Preparing for a relaxing camping trip shouldn't be stressful, yet making sure you've packed every must-have camping essential to make your camping trip, both comfortable and enjoyable, can surely be a daunting task.

We've gathered a list of camping essentials many people forget to pack because let's face it, it's bound to happen, and it's certainly not difficult to do. Put your mind at ease by making sure that these necessary items make the cut on your camping packing list, and most importantly, into the car.

Hammer or Mallet

msr hammer

Say goodbye to rocks and using your foot to push stakes in the ground! Although packing a mallet or hammer may not seem essential, once you use it to quickly pound tent stakes into the ground, and remove them with ease, you'll undoubtedly wonder why this useful camping item wasn't closer to the top of your camping list.

We recommend packing the MSR Tent Stake Hammer from REI for your next camping trip. Light-weighted, coupled with a sleek design, make this tent stake hammer an absolute game-changer.

Whisk And Dustpan

whisk and dustpan

Gone are the days of tracking in bothersome dirt, sand, leaves, and needles into your temporary humble abode.

We recommend the Coghlan's whisk with dustpan when choosing how you'll keep the inside of your tent tidy. Compact and lightweight, this sturdy whisk and dustpan will surely come in handy! You can thank us later.

First Aid Kits

adventure medical kit

Although this may seem like a given, a first aid kit and over-the-counter medications tend to be forgotten amidst the hustle and bustle of camping planning. Outdoor adventure-seekers are guaranteed to feel safe with a trusty first aid kit by their side.

We recommend the Adventure Medical Kits ultralight/watertight .7 medical kit. The .7 medical kit is lightweight and compact yet still offers a wide range of safety equipment for campers and hikers if they were ever to find themselves in need. This handy medical kit comes fully equipped with several bandages, along with wound care items. As a helpful bonus, campers will feel relieved to see a variety of over-the-counter medications and AfterBite sting-relief wipes for those pesky mosquito bites.

Also, if you plan on having Fido tag along on your camping trip, because after all, they are family, don't forget to pack the Adventure Medical Kit ADS trail dog first aid kit! The dog first aid kit comes fully equipped with an assortment of dressings, bandages, and wound care items to assist your pooch if an accident were to occur.

Insect Repellent

bens insect repellent wipes

Nothing is worse than having to deal with annoying pests, such as mosquitoes or deer flies, when you're trying to kick back and enjoy the great outdoors. Unfortunately, it's not uncommon for insect repellant to be forgotten when trying to remember everything else when packing for an outdoor trip.

When choosing which insect repellant to bring along on your camping getaway, we recommend Ben's Insect Repellent Wipes. Insect repellent wipes are lightweight and conveniently individually packaged so you can easily toss them into any bag, readying yourself for any bug encounter.

Not only is Ben's insect repellent wipes terrific for easy application, a bonus for little ones, but they are also greatly effective in protecting campers from insects that possibly carry West Nile Virus and Lyme Disease. Ben's insect repellent wipes contain 30% DEET, which is considered the most effective insect repellent currently available on the market today.


We know what you're thinking, who in their right mind forgets water on a camping trip? Very few campers forget to pack water to drink. Still, they often forget to pack extra freshwater to wash utensils and for brushing teeth when fresh running water is not readily available on site.

We recommend that when you're packing for your camping trip, not forget this essential item, and to pack double the water, you'll think you'll need for your camping trip just in case!

Trash Bags

trash bags

Trash bags are incredibly useful when camping for several reasons. However, forgetting this essential camping item is easy to do. Make sure to pack durable trash bags when camping to ensure that you can maintain a clean and tidy campsite. Trash bags can also be used to store dirty laundry until you get back home.

Having garbage around laying around your campsite is not only unsanitary, but it can also pose a serious safety risk. Campers should be aware that any loose food eaten by animals could disrupt an animal's natural diet and cause them to become more dependent on humans to provide food, thus leading to a potential safety concern.

Campers should stow their loose food items, including trash, in trash bags hanging in a tree, away from their sleeping area. Campers could also place food within a cooler in the car or camper. Never keep food, no matter how it's stored in your tent.

For campers that may not be able to store food in their car or have the option of hanging a trash bag from a tree, there are bear canisters and bear bags.

We recommend the Garcia bear-resistant container. The Garcia bear-resistant container has smooth edges and must be opened with a coin or screwdriver, making it extremely difficult for bears and or other animals such as raccoons to open.



Campers are always quick to remember their lanterns and flashlights, as that's one of the first essential items to come to mind alongside tents and sleeping bags. But, packing extra batteries for when those lights go dim is also crucial.

Duct Tape

duct tape

Duct Tape may not be on a camper's radar when packing for their trip. This essential camping item will undoubtedly come in handy when campers find themselves in tricky situations. When your camping gear fails, Duct Tape can be used as a temporary fix, as it's durable and water-resistant. Use Duct Tape to quickly repair ripped tents, camping chairs, sleeping bags, and much more.

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