Valentine's Day will be here before you know it. Instead of waiting until February 14 and grabbing a rose at a gas station on your way home, do some planning in advance and order your significant other a beautiful flower arrangement.

Here are 15 Valentine's Day flower arrangements that your Valentine will fall in love with.

1. Smiles And Sunshine

Smiles And Sunshine flower bouquet

For just $19.99, you can send your significant other this vibrant bouquet from ProFlowers that features 10 Peruvian lilies and six roses in different colors. The Peruvian lily is a symbol of friendship and devotion, and the multiple blooms add a bold splash of color. A bonus? This arrangement comes in a glass ginger vase.

2. Belle Of The Ball

Belle Of The Ball flower bouquet

If your Valentine's favorite colors include fuchsia and blue, this bouquet from FTD would be perfect. It includes stargazer lilies and light blue iris stems, and the flowers are freshly picked and hand-gathered at a floral farm.

The bouquet will likely arrive in the bud stage, and the rich colors will eventually pop. There are three different purchase options: $20 for a bouquet without a vase, $30 for a bouquet in a vase, and $40 for a bouquet in a really nice vase. You can also include a personalized message for free.

3. Heart And Soul

Heart And Soul flower bouqet

Give your Valentine your heart and soul on February 14 with this heart-shaped bouquet from Teleflora that features red carnations and baby's breath. There are three different size options that range in price from $44.99 to $94.99, and the bouquet includes a tall red vase adorned with a satin ribbon. You can also opt to upgrade to roses.

4. Unicorn Roses

Unicorn Roses flower bouquet

This magical bouquet from ProFlowers features one dozen long-stemmed tie-dye roses that stand about 20 inches tall. Without a vase, this bouquet of roses costs $39.99, but you can add a pink mason jar, a ginger glass vase, or a square glass vase for an extra $9.99. For $10 more, you can get 24 roses instead of 12. ProFlowers has a seven-day freshness guarantee.

5. Beef Jerky

Beef Jerky bouquet

Edible bouquets are a fun Valentine's Day gift idea for the man in your life, and this one from The Manly Man features beef jerky flowers arranged in a pint glass. This beef jerky bouquet comes fully assembled inside a black Manly Man box and can be yours for just $49.

6. Classic Red Roses

Classic Red Roses flower bouquet

This timeless bouquet from 1-800-Flowers features two dozen red roses for just $29.99 plus shipping. You can upgrade your order to include a red or clear vase, and you can also add some Harry London chocolate.

7. Reese's Extravaganza

Reese's Extravaganza candy bouquet

Give two Valentine's Day gifts in one with this fun Reese's Extravaganza bouquet from Walmart. Crafted with 36 packages of Reese's peanut butter cups plus some faux orange flowers, the bouquet costs $44.99. You can opt for free shipping directly to the recipient's home, or you can have the bouquet shipped for free to your local Walmart and pick it up.

8. Natural Eternal Life Rose

Natural Eternal Life Rose

This unique Valentine's Day flower option by Baobab's Wish features a preserved flower inside a glass dome. You can choose royal blue, red, black, pink, or purple, and the flower will last more than three years as long as you keep it inside the dome.

The flower doesn't need light or water, and it will always look fresh. A bonus? Preserved flowers don't contain pollen, so if your loved one has allergies, this would be the perfect choice. The Natural Eternal Life Rose costs $69.99, and the item is shipped inside a luxury box and a boutique gift bag, so you can gift it as soon as it arrives.

9. Roses That Will Last 365 Days

365 Day Roses gift box

Give your Valentine a flower arrangement that they can enjoy for an entire year with this box of 16 live roses from Premium Roses. You don't have to water or prune these flowers. As long as you leave them inside the box, don't touch them, and keep them between 65 and 77 degrees, the company promises they will last for 365 days.

You can order red, yellow, white, pink, or violet roses, and they will arrive in an eco-friendly black or white box. The 16-rose box costs $159.99, or you can upgrade to a larger box for $349.99.

10. Rose Bear

This unique Valentine's Day present is a teddy bear made of synthetic roses, and you can order it in red, purple, pink, or white. This beautiful gift from Burnet Roses comes with a black ribbon that looks like a bow tie. The bears start at $42.

11. Roses And Calla Lilies

Roses And Calla Lilies flower bouquet

This stunning bouquet from 1-800-Flowers features a dozen red roses and six white calla lilies. You can customize the bouquet by adding a clear or red vase, and you can also add an eight-piece box of Godiva gourmet chocolates. You will pay $49.99 to $79.99.

12. Forever Mine

Forever Mine flower bouquet

This timeless bouquet from Teleflora has a vintage, romantic look thanks to the silver mercury glass vase. The bouquet consists of 16 lavender roses and six stems of light pink spray roses, and the standard bouquet costs $64.99. If you want to upgrade, the deluxe option is $84.99, and the premium option is $104.99.

13. Forever Romance

Forever Romance flower bouquet

The Forever Romance bouquet by From You Flowers includes red roses, pink stargazer lilies, white alstroemeria, and purple limonium in a red vase. This arrangement will let your significant other know that your love will last forever, and these beautiful flowers will definitely make the day special. The regular bouquet is $31.99, but for $39.99, you can upgrade to the deluxe option. There is also a premium bouquet that costs $47.99.

You can really up your Valentine's game with this gift by adding mylar or latex balloons, a box of chocolates, and a teddy bear.

14. Valentine's Day Bouquet

Valentine's Day Bouquet edible fruit

The name might be generic, but the bouquet is beautiful and delicious. This sweet bouquet comes from Edible Arrangements, and it is filled with fresh strawberries, grapes, strawberries dipped in semisweet chocolate, and pineapple heart slices.

The arrangement costs $84.99, and the fruit is sold at peak freshness, so it will be ready to eat right away. But if you want to wait, remove the fruit from the skewers and refrigerate it immediately in an airtight container.

15. Passionate Purple Tulips

Passionate Purple Tulips flower bouquet

If you want to get creative and try an arrangement that isn't full of red roses, this arrangement of purple tulips from Flower Shopping would be perfect. The tulips are delivered in a clear vase and wrapped in a purple satin bow, and the regular bouquet costs $49.95. If you want to upgrade, the deluxe option is $84.95, and the premium bouquet is $119.95.

You can also add on extras like balloons, stuffed teddy bears, and chocolate.

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