The holiday shopping season is upon us! It's time to find the perfect gift for the tough guy in your life, and there is no need to look any further than the durable Regulus Watch from Nixon. We are confident that the bold and masculine style of this watch will immediately catch your guy's eye. At the same time, the affordable price and payment options will help you stay within budget.

The Nixon Regulus Watch Is Ready for Anything

Nixon Regulus watch rubber band

A stand-out watch in the Nixon brand is the best-selling Regulus, a watch that is "ready for anything." They created this high-performance watch in collaboration with agents from the Special Operations corps of the United States. It is manufactured to withstand the most extreme conditions and is always ready for action.

The main driver behind the Nixon Regulus design aesthetic was the rugged functionality of tactical gear. Nixon deliberately chose each feature and material to meet the exceptional standards of America's fighting elite.

The durability of the Nixon Regulus Watch is exceptional. First, the Poron foam between the Regulus' brain and case gives the watch a shock-blocking shell. The Regulus also has water-resistant pushers that give your tough guy access to information underwater. Finally, the Regulus watch can go out on any adventure with confidence thanks to its five-year battery.

Special Features

Nixon watch gold with leather band

The Nixon Regulus has all the makings of an extremely durable and long-lasting timepiece. From its custom digital LCD module that is encased in a protective PU jacket and Poron foam padding to its super tough shock absorption and durability. The functions and special features are seemingly endless.

  • Dual time
  • Time of day (12 or 24 hours)
  • Day/date
  • Auto calendar through 2099
  • Dual chronograph timers with 1/100 second resolution visible from all mode screens
  • Countdown timer
  • Three independent alarms
  • Adjustable LED brightness for light-sensitive situations
  • Custom high contrast LCD watch dial
  • Custom injection molded free-swing TPU 80 band
  • A silent mode that keeps your tough guy stealthy
  • A water rating of 100 Meter/10 ATM

The Nixon Regulus Comes in Several Different Color Combos

Regulus Stainless Steel
  • All Black
  • Black/Red
  • All Sand
  • Dark Slate
  • Black Multicam
  • Surplus/Carbon
  • Multicam tropic
  • Black/White/Lime
  • All Gunmetal
  • All Black/Red

The Regulus Comes With a Warranty

Nixon watch

Nixon offers a limited warranty for the Nixon Regulus that covers defects in materials and workmanship for a period of two years. If the original materials on your tough guy's watch are not right, or if the watch wasn't put together correctly, Nixon will replace or repair the watch. However, they will not fix abused watches for free.

There Is a Stainless-Steel Version of the Regulus

gold Nixon watch

Nixon also offers an all-metal version of their go-anywhere Regulus. The Regulus SS adds a "streetwear streak to the burly, utilitarian design" of the Regulus. Nixon drew inspiration for the "raw, rugged, and refined qualities" of the Regulus SS from spec-ops gear, luxury off-road SUVs, and briefcases that handcuff to your wrist.

Nixon Offers a Variety of Watch Models for Any Holiday Budget

Nixon women's wathces

When Andy Laats and Chad DiNenna first co-founded Nixon in 1998, they started with just seven watch models that ranged in price from $60 to $120. This year, Nixon is offering dozens of models for both men and women.

Their baseline budget model still sells for $60 and the high end of their retail range is $500. There is also the option of building a custom watch with countless design options to fit your personal style, taste, and budget.

Nixon Is Not All Watches

Nixon gold watch

In addition to their beautiful watches, Nixon also sells t-shirts, sweatshirts, and accessories like wallets, belts, hats and beanies, face masks, and bags. Just like they do with their watches, Nixon offers a variety of styles and designs for all of their accessories at different price points.

There you have it. The durable Nixon Regulus watch is the perfect gift for your tough guy this Christmas. The elegant look of a Nixon Regulus on your tough guy's wrist will suggest luxury without being too ostentatious. At the same time, there's nothing that the Nixon Regulus cannot handle.

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