Zodiac Gift Guide: Perfect Presents for Pisces

Lost Ocean: An Inky Adventure and Coloring Book for Adults (PENGUIN BOOKS)

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Pisces are extremely creative, loyal, and generous. Therefore, it goes without saying that a lot of Pisces neglect self-care, because they are too worried about the well-being of their loved ones. This can lead to a Pisces becoming burnt out, fatigued, or overwhelmed. Their strong sense of pride will prevent them from asking for help because they don't want to seem like a bother!

Coloring books are a great gift for Pisces. Engaging in an artistic act like coloring helps them tap into their creative side, and it also forces them to take some precious self-care time. We chose a coloring book that has connections to the ocean, as this is yet another ode to the water sign relationship that helps balance out and restore the Pisces.

Celestial One Line a Day (Blank Journal for Daily Reflections, 5 Year Diary Book)

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Pisces are very emotional, and they derive much joy recalling times of beauty and happiness in their lives. This celestial memory journal is a great gift for Pisces because it allows them to answer a new question every day, about their feelings and emotions.

Over time, your Pisces will be able to look back at their answers and see what brought them joy on any given day. They will also be able to reflect on their thoughts and feelings and hopefully derive entertainment and happiness out of their past nostalgic memories. How cool is that?!

Vintage Radio Retro Bluetooth Speaker

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Most people like music, but Pisces love music. Listening to a particular song or album can evoke a deeply emotional and visceral response for a Pisces. Music is often the accompanying soundtrack for the Pisces' rich inner life that helps them to see the beauty in the world surrounding them.

It goes to follow then, that any gift which allows your Pisces peer to experience and listen to their favorite music is a gift that will be highly appreciated. We chose this specific stereo because it's timeless and romantic, which are two other values that Pisces hold highly. Time to turn up the music!

The Original Reversible Octopus Plushie

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Because Pisces can be emotional, it's a good idea to know what kind of a mood they're in before you approach them. We love the idea of a mood octopus because it allows you to ascertain the mood of your Pisces in a cute and funny way.

This mood octopus should be kept near your Pisces at all times. That way, you can always know if they are interested in hanging out with you, or if they need some alone time. Talk about a useful gift!

Fiora Naturals Shower Steamers Aromatherapy Gift

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Pisces are water signs, which means that any gift that honors their connection to water will be greatly appreciated. Shower steamers are a great gift for Pisces because it turns their boring shower routine into an indulgent, relaxing experience.

Remember, Pisces are extremely loyal and generous. It's hard to get them to take time for themselves, as they are always so focused on making their loved ones happy and comfortable. These shower steamers smell great and release calming vapors that will finally force your Pisces to relax. Can't ask for much more, right?

rockcloud Healing Crystal Natural Rose Quartz

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If you don't already know this, Pisces are incredibly romantic and sensual. Therefore, you can't go wrong with getting your Pisces a love quartz! These powerful stones are known for attracting more love into people's lives. So, whether your Pisces is single or attached, they will appreciate this love quartz for everything it symbolizes.

We recommend supplementing this gift with a thoughtful, handwritten note detailing all the reasons why you love your Pisces. Your sentimental Pisces will appreciate the extra touch and will remember it for a long time. What's not to love about that?

Marble Cheese Board

sharing is caring
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Pisces, ever the loyal companions, love sharing! Therefore, a charcuterie board made for sharing is the perfect gift for a Pisces. Not only can they share their home with you, but they can share their food with you!

We recommend supplementing this gift with a handwritten note about how excited you are to share your upcoming charcuterie experience with them. Your Pisces will be so touched by the gesture, that they will go above and beyond in creating an awesome evening for the two of you to catch up, relax, and enjoy some good food together. Sounds like a perfect night to us!

Mevecco Pisces Astrology Zodiac Constellation Necklace

sweet star sign necklace
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We love a good understated piece of jewelry, and this Pisces necklace is just that! This tiney 14K gold-plated star sign necklace is perfect for Pisces who like to stay somewhat under the radar. Your Pisces may enjoy wearing this necklace as a subtle reminder to themselves that they are, indeed, a Pisces...and proud of it!

Hydro Flask Water Bottle

water sign hydration
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Pisces are water signs, which means that it is very important for them to foster their connection to water on a regular basis. It is also important for Pisces to remain hydrated, as this will keep their body in balance.

Getting your Pisces a durable water bottle such as a Hydro Flask will help keep your Pisces hydrated, but it will also serve as a reminder that you care about their health and hydration. Sip sip hooray!

Compendium A Year of Connection: A Kit to Inspire 52 Weeks of Meaningful Moments

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Pisces have a tendency to remain closed off to people that they do not know well, or feel as if they may not be able to trust. If there is a special Pisces in your life whom you want to get to know better, connection cards are a great way to do so.

Connection cards with open-ended questions or prompts will provide a way for your Pisces to be more vulnerable in a safe and comfortable environment. This will also allow your Pisces to foster connections with people that they want to be closer to, you included! Even though you would be the one to gift these cards, the greatest gift of all would be finding out more about your Pisces. Let's connect!

Needless to say, if you have a special Pisces in your life with an upcoming birthday, you have a lot of options. Regardless of what you decide to gift your Pisces, however, just know that they will be happy with anything you gift them. If the gift comes from the heart and is thoughtful, your Pisces will be grateful and will reward you with even more loyalty, love, and companionship for many years to come.

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