Welcome to the OOLA Summer Fashion Guide! Each week we will be highlighting a new summer trend that’s #oolaapproved to help you shop and style the look into your own personal wardrobe.

Popular shoe trends over the past few years have all centered around one thing: comfort (cue the chorus of Hallelujah!). The rise of wedges and espadrilles as opposed to sky-high heels and pointed toes has been a welcome surprise. Last year it was the mainstream popularity of Teva’s. Before that, the Birkenstock revival had been going strong since 2014.

Behold, this year’s comfort trend is the clog.

What Is The Clog

freepeople tan clog

Clogs are traditional Dutch footwear made of wood. I was first introduced to clogs as a kid watching the movie Heidi. Remember the Shirley Temple version of Heidi (ok, maybe just me)?? This song and dance scene is something I’ve never forgotten. Six-year-old me wanted an authentic pair SO badly. Since then, my clog dreams have never been fully realized. My limited experience wearing them came during stints working in restaurants for their comfort while standing for long periods of time. Clogs are the preferred footwear of most chefs, and that’s where they’ve mostly been spotted for the last thirty years. Editors note: These are far from anything fashion-forward.

Fashion and clogs haven't been in the same sentence since the height of their popularity for both men and women in the 1970’s. Clogs paired very well with the other fashion staple of the decade, bellbottoms. The ultimate hippie wardrobe was simply not complete without them. Sometime this winter I started reading various fashions magazines talking about 2020 shoe trends, and what do you know -- there was the clog!

Turns out, the apocalyptic hellscape that has been 2020, has brought me one thing, my new favorite shoe: a pair of clogs.

The clog has been the perfect spring shoe as we transition into summer. It's great to wear anywhere and can be easily dressed up or down. Back in March, I purchased the Re Do Clog from Taos footwear. My inner skeptic was very unsure of the fashion forwardness of said shoe, but as soon as they arrived and I slipped them on, I knew I’d made a good decision.

**The Re Do Clog is currently on sale!

How To Style The Clog

Taos Re Do Clog

Not only are they as comfortable as advertised, but they also go well with almost anything. I have been routinely wearing them running errands, working around the house, and also took them on a weekend lake trip, where they were the perfect companion. The unforeseen appeal of clogs has been in their versatility. I have worn them with everything from a button-down and jeans to my favorite jumpsuit. My next purchase in my clog-craze will be a pair I can wear with shorts and dress up. I am currently eyeing these beauties from Madewell.

Why To Purchase The Clog

The best part about the Re-Do is the cozy factor; but I also love that they feature upper materials made from recycled plastic bottles. Taos' removable footbed and the flexible cork midsole delivers both comfort and support. The final set of approval I needed was from the man in my life. The conversation I had with my husband went a little like this, “Tell me the truth, do you think these are hideous?" Reader, after ten years of marriage, he would have told me they were indeed hideous. Much to my delight, he stated, “Those aren’t bad, I kinda like them.” In Man Speak, I translate that into nothing short of a ringing endorsement.

The next test for the trusty clog was on my mom. She has had foot issues the last couple of years, and has a hard time finding shoes she can wear for long periods of time. Turns out, with Taos in particular, their signature footbeds are all “anatomically designed, supportive, and comfortable.” They use comfort technologies like Curves & Pods® design, an orthotic-friendly removable footbed that contours to hug the foot and provide shock absorption. Many shoes claim comfort, but did the Taos pass the test? I gifted my mom the Arla clog for Mother’s Day in suede. At first, she was skeptical and also not sure she could pull them off. When she heard the word clog, all she could think of was men wearing socks with Crocs and was immediately turned off. However, after getting used to a sturdy slip-on that gave her support, and to her surprise, style (!), she is also a card-carrying member of team clog.

After some reflection, I’m not sure this trend could come at a better time. After all, quarantine has most of us living in pajamas and sweatpants. Comfort has been the name of the game. Spread the love to your footwear and try this summer’s unlikely fashion trend: The Clog!

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