Fall is on the way.

Denim jackets are a fall staple, they are heavy enough to keep you warm on a cool day, but also light enough to wear when it’s a little warm. If you think the standard fit of a denim jacket can be boring, then you should check out oversized denim jackets. The “boyfriend” style is loose and comfortable giving you a vintage yet neutral look. But denim jackets can be expensive, costing around $50+, lucky for us there is Amazon. Amazon’s best selling oversized denim jacket by Sharewin is super inexpensive!!

Whether it's hanging out with your friends, going out, or working, you can be the main attraction in ShareWin’s loose-fitting denim jacket. When buying clothing online you can never be too sure what the material is like until it is delivered to your house, hoping in anticipate that item can withstand normal wear and tear. Sharewin has a history in manufacturing denim, so you don’t need to worry about if it’s quality denim. Plus, the jacket is made of 100% cotton, and it’s soft and skin-friendly, so you can wear your favorite tank-top underneath it.

This jacket has style and function. Since the sleeves are loose-fitting, you can roll them to match your style and mood. Then, there are two convenient pockets for your hands, phone or keys and two buttoned breast pockets.

How Do You Care For Denim Jackets?

Your first move might be to toss it in the washer and dryer, but that should be avoided when washing it for the first time. Soak the jacket in white vinegar and water for a 30-minutes, that will lock and maintain the denim’s color. Avoid washing the denim jacket, and all denim for that matter, in hot water. The hot water will increase shrinkage, and with this jacket, shrinkage will occur. Stick with soaking and washing denim in color water, since the cold water doesn’t just help to fight shrinkage, but it also helps to avoid color bleeding. For denim jackets, you shouldn’t wash them regularly, if you get food on it or mud, then wash it, but regular washing with wear the denim down.

When drying the jacket, leave it out to dry, because the heat from the dryer could shrink it, too.

Read What People Have Got To Say

Awesome jacket
Jun 18, 2017: "I absolutely love this jacket. It's comfortable, well made and cute.As for the size I ordered an extra large when generally I wear a medium so I would suggest ordering at least one size above your normal."

Great quality jacket:

April 22, 2017: "Great quality jacket. It has the quality of a old retro levi jacket thats been passed down in the family, but is brand new.Its not a stretchy denim, which that what was what I was looking for. A strong sturdy no stretch denim jacket. I'm 5'3 and 160 pounds. I'm all hip and a smaller bust and a large fit perfectly. Its a little snug on the bottom button(on my hips) but I don't plan on buttoning the bottom. It is perfectly loose in all the right places without taking away all of my shape."


July 20, 2017: "I LOVE this denim jacket! It fits just right, it's the right length and the sleeves are perfect."

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