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What You Need To Know

Levi's faux leather motorcycle jacket is under $100 and worth every penny!

The jacket embodies the spirit of a traditional motorcycle jacket because of its asymmetry. It has a removable belt—you can belt up if you're trying to stay warm, or leave it open for an edgy look! The jacket has silver buttons and zippers for a flashy-yet-classy look.

The zipper cuffs can be adjusted to spice up your look and there are also three zipper pockets: two on the right, and one on the left!

This iconic jacket comes in several colors and textures to fit any fashionista's taste and preferences. Browse the Amazon page to find the color and texture for you, like faux suede in charcoal, navy, and brown; faux leather in black, charcoal, navy, and plum; as well as faux crocodile leather!

My Honest Opinion About The Jacket

I ordered the Petrol Green Croc color.

Right when I opened the package, I knew I was in for a treat. I couldn't even believe how lovely the jacket was up close and personal—it looked way more expensive than it actually was. Finally, after seasons of yearning for the right leather jacket but never being able to find it, I found a jacket that fits in all the right places.

I ordered mine a size above my true size because I like my clothing a little more on the baggy side. Going with a larger side was the best choice for me, because I love wearing bulky knits underneath.

Ordering to your size preferences is totally up to you, but keep in mind, if you're living somewhere cold, it might come in handy to have the luxury of wearing layers if you need to!

And, I loved that the jacket isn't real leather—my look is guilt-free!

I'm not the only one loving this jacket on Amazon!

Convincing Faux Leather

"The material is very convincing. I honestly don't think anyone would know it wasn't leather unless you told them. It has the look, feel and even the weight of real leather. Plus it has all the bells-and-whistles of a classic motorcycle jacket. The asymmetrical zip front, snap down collar and epaulets, three zippered pockets, zippered sleeves, belt and a matte black synthetic lining.

I really adore this thing. I can't wait until the warmer weather comes so I can start wearing it. If you're looking for an ethical yet authentic motorcycle jacket, you cannot go wrong with this one."

I Love This Jacket!

"I got this jacket in the grey color and I can't recommend it enough. I love that it's not as intense as a black motorcycle jacket but it still looks really cute. So far I've worn it almost every day since it came in the mail. It looks great with midi-dresses and skirts as well as jeans and t-shirts. I love how versatile this jacket is.

The quality of this jacket is also awesome. I think it looks like real leather and is heavy. There is really nice attention to detail and I feel that this jacket will last a long time. This jacket has lots of zippers and silver metal. It also has a detachable belt. I like the belt and think it looks adorable when the jacket is closed. However, when I have worn the jacket open I take the belt off because I think it just hangs there and looks kinda weird. I like having this option.

I recommend ordering your true size in this jacket and maybe sizing up if you want to wear thicker sweaters underneath."

Even With Curves, This Fits Perfectly!

"This faux leather is so soft! The smoke gray is a nice neutral color, but is not as stark as black. The belt, zippers, and buttons are highly polished and gleam all over the jacket.

The jacket fits perfectly! I love how I look and feel in it. It feels great on. I move easily in it and I am totally comfortable in this jacket.

I highly recommend this jacket. It is highly functional, while still being stylish."

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