After a seventeen year career working for some of the biggest names in the cosmetic industry, Sam Cutler launched her own cosmetics brand Petite ‘n Pretty in 2018. With her own daughter as inspiration, she created a clean beauty line specifically for teens and tweens that is nut-free, cruelty-free, and without parabens and Phthalates.

Petite 'n Pretty’s goal is to work with petite-sized features, developing each shade and formula to be age appropriate. Cutler’s goal is to inspire, empower, and encourage creativity throughout every beauty journey right from the start.

Petite 'n Pretty Glow & Shine Makeup kit

Check out one of their Best Sellers - The Glow & Shine Makeup Set. At only $39.00 for the kit, this set is a steal and includes everything your tween need to make her eyes, cheeks, and lips shine!

Oola had a chance to sit down with Cutler to learn more about her beauty line and its mission of girl power and female empowerment.

Oola: You left a successful career in the beauty/makeup industry to start Petite n’ Pretty, what led to your passion for creating the company?

I have always wanted to start a cosmetic brand, but with the very saturated landscape of new brands, I felt that the brand I launched would need a purpose and a place. Becoming a Mom, and watching the rise of social media amongst our youth, I saw that children, tweens and teens we’re getting into make-up at a young age. I would often get asked from Moms, “what is a good makeup brand for my daughter,” and I never had an answer. I know that by starting Petite ‘n Pretty, I was filling a white space that was fun, clean and has a purpose.

kids in Because I Matter white and pink t-shirts

Oola: How did product safety become such a large part of your brand?

Product safety and clean formulas are part of our brand DNA. Coming from a strong product development background, I believe that just because someone is young, it does not mean that they don’t deserve the best. We have spent a lot of time ensuring that our formulas are age appropriate, tested and loved by Moms and young creatives.

Oola: Why is it so important for kids and adults to do their research on makeup?

In the recent years, there have been a significant amount of product recalls for products specifically in the children, tween and teen color category. I think that it’s important for parents to do their research and due diligence and not just buy something because it’s cheap. Our formulas are not “play” make-up. They are formulated as any prestige beauty brand works on product, and we go the extra step to ensure it’s clean.

Oola: What is the Sparkle Squad, and can we join??

Absolutely! Our Sparkle Squad is an inclusive group for everyone who is a fan of the brand. We are here to encourage, support and cheer on young creatives!

Oola: Any new products we can look forward to seeing in the coming year?

Yes, we have a really fun palette launching in the Summer. It includes some more vibrant pops of color (yet, still being age appropriate) and some really fun, giftable and exclusive products launching during the Holiday season.

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