As Halloween looms closer, many parents question whether or not there will be a Halloween this year as COVID-19 continues to be a daily challenge for the country. It's not wrong to predict that trick-or-treating could be slightly different this year, as we grapple with the uncertainly of what's safe and what's not. But one thing is certain, seeing both fall and Halloween decor adds some joy and normalcy back into our lives that we've all been craving.

As you and your little ones start to brainstorm ideas for 2020 Halloween costumes, you may realize that Halloween costumes with masks or costumes with the opportunity to incorporate a face mask are a great way to enjoy Halloween this year. While Halloween costume masks are not meant to be protective, there are ways to incorporate face masks into some costumes. Do keep in mind that protective masks should cover your child’s nose and mouth and rest snugly against their face. We've compiled a list of our favorite spooktacular looks! Keep calm and Happy Halloween!

Kid's Minecraft Steve

minecraft steve costume

This Halloween your child can dress up as their favorite video game miner, Minecraft Steve. Instead of digging for diamonds underground, your kids will be scouring the neighborhood the houses offering the best candy. This hilariously adorable Halloween costume features a block-shaped blue tunic and a pixel face mask. Suggested for ages four years and up.

Kid's Light Up Iron Skull Ninja

light up ninja

Your little ninja fan will be thrilled with this light-up iron skull ninja costume! The stealthy ninja jumpsuit is decked out in arm guards and leg guards, ready for battle! The attached skull hood mask conveniently lights up (with 3 LR44 alkaline batteries included) perfect to shine your way through a dark and spooky night. Suggested for ages four years and up. Don't forget to spice up this kid's ninja costume with extras such as a toy ninja katana.

Kids' Star Wars Mandalorian

mandalorian  costume

Debuting on November 12, 2019 the Mandalorian was of the hottest shows to air on Disney+ this past year! It's no wonder that the Mandalorian is set to be one of the most popular Halloween costumes of 2020! The preorders quickly sold out, so if your little has their heart set on being one of the greatest bounty hunters in the galaxy this Halloween, get this popular Star Wars costume before its gone!

Kid's Marvel Spider-Man Miles Morales

spiderman costume

Is your child excited to play the next Miles Morales of the Marvel's Spider-Man Universe? This two-piece Spider-Man child's costume includes a superhero muscle chest padded jumpsuit with attached shoe covers and a spiderman mask! This Target Halloween exclusive is going fast, so be sure to pick it quickly before its gone!

Kids' Jurassic World T-Rex Costume

inflatable dinosaur

It's easy to incorporate a child's face mask into this classic Jurassic World T-Rex costume! Be the fiercest sharp-tooth on the block this Halloween with the inflatable dinosaur costume! Have your dinosaur-loving kiddo wear this costume and watch as hilarity ensues! Pick this costume up at Target's Hyde and Eek boutique or online at Amazon. Pair this dinosaur costume with the adult size if you're looking to have matching costumes.

Kids' Fortnite Fishsticks Halloween Costume

fishsticks costume

Ranking as one of the top best Fortnight skins ever, its no wonder the Kids' Fortnite Fishsticks Halloween costume has sold out during its presale. But don't worry, Fishsticks' release date is August 27th! But don't wait; this Fortnite costume is just as rare of an outfit as it is in the game. Landing this tough-to-get costume for your kid will have them doing their best victory royale dance all Halloween long.

Kids' Deluxe Power Rangers Costume

pink power ranger

It's morphin time! Your little one will feel like a true mighty morphin power ranger with this pink ranger costume! This deluxe power rangers costume features two pieces with a full jumpsuit with an attached skirt, along with an attached belt with buckle, character artwork with glitter detail and the pink power ranger mask to seal the deal! Purchase this classic superhero look at Target's Hyde And Eek Boutique or through Amazon.

Kids' Marvel Avengers Armored Halloween Costume

avengers costume

Made to withstand the most powerful attacks from Thanos's Infinity Gauntlet, this outstanding two-piece Kid's Marvel Avengers suit was made exclusively for girls to take the fight to Thanos. Your child will have a blast playing their favorite superhero Halloween night!

Doc McStuffins Doctor's Dress-Up Set

doc mcstuffins

As Halloween quickly approaches, many children might be thinking about depicting brave frontline workers, such as the doctors and nurses, in how they've helped many amid COVID-19. Not only is the nurse or doctor costume perfect for incorporating any face mask, but it also makes your child feel great, dressing up as a true-life hero!

Find a child's doctor costume online at Amazon, or have your little one dress up as their favorite Disney's Junior's character, Doc McStuffins!

Kid's Rocket Raccoon Halloween Mask

rocket raccoon

Your child can pair this stunning Rocket raccoon mask from the popular Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 film with a padded jumpsuit from Amazon that will surely be a hit this Halloween!

Kids' Tiger Animal Halloween Costume

tiger onesie

Topping the best of 2020's must-see TV is Netflix's Tiger King! If the fam is considering dressing up as Joe Exotic and crew, then the little one absolutely has to be a tiger! This adorable tiger onesie does not come with a facepiece, however, we suggest purchasing a tiger print child-sized face mask from Etsy for trick-or-treating to complete this fierce look!

Kids' Mermaid Costume

mermaid costume

Your little mermaid will want to just keep swimming in this trendy mermaid Halloween costume! Pair your mystic mermaid Halloween dress with a sequin child-sized face mask from Etsy that will match perfectly with the shimmery sequin fins for a spectacular under the sea look!

Child Cat Costume

cat costume

You’ll want to get this Halloween costume right meow! Pair it with the purrfect matching child-sized kitty face mask for them to become the most bewitching black cat on the block. This stunning child's cat costume from Pottery Barn Kids comes in a comfortable two-piece design with a sturdy headpiece.

Trolls Face Mask

troll face mask

With a record digital debut of Trolls World Tour in April of 2020, Trolls became an immediate hit with families in the quarantine era. It’s no surprise that trolls will be one of the hottest Halloween costumes this year for both boys and girls. Even better there are many ways to incorporate face masks into this whimsical look. We love the elf kid masks by We Love Colors with movable ears and face coverings. The masks come in seven vibrant colors!

Kids' Star Wars Captain Phasma

captain phasma

Root out rebel scum with this classic Star Wars Episode VII Captain Phasma costume! This sleek, silver bodysuit is made from cool materials with authentic detail that will make your child feel like they are part of the movie! Give your Captain Phasma costume the perfect finishing touches with a stormtrooper blaster and child's costume gloves from Amazon!

Child's Black Panther Avengers Endgame Costume

black panther costume

This Halloween, many children will want to honor the memory of their fallen hero, Chadwick Boseman, by wearing a Black Panther Avengers Endgame costume. This exciting Black Panthar costume is officially licensed in partnership with Marvel Studios and comes with a padded jumpsuit with a printed tooth necklace pattern along with attached boot-tops and a comfortable half-backed mask. Your child will be proud and happy to pay tribute to their favorite superhero this Halloween!

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