Hilarious Christmas Cards You Can Buy on Etsy: 2020 Edition


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The man in red has been booted for the even more elusive gallon jug of sanitizer. Give the real star of the season the spotlight with this punny Santa-tizer greeting card from Peak Branding.

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow

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What better way to work through feelings of existential dread than in song? An all-too-relevant twist on a classic holiday hit, this card from Saucy Avocado will have you caroling through the pain in no time.

Corona Quaranteam

For Your Quaran-team
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This is the first time in our lifetimes anyone’s ever had to think about planning the holidays in a bubble, so why not immortalize this bonkers time in history with a sleek, grown-up Christmas card? Customize this card from Mallory Hope Design with your own text, colors, and patterns.

Christmas Dumpster Fire

because 2020
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Sending well wishes can make you feel extra warm and cozy this year, or maybe it’s just the flames from the dumpster fire? Either way, this tongue-in-cheek seasonal greeting from Bloomwolf Studio is bound to offer a smile and warm fuzzy or two.

You Survived 2020!

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Jokes aside, there’s plenty to be thankful for this season—good health in particular. Getting to enjoy the holidays is a luxury not all were afforded this year, and this holiday greeting card from Happily Ever Krafter Co. raises a glass to getting to see another new year.

2020, You'll Go Down in History

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As far as long-lasting impressions go, Rudolph’s got nothing on 2020. Add some humor to the traditional photo Christmas card from NOLA Lou Lou, and make it your own with special add-ons like craft envelopes and paper; end-of-the-year reviews; or printable gift tags.

I'm Dreaming of a Zoom Christmas

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The year 2020 was when everything went digital: work, school, family dinners, cocktail hours, birthday parties, concerts, and more all switched to a video conference format, causing everyone everywhere to say, “please make sure your mic is muted” more times than ever thought possible. Commemorate the new public forum with this ultra-cute card from Top Hat and Monocle.

Socially Distanced Season's Greetings

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Don’t let travel restrictions and 14-day quarantines keep you from connecting with loved ones this year. Five Dot Post offers a minimalistic way to spread some good cheer over the holidays from miles away.

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year...allegedly

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This year could make hardened cynics out of even the brightest of optimists, and can anyone really blame a skeptic world view these days? Celebrate the (supposed) best time of the year with a short, sweet, and snarky Christmas card from Kings Design Studio.

CDC Grinch Guidelines

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“I wouldn’t touch you with a thirty-nine-and-a-half-foot pole” probably sounds like music to the CDC’s ears after months of people ignoring social distancing protocol. Poke a bit of lighthearted fun at the folks up top with this greeting card from Spaghetti Meatballs.

A Very Alcoholic Christmas

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Alcohol is bound to be in high demand this holiday season, but we’re not just talking about brandy for the eggnog. Send glad tidings of joy and ample hand sanitizer with Caz Draws Things’ hilarious card made on eco-friendly recycled paper.

Home for the Holidays

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“I’ll be home for Christmas” doesn’t have the same nostalgic ring to it after quarantining at home for eight months straight, but it makes for a good Christmas card. Mallory Hope Design offers another hilarious take on classic seasonal greetings with this customizable creation.

Hope Your Holidays Aren't Purhell

Truth Joke
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Immortalize the year that Purell, Lysol, and Germ-X were the name brands flying off the shelves with this punny, snarky card from Cambridge Cir. Studios. This shop also offers holographic stickers of their rebranded sanitizer, complete with the tagline: “99.99% sure to totally suck.” Truth joke.

Happy Holidays, Except—

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Speaking of truth jokes, if you were looking for a way to passive-aggressively call out your COVID-denying relatives, BE Paperie’s got you covered. A little tough love never hurt anyone, right?

Essential Workers

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Health care workers, educators, grocery store workers, gas station attendants, and food service employees have been working through the pandemic since the beginning. Celebrate their dedication to the community’s greater good with this cute elf-themed card from Ris For Robo.

2020: The Year of the Great TP Shortage

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Last Christmas, we had no way of knowing the profound impact a nationwide toilet paper shortage would have on quarantining derrieres everywhere. Reflect on simpler times with this greeting card from Requin Prints.

Post-Quarantine Santa

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So maybe quarantine doesn’t have everyone putting their most put-together foot forward, but hey, we’re all trying our best. The Pinwheel Print Shop knew that even Santa Claus was bound to succumb to the sweatpants-wearing, split-ends-having, quarantine-belly trends of 2020.

So. Much. Togetherness.

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Nothing brings a family together quite like a year-long quarantine. Celebrate your newfound togetherness (so much togetherness) with this new take on the classic photo collage Christmas card by Cards Etcetera. You can even opt for at-home printing!

The Twelve Days of Corona

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The idea of gifting a partridge in a pear tree was arguably already outdated, but Paper Jam Print Co. gave us the revamped 2020-edition of this long-listed carol we never knew we needed until now.

The Tips, Tricks, and Unspoken Etiquette of Christmas Cards

For those mailing out Christmas cards for the first time this year, the idea of addressing, signing, enveloping, stamping, and mailing cards to every single family member, friend, and co-worker can seem a little daunting. The good news is, it doesn’t have to be. Don’t let stress get the best of you this season! Follow these handy tips, tricks, and unspoken rules of the long-lived holiday tradition.

  • Buy your supplies ahead of time. If you’re sending out piles of snail mail this year, the singular sheet of stamps you keep on hand for the stray paper bill might not cut it. Luckily, the US Postal Service’s website offers a store where you can choose from a wide range of seasonal and decorative stamps delivered right to your door.
  • Know when to send your cards. To guarantee your Christmas cards aren’t showing up on the 29th, plan to send your seasonal greetings the first week of December. Make sure to double-check shipping times on your card orders to ensure you won’t be frantically slapping stamps on a last-minute arrival of pre-made cards.
  • Lists are your friend. Keeping track of cousins, co-workers, college roommates, and everyone in between can be tricky. Avoid the risk of forgetting someone’s name in the mix by keeping a detailed list of recipients, including their relationship to you, and cross off names as you sort your letters.
  • Keep it personal or professional when necessary. Adding a short, handwritten note to close friends and family helps keep a printed card from being too impersonal. But depending on your work relationships, it might be best to keep cards going to managers, bosses, or colleagues professional and formal.
  • Don’t forget the return address. Sending a Christmas card is a great way to update loved ones on a change of address, but only if you include the address. A return address also helps the recipient know who sent the card and where to send one back next year.

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