What is the most frightening thing could occur on Halloween? The realization that you do not have a costume!

The pressure of adulthood kept you from even having a moment's rest to consider what you might want to dress up as. Not to mention, even if you did have a ghoulishly awesome idea in mind, you probably would not have had the time nor the funds to properly prepare it.

That is where we come in. Here we can provide you with a simple, but plentiful variety of products on Amazon that will help you create the perfect costume from scratch on time and on a dime. In fact, you probably won't have to spend more than just $10. What a treat that is - and, we promise, no tricks.

With All Hallow's Eve approaching at spooky speeds - QUICK! Let's see what we can whip up!

Create The Perfect Disguise

Now, this may look like just a plain, ordinary mask. Have you not learned anything Jim Carrey movies?

With a few alterations that you can make with common household items, this white, expressionless face mask from MaskIt opens up a world of possibilities. It comes primed and ready to paint upon purchase, meaning you have the freedom to make this new face into anything you might like.

Draw on a nice, wide mile and - BOOM! You're a theatrical comedy. Glue on some features and - BOOM! You're a bird. Paint it all blue and - BOOM! You're a member of Blue Man Group. Use all colors of the spectrum and - BOOM! You're a rainbow. Or, just leave it as is, find a fake, plastic knife, and - BOOM! You're Michael Myers... on a budget... and proud of it!

We all wear masks and on Halloween, you are sure to find more than a few people hiding their faces in hopes to invoke scares or even laughs. With this mask, which comes equipped with a black satin, elastic strap for comfortable support, you can stand out among the crowds and become something the world has never seen before.

Let Your Face Be Your Canvas

OK, so, perhaps masks are not your thing. That's totally fine. When it comes to giving fellow Halloweenheads the willies, you already have the next best thing in your possession: your face. You just need a little extra help to really make it something to behold.

Look no further than Kangaroo's Super Jumbo Value Deluxe Family Makeup Kit. For less than $10, you get everything you could ever need to give yourself the perfect Halloween makeover treatment.

Use 12-color palette to make yourself into a clown, a ghost, an amphibious animal, or a member of KISS. Be a hillbilly in desperate need of dentures with the non-toxic tooth blackout. Or become one of the undead with a combination of fake blood and skin to replicate grisly scarring.

Even when the Halloween festivities are through, whatever you have left over is can be used again and again for holidays, birthdays, corporate functions, and more! So, don't bother hiring that professional makeup artist you caught on YouTube. Be your own makeup artist with this modestly price, yet immodestly packed kit.

If You Really Want To Change Your Face...

So, you got yourself a makeup kit and it looks like you'll be able to create something super spooky. But you want to think bigger. You want to create a look that could rival the best makeup artists in Hollywood. You want to be completely unrecognizable.

Fortunately, Kangaroo, the creators of your trusty Super Jumbo Value Deluxe Family Makeup Kit, have a solution that won't cost a Walking Dead-level budget: professional grade liquid latex.

You want to look as scary as a White Walker from Game Of Thrones? Using this 16-oz bottle of liquid latex, you can create high-quality, and highly elaborate, makeup effects that will make your friends say, "What happened?" or "Does it hurt?" or "Who the heck are you?"

Turn yourself into a zombie with flesh rotting right off your skin or give yourself frighteningly realistic body scars. The liquid latex can be molded into any shape you desire and it dries clear to appear extra authentic. It is also non-toxic and ammonia-free so they only thing you'll have to fear is the ferocity of your new Halloween disguise.

You could even go further than just Halloween. Craft a professional quality art project. Make a movie. Use it as glue! The possibilities are endless with this liquid latex makeup.

You'll Have The Most "Well-Read" Costume

Sometimes a good Halloween get-up do not take the same level of effort as painting faces or egregious alterations to your outfit. If you want to tell people who (or what) you are supposed to be in little time and without saying a word, all you need is an iron, an old shirt, and some letters, like these Sport Iron on Flock Letters from SEI.

For a price that is to die for, these "3/4 letters can help you establish a new identity or serve as a clever reference in no time at all by embroidering any soft surface with your words of choice with by easy iron-on application. Add a series of random numbers to an orange shirt and - BAM! You're an inmate. Or, to be more specific, place the numbers "237" on your chest and say you're the door to the haunted room in The Shining. In fact, you could go as far as ironing on a name other than your own and just call yourself that. It counts.

Not to mention, outfits such as this tend to win the Best Pun category at the office costume contest. Iron on the words "GO CEILING!" and call yourself a ceiling fan. Or grab a friend or your significant other and decide who wants to be "Neftlix" and who wants to be "Chill."

The letters even come in three extra colors other than black (red, blue, white) to better match with your shirt of choice. It is the perfect way to make a costume that is perfect for laughs, perfect for couples, and is cheap and quick and easy to put together.

Frame Yourself

We believe that we have saved what is easily the best, most fun, and amazingly simple costume idea for last. All you need to do is pick up this 12x18 picture frame from Snap. The next step is to hold it in front of your face. What do you get? A self-portrait!

Yes, it is just that simple. For less than $10, you can make this wooden wall frame (which comes in black or white and various other sizes to fit your needs) a perfectly appropriate Halloween costume that is only one step further than going as yourself. Whenever you're done wowing party guests with your self-portrait outfit, you can also use the picture as... a picture frame to hang up photos or posters in your house. How practical!

The scariest thing that you can be on Halloween is broke, but with these products and our helpful guidance, you can have the best costume in the house in very little time and for little money. Happy Halloween!

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