Social distancing as a safety precaution due to the novel Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has many Aries and Taurus babies feeling the birthday blues. But, there are several ways for parents and caregivers to help their littles and themselves remain positive when times get tough while throwing their children special birthday celebrations despite Coronavirus while practicing social distancing.

Our community's health and safety must be a priority during these trying times, but don't feel that your child's birthday has to be a letdown. Follow our helpful tips on how to give your child a memorable birthday celebration, quarantine-style!

Zoom Birthday Party

virtual birthday invite

With distance learning now a part of our children's daily routine, many students are familiar with Zoom as a way to connect with their peers. Zoom offers a unique way to celebrate your child's birthday virtually. Parents and caregivers can send out virtual event invitations for both friends and family to join in on a virtual birthday hangout.

Have friends and family tune in to sing, "Happy Birthday," or participate in a fun DIY art activity such as a paint party, or challenge the party guests to a friendly dance-off. Keep it low key with jokes, uplifting stories, and watching your little one open gifts. However, you decide to celebrate; we guarantee that your child will never forget their Zoom birthday party!

Car Parade

kids in front of decorated Jeep
Allison Hederman

What better way to put a smile on your child's face than to designate a special time for their friends and loved ones, that they're unable to see to drive by their home while honking their horns and cheering, "happy birthday!"

Go a step further, by asking those participating in the birthday car parade to dress up their vehicles with vibrant birthday banners, and balloons. Have your birthday boy or girl stand out on the front lawn and wait for the birthday fun to unleash or surprise them!

Order Take-Out

burger and fries

With many state governors issuing stay-at-home orders, some folks may not realize that restaurants can still be open for takeout and delivery. Ordering your child's favorite meal from your local ma and pop restaurant is not only a special treat for your child's birthday, but it also helps support your local businesses during a time of need. Visit your favorite restaurant's website, or Facebook page for any special instructions about ordering, pickup or delivery.

Homemade Birthday Cake

birthday cupcakes

Make it a family bonding experience, and create a homemade birthday cake together - a lasting, unforgettable memory that will be cherished in your child's heart forever.

We understand that some ingredients for your homemade birthday cake may be difficult to acquire at your local grocer. If you find that you're unable to purchase a boxed cake mix, butter, eggs, or milk, you could prepare a tried and true recipe dating back to World War II, when butter, milk and eggs were scarce, called Wacky Cake.

Wacky cake is a timeless, tender, light chocolate cake recipe, which contains no butter, eggs, or milk. It's an incredible alternative to more complicated cakes that have a lengthier list of ingredients.

If you're birthday boy or girl would enjoy preparing a birthday treat other than cake, we have you covered with the best party desserts that aren't cake!

Birthday Cards

birthday cards

Birthday snail mail may seem like a distant tradition of the past, yet this year it's making a welcome come back. Request that your child's family and friends send homemade birthday cards, notes, and drawings in the mail for your child to receive and open on their birthday. Receiving a birthday card in the mail will brighten their day and make them feel so loved.

There is also the option of having friends and family make virtual cards and printing them out for your child to open during their birthday celebration.

Family Movie Night

virtual birthday invite

Pile into the living room for a family movie night, but this time, the birthday boy or girl gets to choose their favorite movie for the whole family to watch! Enjoy hundreds of kid-friendly options on Disney+ that the family will absolutely love! Catch Disney's Pixar's Onward coming to Disney+ on April 3.

Make the birthday movie night memorable by offering your child their favorite movie theater box candies and serving up some tasty instant pot popcorn.

Have your child build a blanket fort during the day for them to hang out in during the movie, or set up an air mattress on the floor for the entire family to snuggle.

Add to the birthday excitement! Encourage your child to dress up as their favorite character before you start the film. Everything is more fun in costume!

Indoor Birthday Camping Adventure

faux campfire

When Coronavirus has you stuck indoors, bring the outdoors inside! Have an unforgettable indoor campout to commemorate this year's birthday.

Have young children spend their day by making decorations that will transform your living room into a mysterious deep, and wooded forest. Have them cut out trees with leafy branches, and make tree stumps from cardboard boxes.

Set up your camping site with an actual tent or a blanket fort, then roll out your sleeping bags and get cozy. Make a simple faux campfire using a plastic water bottle with red and orange construction paper placed in a clay pot. Have your child toast marshmallows over the fire pit as you sing songs and share ghost stories.

No matter how you and your family choose to celebrate your child's birthday this year, remember that the most important and memorable part of their special day will be spending time with you. Whether you decide to play a board game, play house, play cars, bake a cake with them - it's those simple pleasures that are the most impactful. This birthday may be the best yet!

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