Gone are the days of having your wedding guests sign their name in a traditional wedding guest book. As bride and grooms thrive to become more modern, anything goes when it comes to alternative wedding guest books. When deciding on an alternative wedding guest book, couples often seek unique and personalized guest books that can be displayed in their homes for years to come, that match their personal interests and are tailored-to-their wedding decor.

We've handpicked our 12 top choices for unique and creative alternative wedding guest books for your attendees to leave both you and spouse loving messages, and advice for a blessed marriage.

1. Layered Round Wooden Sign

wedding guest sign book

This bestselling wooden layered wedding sign guest book by 48HourMonogram is a stunningly beautiful piece of art waiting to be displayed in your home. Choose from wooden rounds in sizes 18 inches to 30 inches depending on guest size. Your custom wedding sign guest book can be finished in four different stains, red mahogany, espresso, golden oak, and classic grey.

2. Rustic Boho Sign

wooden wedding guest book

Skip the traditional wedding guest book with this rustic, yet sleek and sophisticated farmhouse-chic barn wooden guest book by EmmaAndTheBean. Have your guests sign on your special day, then hang this homemade beauty in your home for fond memories of your wedding day for many years to come.

3. Adventurer Globe

globe wedding book

For savvy travelers, the adventurer globe from hooraydays is an absolute must as an alternative to the traditional wedding guest book. Wedding guests will love this creative nod to the couple's new exciting adventure of marriage. Set the lovely rose globe out for guests sign and later have as a precious keepsake.

4. Mason Jar

mason jar wedding guest book

If your wedding theme exudes that comfy, cozy, and classic vibe, then you'll want to get your hands on this darling mason jar wedding guest book from SeverinaSnow. Have your wedding guests write their wishes on the accompanying wooden hearts and then place them in the wooden mason jar frame. You and your spouse will love looking back at those happy fond memories.

5. Pine Tree

pine tree wedding book

Trees are vital to life, so its only natural that the many signatures that will be placed on the branches of this pine tree symbolize the many lives of people that encourage and love you and your future spouse. This incredibly beautiful keepsake by bleudetoi can be placed in your home for both you and guests to enjoy for many years to come.

6. Jenga

jenga wedding guest book

Guaranteed, your wedding guests have never seen a wedding guest book like this one before! The Jenga wedding guest book alternative is undoubtedly unique and will have your guests talking, and for good reasons.

IvoryandSageCo will engrave the wooden blocks with your calligraphy names and your wedding date, then have your friends and family sign the wooden blocks with their names and special messages. You and your loved ones will have a blast playing Jenga and reading all of the marriage advice and guests' names years from now.

7. Finger Print Tree

Wedding guests will enjoy engaging with this charming fingerprint tree wedding book alternative from GuestBookEnvy. The simple oak tree is printed on heavy-duty acid-free matte paper and customized with your desired text. Have guests fingerprint in your choice of ink (sold separately) and then sign their name. Frame this gorgeous piece of art to be a cherished keepsake.

8. Night Sky

night sky guest book

Show your guests that your love is in the stars with this unique wedding guest book display by OurLoveWasBorn. Have your wedding guests sign their name on a custom night sky guest book print. Your sky image is based on your date and location and is created using professional astronomy software.

9. Date Night Jar

date night jar

This simple yet gorgeous alternative to a wedding guest book will bring a smile to everyone's face as they brainstorm their ideas for the bride and groom and happily slip them into the slot at the top of the glass jar.

The date night guest book by EnFete is a fantastic and creative way to have all guests be a part of your wedding day. Not to mention, you and your spouse will treasure the date night ideas given to you on your special day, and have them handy when you need them the most.

10. Jigsaw Puzzle

wedding puzzle

Life is like a puzzle; without all the pieces, it's not complete. The same idea reflects that notion on your wedding day as your loved ones have stood by your side. Without them, where would you be? Incomplete.

The wedding puzzle guest book by WeddingPuzzleShop is a fascinating and creative way to have your guests participate in your wedding day. Each guest will sign small wooden hearts with their wishes and drop the puzzle piece back into the frame.

11. Polaroid Guest Book

polaroid sign

Snap it, shake it, sign it, stick it! Add some charming vintage flair to your wedding decor with this rustic Polaroid wedding guest book sign by FarmhousesignDesign. Instruct guests to use designated polaroid cameras to take selfies, and then sign them with thoughtful wishes. Have the guests place them in a decorative scrapbook, to be later enjoyed by you and your spouse.

12. Time Capsule

time capsule

The time capsule guest book alternative by LoveandLuxeHandmade is truly unique, as it offers newlyweds the opportunity to continue celebrating long after the special day. There is nothing more heartwarming than sitting down with your spouse and reading through your loved ones' advice and well wishes. We guarantee that this time capsule wedding guest book will be a treasured keepsake.

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