Although it may feel like we've been living in yoga pants for the past too many months of our lives (hello WFH uniform!), we're already dreading the moment we have to trade them out for work-appropriate apparel. I don't know about you, but sitting in uncomfortable starched dress pants all day doesn't exactly motivate me to work harder. Enter: The Dressy Yoga Pant by Betabrand.

Betabrand's innovative approach to merging the comfort of yoga pants with professionalism and style is an instant game-changer for the woman balancing work and home life. Prior to my discovery of Betabrand, I dreamed of such a product, but always thought some fashion would inevitably be compromised. Good thing I'm not a fashion designer because they were actually able to crack the code. 

Don't wait: Betabrand's Anniversary Sale is happening right now!

Yoga Dress Pants

Betabrand yoga pants marketing image

Betabrand has taken great care to ensure their pants' comfort and stretch will remain your little secret. Trust us, no one is going to call you out for wearing yoga pants to the office. 

These are NOT your mom's yoga pants! -OOLA Editor Allison

Betabrand offers their dress yoga pants in EIGHT different styles: boot-cut, straight, premium denim, skinny, cropped, wide, six-button, and wide crop. Oh, you thought they'd all have the same ankle-fit as your workout collection? Try again. Depending on your style choice, they then offer up to 34(!!) color options. Furthermore, whether you're a bit (ahem) vertically challenged or fall into giraffe-leg category, each product is available in petite, short, long, and in sizes through 3X. If pockets are an absolute must for you, you've been heard! Betabrand did the seemingly impossible and managed to incorporate pockets into many of their yoga pant designs.

All of the styles are made with their soft, stretch performance fabric, so no matter your choice, private coziness is guaranteed. 

Betabrand Yoga Denim: My Review

women walking up stairs in Betabrand denim yoga pants

Due to the uncertainty about when we will return to our office, I ordered a pair of Skinny-Leg Yoga Denim in the dark indigo color. Obviously, I wanted to wear them right away and knew I'd get much more use out of jeans versus dress pants. I'm 5'10", so I ordered Long (shout out for more companies adopting this sizing!). The shipping was a bit delayed (thanks COVID!), but their customer service was excellent throughout the process and responded to my messages within a couple of hours each time. It probably played to their benefit, because when they did arrive, my anticipation was high. 

I ripped open the package and immediately swapped my workout pants for the Yoga Denim. Immediately they molded to my skin. I was impressed at how flattering they looked in the mirror, and my husband later confirmed the same. He didn't believe that they were yoga pants! The fabric was nice and thick, yet breathable, confirming this was a quality product. The elasticity was just the perfect amount: stretchy enough for comfort, but firm enough to adhere and shape your curves. I have no fear that these pants will ever become "loose" with a lot of wear, as I've experienced with lesser quality brands. I was sold immediately and wore them for the rest of the day, and grabbed for them first thing the following day. (Hey, cut me a break, I'm not leaving the house much so I can totally re-wear clothes day over day.) 

Long story short, the Yoga Denim pants are a dream. I cannot wait for society to resume normalcy so I can wear them outside of my house. Until then though, I feel better about the brave decision to upgrade my WFH uniform to actual jeans. Just don't reveal my secret.

Studio B

Betabrand Studio B marketing image

One of the coolest aspects about Betabrand is that when they ask for customer feedback, they genuinely use it! They have received so many great ideas that they created their own design studio called Studio B

Studio B lives on their website and allows any user to share their voice about new product developments. I got lost in all the options within Studio B, so I highly recommend you check it out yourself. The main page lists many different product projects in motion, and within each, you can vote on new colors, designs, and leave specific feedback. Below, they give their valued customers sneak peeks of finalized designs and ask for you to vote in favor of the product. If you select "I like this", they also provide the option to be alerted once the item is available to purchase, so you can grab it before the masses. 

Pro Tip: Check out some of their upcoming non-pant product designs! If the pants are this comfortable, I cannot wait to try their other clothing items.

It's clear that Studio B is a highly valued tool for Betabrand. Every detail and customer flow was carefully thought out and designed to keep engagement high. How many other companies have found such an innovative way to converse directly with their market? This tool makes it obvious that Betabrand wants to work for YOU and create your newest favorite live-in pants. 

Betabrand Live!

Betabrand Live! website show

Betabrand Live! is another super innovative and creative way to connect with their customers. Each Friday, they broadcast a talk show (live, in case the name didn't give it away) on their site. The content ranges from new product announcements, current fashion trends, ideation behind past favorites, sale launches, and topical chatter, all while sipping cocktails, of course. Aside from being just plain entertaining, they often also do Giveaways for their live viewers. If you're curious, they house all of their past episodes on the page so you can familiarize yourself with the format before next Friday. What a great idea for social distance shopping -- together!

Don't wait: Betabrand's Anniversary Sale is happening right now!

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