Halloween may look a little different this year, but there is no shortage of inspiration from current events!

While quarantine has left us socially distant, it’s brought us together through the internet and media in a whole new way--making it difficult to narrow it down to some of our top picks! From Tiger King to Zoom Bombs, this year has been wrought with absurdity. So, let’s have a laugh, and get stoked for the spooky occasion!

Here are seven of 2020’s Funniest Halloween Costumes!

Tiger King Characters

Ok, so we all knew this one was coming...and you’ve probably got some of the staples laying around the house. Tiger King had to be the most talked-about shows of the year, and the characters are just too good not to turn into halloween costumes.

Joe Exotic

If you want to go super true to the iconic Joe Exotic image, you can grab a Joe Exoctic sequin shirt, or go thrifting for a shiny or sequined button down. If you have white jeans, bonus! If not, any old skinny jeans can work. The key will be in the mullet wig, and handlebar mustache and a.

Additional props could include a “No Carole” sign, stuffed tiger to carry around, or a baseball cap.

Carol Baskin

Carol, almost as iconic as Joe Exotic, has a few different looks or iconic pieces you could include. The first and foremost, would be wearing anything cat print! Which, this fall shouldn’t be hard to find, since leopard print is making a come back in a big way.

The second most iconic piece would be Carole’s signature headpiece-- which you could recreate with some fake flowers from the dollar store.

Additional props could be: a bike to ride around on, stuffed tigers, and a long blond wig.

Make it a Couples or Group Costume-- Add Tigers!

For either looks, you could add one or more tigers into the mix to really bring the vibe to life. With one search through Amazon, you can find everything from a simple ears and tail, to full body onesie tiger costumes.

TikTok Millennial Mom

Anyone else download TikTok for the first time during quarantine? Yes. Pretty much all the millennials, and you can find the droves of videos making fun of the generation shift. As the Gen Z’s tried to claim the platform all to themselves, they were quickly eclipsed by the droves of millennials bored with Facebook and looking for some good entertainment.

This costume is all about the props! First and most important prop? A giant glass of wine! This one fits an entire bottle. Second prop: a TikTok frame. You can totally DIY this one, or this one on Etsy is super cute. As for hair, clothes, and makeup? Whatever you’ve been bouncing around in through quarantine will work.

Murder Hornet

In case you missed it, this year there was the giant Murder Hornet scare. With bee populations already dwindling, we definitely didn’t want to see these bad boys. This costume could be a solo or couples costume!

For the Murder Hornet costume, begin by making or purchasing a bee or hornet costume and a fake bloody weapon.

If you want to make this a couples or group costume, you could add a zombie bee to the mix!


Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion have taken the world by storm with the release of WAP. More than just an instant hit, this song has made its way into meme central, and will be one of the most notable icons of 2020.

The best part of this costume? That sexy kitty ensemble you have from last year can get a rePHresh. If you didn’t have at least one sexy kitty year in your past-- congrats on being the queen of halloween-- also, you can pick one up online. This will be your base.

After you’ve got the cat costume base, pick up some clear silicone, and make droplets all over the base costume.

The icing on this moist cake-- simple wet hair look. Once you get out of the shower, use oil or gel and a wide tooth comb. While your hair is still wet, brush it with the comb and load up with product. Be careful not to over scrunch your hair. For a step-by-step, check out this tutorial on recreating Ashey Graham’s wet hair look.

Dude with Sign

For the last minute costume maker-- Dude with Sign. This dude has been keeping our instagram feeds real since the beginning of this year, and the signage possibilities are endless.

Grab a pair of jeans, a band or snarky tee, a pair of sunglasses, a piece of cardboard, and a sharpie. Here’s a few snarky sign ideas to get you started:

Hand out full size candy bars

I’m going to eat all of my kid’s candy

Stop asking for tricks, just give up the treats.

Zoom Bomb

So you’re in a conference call, pretending to listen-- and BAM! Zoom bomb. Now you’re awake! Next thing you know you’ve got late-night cinemax plastered across the screen. Some of us may not have actually experienced a zoom bomb this year, but we have heard countless stories about it.

This costume could come in two flavors: Disney Channel cute or SNL hilarious.

For the cute version, start with a recognizable bomb costume like this one, or make one out of cardboard. Then, print or paint the Zoom logo and fasten it to the front! Poof! Ready to go for halloween.

If you’re feeling a little more risque this year, we’re thinking about doing a play on the SNL Dick in a Box skit but you know, Zoom Bomb style. Take one of those 20 Amazon boxes laying around, and paint it to look like a zoom screen on the front of the box. Decide what body part you want to surprise your friends with this year, we’re fond of these buns, or this manhood attachment. Afterward, add a strap for the box so you can fasten it on. Final steps, like the song goes:

  • “1: Cut a hole in a box
  • 2: Put your junk in that box
  • 3: Make her open the box”

6 Feet Apart

This one is fun, as well as totally practical! With social distancing guidelines still in play through many states, Halloween may be a little tricky this year. This one is a total DIY project, so feel free to improvise with what you’ve got at home!

Start with ordering a few six-foot pool noodles. You will also need a long knife, measuring tape, a sharpie, and a large belt. The belt should be larger than what is needed to fit your waist. Measure in from the edge of the pool noodle about half an inch, and cut a slit that is the width of the belt strap. Repeat for the rest of the pool noodles.

With your sharpie, mark each foot on the six-foot pool noodles, and at the opposite end of the slit, mark 6 ft. For a little extra pizazz, you can make or grab these stand here stickers and place them on the end of the pool noodles. Thread the belt through the slits and fasten the belt to your waist, and that’s it!

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