With Valentine's Day coming up, you need to find a killer gift for your significant other. Though you know them pretty well, it keeps getting harder to consistently give great presents as your years together go by. No more last-minute present purchases for you! This list has everything you need to surprise your partner this year.

Gifts For Her

1. Charm Bracelet

a silver bracelet with many pink charms on it

Jewelry on its own is a stunning reminder of how much you care about someone. To make things truly special, though, you can gift your sweetheart a charm bracelet. Each charm can mark a significant period of your time together, adding sentimental value to an already romantic present. You can also add charms during the year's other big holidays like Christmas.

2. Night Sky Star Map

a woman holding a photo of stars in the sky

Want a permanent reminder of when love began for you two? Give your partner a map of the stars from a special night. The Night Sky is a company that maps out the stars and prints a map based on the day you chose. Curious what the night sky looked like the day you two met? The Night Sky has no problem showing you! You can frame the results and give her a gift she'll never forget.

3. DIY Coupons

many coupons for various favours

If you and your partner are thrifty and all about do-it-yourself gifts, you'll still have lots of options available. For instance, you can create a coupon book filled with coupons for favors, dinner, chores, and the like. It'll mean more to her knowing you put the time and effort into crafting such a thoughtful gift on your own. Just be sure you really mean to do those chores 'cause she can cash those bad boys in at any time...

4. Bath Products

bath products on a white surface

Not to sound too stereotypical, but lots of ladies love bath time. It can be overwhelming walking into a store and seeing the dozens of products lining the shelves. But, retail workers can help you grab the perfect present for your partner. Bath bombs, bubble bath, bath salts, and candles are all things she'd be thrilled to receive; they'll help her unwind and give her the relaxation she deserves.

5. Long Distance Lamp

long distance lamps

Are the two of you in a long distance relationship? Does one of you travel a lot for work? Maybe you'll just be away from each other for a few days. Either way, this romantic long distance lamp will give her all the reassurance she needs that you're missing her from wherever you are. The lamp is Wi-Fi operated and once you turn on one lamp, its partner lamp also lights up. This way, you can be with her until you're reunited.

Gifts For Him

1. Wallet

a man's wallet next to sunglasses

Let's be honest, some of our men still cling onto their wallets from high school. While their seemingly unbreakable bond is touching, it's definitely time to upgrade. Gift your partner a brand-spankin' new wallet that suits his every need. Is he a man of simple tastes or one who likes to indulge in luxurious things? Wallets range in leathers, compartments, and longevity, so you have plenty of options available.

2. Record Player

closeup shot of record player

Vinyl has been making its way back into this lifetime and records seem to be everywhere in stores. Everyone can enjoy the gift of music, most of all when it's through a gorgeous new record player. Prices and styles range from the simple guys to the much more interesting ones (there are record players out there that look like old school radios). It really all depends on your budget and his tastes. If you're feeling particularly generous, you can toss in some records as well.

3. Watch

man's watch on a tie

It feels good to give our partners classy accessories they can wear on special occasions. Even if he doesn't break this one out for everyday use, he can still dress up an outfit with a beautiful new watch. The model and style you get are totally dependent on your budget and his personal taste, but with so many options available, you'll have no trouble spotting the perfect one.

4. Ticket Stub Book

ticket stub diary book

Does your partner attend a lot of concerts or sports events throughout the year? Give them a place to store their keepsakes with a ticket stub diary. They can fill it over the year and go back later on to see all the wonderful things they did with family and friends. The book isn't very expensive, and it's also incredibly thoughtful!

5. DIY "Read Me When..." Letters

pen on a pad of paper

If you're looking to save some money this year, you can easily craft your own present. We can't always be with our partners, even during the really emotional times. Let them know you're thinking of them with these handwritten letters for any time in their life. You can write letters for:

  • when they're feeling down
  • when they're feeling happy
  • when they're stressed
  • when you haven't seen them for a while
  • when they can't sleep

Place the letters in envelopes and mark each envelope with the corresponding mood or moment. It lets them know you're always there and adds some extra mystery.

Gifts For Couples

1. Weekend Getaway

couple driving in the sunset

What this means is totally up to you! Always wanted to go on a road trip with your partner and crash in the first motel you see? Want to take a long weekend up to a cottage where you can relax by yourselves? Whatever your definition of weekend getaway is, grab your partner and escape your busy lives for a few days. Reconnect with one another and remind yourselves why your relationship is so important.

2. Spa Day

a couple in a spa

Spas have long been catered to women guests only, but they're much more accommodating than that. Anyone can enjoy a relaxing massage, a carefree visit to the hot tub or sauna, or a little skin TLC. Book a reservation for the two of you to experience couples massages or a couples mani/pedi. Packages and prices will vary depending on where you go, but you're bound to find something you can enjoy together.

3. Romantic Dinner

a table set for 2 in a restaurant

Head out to a nice restaurant this year where the two of you can embrace each other's company. If you've been looking at a great spot but could never will yourself to go, stop putting off your visit! Book a reservation and indulge once in a while.

However, a romantic dinner doesn't always mean making reservations. You two can easily cook something together or you can surprise your partner with a home-cooked meal.

4. Take A Class

people in cooking class

A fantastic way to spend time together on Valentine's Day is to sign up for a class together. Whether your cooking skills need some serious help or you've always wanted to try your hand at visual arts, you two can have a blast signing up for a class together. Plus, it's a good way to meet new people as an adult!

5. See A Show

interior view of a theatre

Looking for something fun you can do together? Go online and see what theatre shows are playing in your city or nearby neighborhoods. It's always a fun adventure to dress up and head to the theatre to see a play or musical. You can also grab dinner before or afterward to prolong your time together and make the night something to remember.

You no longer need to worry what to get your partner for Valentine's Day. This list is a great way to get the wheels turning before you surprise your significant other with a present they'll cherish for years to come.

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