Mother's Day might feel a tad different this May amid calls to practice social distancing, especially for Grandma, who can not receive well wishes face-to-face this year. With many shops and restaurants closed, alternative ways of celebrating from a safe and healthy distance can show Grandma how much you love and appreciate her this Mother's Day.

Have your children honor the woman who started it all with 14 heartfelt Mother's Day crafts you can send to Grandma on this special holiday!

1. Mother's Day Questionnaires

mothers day questionnaires

Chances are if you're on Facebook, you may have seen your friends post similar questionnaires titled, Interview With a Four Year Old, and so on, inviting their children to answer a variety of questions about their lives. They're hilariously adorable and downright precious. The Mother's Day questionnaire is a delightful keepsake that any Grandma would cherish.

2. Grandma’s “Tweet” Hearts

grandmas tweet hearts craft

Grandma's heart will be overflowing with joy when she receives Grandma's tweet hearts! Have each of your children paint their feet in their favorite color and then stamp on canvas or card stock. Once the paint dries, transform the footprints into little birds, and then have your children write their names and "Grandma's 'Tweet' Hearts" at the top or bottom. Grandma's tweet hearts will be a Mother's Day gift that will be treasured for years to come.

3. Mother's Day Flower Pot Craft

mothers day flower pot craft

Show Grandma you love her tulip much with a Mother's Day flower pot craft that will make her smile for days! Download an affordable digital template for this memorable flower pot craft that your children will love to create for Grandma. When Grandma opens the flower pot there will be a special message waiting inside!

4. Handprint Cactus Mother's Day Card

handprint cactus card

Cacti and succulents are on-trend and seriously cute! Send Grandma a fan-cactus handprint cactus Mother's Day card that'll bring some much-needed sunshine into her day.

5. Butterfly Mother's Day Card

butterfly mothers day card

Grandma's heart will flutter with tenderness when she sets her eyes on the cheerful butterfly Mother's Day card! Stack your children's hand prints to give the butterfly's wings a lovely textured effect. Attach the butterfly poem, and have your children sign with love.

6. Button Flower Card

If the flower shop is closed this Mother's Day, don't fuss! If you have a colorful stash of old buttons collecting in a drawer, pull them out and have your children create a unique button flower card for Grandma this Mother's Day.

7. Cheerful Egg Carton Flowers

egg carton flowers

Send Grandma a thoughtful floral arrangement of cheerful egg carton flowers. Start saving your egg cartons now to prep for your special Mother's Day flower delivery. Kid's will savor the moment as they enjoy painting this amazingly delightful mother's day craft.

8. Firefly Mother's Day Card

firefly card

Let Grandma know that she lights up your life with this one of a kind firefly Mother's Day card. Simply print out one of the free mason jar printables and then have your children dip their fingers in yellow paint. Then have them stamp their fingerprints inside the mason jar, then draw tiny fireflies.

9. I Love You Berry Much Card

Give Grandma the sweet gift of raspberries, and she'll know you love her berry much. Have your littles dip their fingers into the paint and then onto cardstock to create the shape of a raspberry. Grandma will adore her fingerprint raspberry card forever! For an alternative project, kids can choose to do a bunch of grapes, and write, "I love you, bunches!"

10. Mail-A-Hug

mail a hug

Social distancing is challenging not only for children but for grandparents as well. Hugs are on the top of the list of what we will no longer take for granted. They're priceless. This Mother's Day, when you're apart, send Grandma a mail-a-hug. We guarantee that she'll love it.

11. Magical Unicorn Mother's Day Card

unicorn card

Make Grandma feel magical this Mother's Day with an enchanting unicorn Mother's Day card. Parents can download a free unicorn card craft template for kids to create their very own card for Grandma this Mother's day, with a special message inside.

12. Fingerprint Dandelion Craft

fingerprint dandelion craft

Tell Grandma that you think she's dandy, and you're not lion, with a charming fingerprint dandelion craft card. Simply have your children dip their fingers in white paint and then create the shape of a dandelion on their choice of colorful card stock. Don't forget to include the stem with paint or crayons.

13. Puzzle Piece Brooch

Do you have a bunch of puzzles with missing puzzle pieces? Instead of throwing them away, put them to good use and reuse the puzzle pieces by creating a unique Mother's Day craft that will be unforgettable gift, a puzzle piece brooch. Have your children gather their recyclable puzzle pieces, paint them, and glue them together into a fun, exciting shape, then fasten a bar pin onto the back. Grandma will smile every time she opens her jewelry box, and sees her puzzle piece brooch.

14. Handprint Keychain

handprint keychain

Create a memorable keepsake that Grandma can carry around for years to come, an adorable handprint keychain! For this charming Mother's Day craft, you'll need Shrinky Dinks plastic, gloss acrylic craft paint, a paintbrush, Sharpie, precision scissors, hole punch, 10mm jump rings, split ring keyring, gloss mod podge, parchment paper, and an oven.

All your child will need to do is paint their hand their favorite color, and then press it tightly against the shrink plastic, to transfer their hand print. After the paint dries, have your child use a Sharpie to write their names and the year. Follow the directions on how to shrink the plastic in the oven.

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