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Rain Or Shine, These Boots Will Be With You Through It All

Asgard's timeless rain boots are perfect for any style and season! The boots come in in black, chocolate brown, black with a hot pink sole, two silvery glitter colors, grey, hunter green with camouflage, bright blue with a hot pink sole, navy, and yellow.

I purchased two pairs: the black and yellow. I chose the black because I prefer buying shoes that go with everything, and yellow for a pop of color that will brighten up even the gloomiest days!

As far as the design of the shoe, the boots have a rubber sole with elastic on the sides and a pull loop to make the boots super easy to pull on and off without the rubber irritating your skin. To make the shoes as comfy as possible, the shoes are designed to have extra room in the toe area and material around the ankle to protect from chafing!

Thankfully, the boots are comfortable and look cute, too. The boots have a matte finish that make the boots trendy and still super functional!

Why I'm Planning On Buying Another Pair

I've worn my boots during torrential downpours and even on hikes and these boots have stuck with me even in the most intense weather conditions! I love that my feet don't get soggy when I actually step out in the rain, and the boots, while rubber, don't stick against my feet.

The durability of the boots is the icing on the cake for me, which is why I'm excited to buy another pair to add to my wardrobe. Okay, maybe three pairs of rain boots is a tad excessive, but when they cost less than $35, why wouldn't I?

Another reason I love the boots is for their versatility. I can just throw them on when I need to run to my car to grab something, on an adventure, or out to dinner and the boots work perfectly for any occasion and any reason!

For a pair of boots that will stick with you through it all, the Asgard rain boots are great for your closet (and your budget).

Don't believe me yet? Keep reading for reviews from three people who share my love for these gorgeous yet minimalistic boots.

Perfect fit and super stylish!

"I loooove these boots! They fit as expected (if not a little better) and are very comfortable to wear all day. I was completely amazed by how cute and comfortable they are! Not to mention, they go well with anything you wear! I wore these with jeans on Tuesday and on Wednesday I wore them with a sweater dress. I only wish there were more colors to choose from. An extra plus—shipping was fast!"

My Wide Feet Love These Rain Boots!

"I love these rain boots. I received them super fast. I don't have Amazon Prime.

They are so comfortable. I wore them 8 hours the first day. They are extremely comfortable like house slippers. I tried them with thick socks the next day and loved them even more. My feet didn't feel constricted. I plan on getting some more in brown and the grey."

Versatile, Sturdy, Well-Made, Great Value, All-Purpose Shoes

"I have surprised myself by opting for these shoes almost every single day. I live in a place that can be very snowy, rainy, slushy, or muddy for long periods of time. These boots have very strong soles that help so much with traction, and they are shockingly durable! I wear them hard as a teacher who walks outside a lot to get to and from my modular room. They have no scratches and they rinse or tap clean instantly, even months after purchase.

The fit is extremely comfortable. It contours to the sides of the feet, which makes your feet look smaller even though the boots are roomy. I ordered my true size and can wear them with regular socks or thick ones for snowy days.

Super versatile, cute, stylish, sturdy shoes! It’s great to have a pair of rain boots that are work-appropriate! Great value."

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