly. You don't even need to buy the authentic versions of the classics either; these games tend to have spin-offs devoted to movies or TV shows.

5. Bathroom Guest Book

a guest book for the bathroom

Cost: $15.00

It's nice to know who comes and goes in your home. You don't need to do any cleaning up or baking for this get-together, though. Stick this guest book in the bathroom and encourage friends and family to sign their name whenever they visit the loo. It's a totally impractical gift, but it's perfect for anyone with a unique sense of humor.

6. Personal Library Kit

Cost: $15.19

Don't you hate it when you lend out books to friends and they never make it back to you? It only gets worse when you have a good collection of books and you have people left and right requesting to borrow them. Oh, they can borrow them alright. But they're gonna have to sign them out of your personal library so you can keep tabs on who your real friends are.

7. Poopouri

3 bottles of poopouri

Cost: $13.00

Laugh all you want, everyone. Poop stinks (yes, even yours). Mask the scene of the crime with this spray. All you have to do is spray a few squirts into the toilet bowl, do your business, and flush. This item quite literally hides the poor smell due to its strength. And it comes in varying scents! The only obstacle with this is automatic flush toilets...

8. Borrow My Pen Set

Cost: $13.50

Sort of like when people borrow your books and don't return them, you can guarantee the safety of your pens with this set. A set of eight pens come with various fake and hilarious business names on them such as "Stuffed With Love Taxidermy." The company's slogans are equally droll with such gems as "Springfield Sexual Addiction Center: From PERV to PERFECT in as little as 10 days. Curbing your enthusiasm since 1998." We're pretty sure the recipient will get their pens back.

9. Doughnuts Ceramic Cookie Jar

a cookie jar shaped like a stack of donuts

Cost: $14.99

We love cookies. We love doughnuts even more. The creators of this cookie jar knew how to speak to the people by combining the two for one awesome product. This ceramic little number looks like a stack of doughnuts but is actually a hiding place for your cookies.

10. Dog Shaming Calendar

Cost: $11.53

Puppos try their best to be good, but our shoes and throw pillows are just way too enticing. For your white elephant gift, get this 365-day calendar celebrating the very best of dog shaming. Just in case you're unfamiliar, dog shaming is when owners pose their beloved dogs with signs shaming them for misbehavior. The results are adorable and equally funny, especially when the pups have big smiles on their faces. They don't care...

11. Homesick Candles

a candle that says new york on it

Cost: $30.00

Moving away from home is exciting and opens up the road to adventure. But, when the holidays roll around we can't help but pine for our hometown. These candles bring you right back to your childhood home by capturing scents associated with each state!

12. Funky Socks

Prices will vary

Everyone needs socks. Even if we have tons of them laying around at home, we could always use some more. Just about every clothing store has socks available, so raid the outlets and see what's available. If you hit up places like Old Navy or Walmart, you'll probably score a pack of funky socks anyone would love to have.

13. Face And Butt Soap

soap that says butt on it

Cost: $7.39

I mean, no one wants to wash their face with the same soap or cloth they just washed their butt with. It's even grosser to think about when you're living with partners. Instead of playing the guessing game, use this very handy soap that just so happens to label which side is for what body part. Now you don't have an excuse to get the sides mixed up.

14. The Hungover Cookbook

Cost: $6.00

Hangovers are the absolute worst. You probably can't even drag yourself out of bed before noon and even when you are up, your head is pounding and you're nauseous. Eating something is the last thing on our minds when we're hungover, but eating is actually really important during this awful time. This cookbook helps you make meals perfect for your swirling insides.

15. Sarah Andersen Day Planner

sarah andersen day planner

Cost: $13.00

As adults, we could use something to help us organize our lives. Don't opt for a boring day planner; get one that's fun and humorous instead. Comic artist Sarah Andersen put together a day planner featuring her super funny comics, a place to jot down social plans, and then days of the week. Nothing gets you through a soul-sucking work week like a small comic from someone who completely understands you.

16. S'mores Maker

Cost: $25.99

No longer will your white elephant recipient need to make s'mores outdoors. They can bring the party straight into their home with this handy s'mores maker. Stuff your graham cracker sandwiches with marshmallows and chocolate and then press down with the maker's arms. The arms ensure your s'mores won't leak or burst, keeping everything securely in place. Stick it in the microwave and you've got yourself two delectable s'mores.

17. Vinyl Record Coasters

coasters that look like vinyl records

Cost: $9.99

Keep your tables ring-free with these awesome coasters that come in the shape of vinyl records. They're made from silicone so they won't damage your table and they're perfect for drinks of any temperature. They come in a pack of six, as well, so you'll be able to entertain guests with these cute coasters.

18. Wine Bottle Glass

Cost: $14.00

White elephant gifts are best when there's alcohol involved. A beautiful gift for the wino in your friend group, the wine bottle glass is a regular glass at first glance. But the bottom of the cup is attached to a full, empty 750-ml wine bottle that you can fill throughout the night. It comes with a variety of slogans ranging from "I only have time for one glass of wine" to "A glass of wine keeps the therapist away!" Top it up during the night or fill it once and save yourself the hassle.

19. Maybe Swearing Will Help: Adult Coloring Book

the cover of an adult coloring book

Cost: $7.99

Adult coloring books made their way to the mainstream media years ago. They help us relive childhood while also letting off some steam brought forth by adulthood. Colouring in a cactus or town may not help keep you calm, though. Sometimes you just need to color in some curses. This coloring book has you covered.

These top of the line white elephant gifts are perfect if you need something on the fly. They're inexpensive, fun, and actually practical (well, some of them). You'll be the talk of the party - in a good way - with these hilarious presents!

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