Discontinued cereals are foods we will forever long forever. Created by marketing inspiration, but loved only briefly by the masses. Alas, without warning, many old favorites were gone without warning. For nostalgia, here are our favorite discontinued cereals we wish we were still eating for breakfast.

1. Dunkin Donuts Cereal

box of glazed style Dunkin' Donuts Cereal

Dunkin Donuts Cereal was introduced in the 1980's. The cereal consisted of a divided box with mini donut-like nuggets. The oh-so good vanilla and glazed chocolate "donuts" could be mixed or eaten separately.

2. Nintendo Cereal System

nintendo system cereal box

A brief breakfast favorite of Nintendo loyalists, Nintendo Cereal System was only around for a year. Introduced in 1988, the cereal was based on two of Nintendo's popular games: The Legend of Zelda and Super Mario Brothers. Initial interest waned quickly and the cereal was discontinued in 1999.

3. Urkel-Os

urkel-o's cereal with milk and toast

Urkel-Os, was a tasty strawberry-banana flavored cereal made of red and yellow loops. Created for the nerdy Steve Urkel, from the hit sitcom "Family Matters," a memorable version of the Urkel-Os box featured an "Urkel For President" campaign and contest to win a trip to Washington, D.C. While the show aired from 1989 to 1998, Urkel-Os were introduced by Ralston in 1991 with only a limited run.

4. Bill & Ted's Excellent Cereal

Born of the movie of a similar name name, Bill & Ted's Excellent Cereal was a cinnamon-flavored cereal with mini marshmallows. Made by Ralston Purina, that also makes pet food, the cereal resembled Kibbles 'n Bits dog food. The cereal was branded with "A Most Awesome Breakfast Adventure" slogan and was ranked as one of the best marketing-inspired cereals ever.

5. Jurassic Park Crunch

box of jurassic park crunch cereal on shelf

Jurassic Park Crunch cereal was introduced by General Mills in 1997. A sweetened whole grain cereal, Jurassic Park Crunch featured marshmallows shaped dinosaurs and dinosaur eggs. Regrettably, the cereal received the same reception from the masses as the movie did from critics.

6. G.I. Joe Action Stars

boy eating GI Joe Action Star cereal

Debuting in 1985, the same year as the "G.I. Joe" cartoon series. G.I. Joe Action Stars was touted as "A Real American Cereal," made of no-nonsense sweetened grain and oat pieces shaped like hollow stars, with no fruity flavors or marshmallows to be found. Each box came with a G.I Joe comic and the cereal ad was the only appearance of the "Starduster" character.

7. Mr. T Cereal

box of Mr T cereal

Back in the '80s, Mr. T was a pop culture icon (let's be honest, he still is), so it makes total sense that he had his own cereal. The cereal's primary ingredients were corn and oats and had a very similar taste to Cap'n Crunch cereal. It was also fortified with iron and B vitamins, so that kids who ate it would grow up to be big and strong as Mr. T (maybe). If that wasn't convincing enough to buy Mr. T Cereal, each box also came with a prize of Mr. T stickers. We pity the fools who didn't get to try this cereal in its hay day!

8. Peanut Butter Cookie Crisp

box of peanut butter cookie crisp

Cookie Crisp is a cereal made to taste like chocolate chip cookies. It's been a classic kids cereal since 1977. In 2007, General Mills launched new Cookie Crisp flavors like Double Chocolate Cookie Crisp and Peanut Butter Cookie Crisp. The latter tasted just like fresh peanut butter cookies being dunked into cold glass of milk. Though the original Cookie Crisp is still around, sadly the peanut butter version didn't stick around as long

9. French Toast Crunch

french toast crunch on a grocery store shelf

A member of the "Toast Crunch" family, French Toast Crunch was shaped like tiny slices of French toast. Introduced in 1995, French Toast Crunch was somewhat reminiscent of "Cookie Crisp" cereal. The cereal was discontinued in 2008, so, if French Toast Crunch lovers look hard they may still be able to find a few boxes.

10. Breakfast With Barbie

Introduced by Ralston in 1989, Breakfast With Barbie Cereal sought to capitalize on the fame of the best-known fashion doll of all-time. The cereal pieces were made to resemble tiny bows, hearts, cars, stars and the letter "B." The cereal was made up of "4 Wholesome Grains with Natural Fruit Flavors."

11. Sprinkle Sprangles

Sprinkle Spangles originally had a brief run in the 1980s and an even shorter run from 1993 to 1994. The short-lived cereal had star-shaped Christmas-cookie like pieces covered with colored sprinkles. The cereal's "Sprinkle Genie" slogan was: "You wish it, I dish it!"

12. Marshmallow Krispies

box of Kellogg's marshmallow krispies

If Lucky Charms and regular Rice Krispies had a baby, it would be Marshmallow Krispies. You get the snap, crackle, and pop of the rice cereal while also having a bunch of fun mini marshmallows. This cereal was truly the best of both worlds and it is a shame that Kellogg's discontinued it.

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