Zodiac Gift Guide: Perfect Presents for Aries

Beautiful Barcelona Amazon Explore Experience

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Because Aries are so bold and love taking risks, booking an Amazon Explore experience is a fun (and spontaneous) gift for them. You can either gift them a blanket Amazon Explore gift card so they can pick out their own experience, or you can choose an experience for them. Whatever you choose, make sure to pick something that taps into their love for risk-taking and being energetic. Skydiving, anyone?!

Paint by Numbers Kit

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Your Aries is creative, but you already knew that! Why don’t you get them a paint by numbers kit? Channeling creativity into a productive outlet like this is almost a gift within itself. There’s nothing an Aries can’t do when they put their mind to it, and finishing a paint by numbers is no exception. Whoa there, little Picasso!

Leaders Eat Last

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Aries love leading, but their tempers can sometimes get out of control if they don’t get their way. That’s why this particular book is a good gift, as it trains people on how to lead effectively by putting other people first. Though they may resist at first, they'll eventually come to appreciate this book as it’s an incredibly effective tool that has been utilized by many leaders and managers of organizations.

Lamare Habit Tracker Calendar

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Aries have a tendency to be spontaneous. While they’re high achievers and love being in charge, Aries sometimes lack the follow-through to track their habits, day in and day out. This habit tracker will help keep them on track with a visual reminder as to whether or not they're achieving their goals. It can help them stay committed to the cause as they decide whether or not they want to be spontaneous or disciplined on any given day.


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We couldn’t think of a more perfect board game for the Zodiac sign that loves taking risks and being competitive. Be careful, though, as games of RISK can last anywhere from one to eight hours. Your Aries will not blink an eye, as they will be so dedicated in their pursuit of beating you in the game.

Resistance Loop Exercise Bands

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Aries are known for having copious, even unnatural, amounts of energy. We recommend snagging a couple of these resistance bands for your Aries, so they can have a productive outlet for their energy. We love these bands, because they’re portable and easy to take on-the-go...perfect for your active, spontaneous Aries!

GoSports Slammo Game Set

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We could tell you that Aries are fiercely competitive, but that would be a vast understatement. This outdoor lawn game combines two of your Aries most dominant traits: activity and competitiveness. We recommend gifting this game already set up, so all they have to do is come in and dominate you. What? We told you that Aries are competitive...

GearLight LED Headlamp Flashlight S500

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Does your Aries love taking risks? Headlamps are a great gift idea for everything from scaling mountains in the moonlight to gallivanting through haunted houses. This headlamp is sure to delight and to keep your Aries safe from a few scrapes and bruises!

Grounding Crystal

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Your Aries has a temper, and everybody knows it! This grounding stone is a great way to bring your fiery Aries back down to Earth after a particularly blood-boiling episode. Try to help your Aries develop a daily mindfulness routine with the grounding stone, and you may find that their temper simmers down...just a little bit.

Travel Tumbler

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Believe it or not, Aries are ardent optimists. Regardless of what’s happening, this zodiac sign is likely to believe that everything will turn out alright. And, they like to see the best in people. Gifting an Aries this adorable Glass Half Full Tumbler from band.do will remind them that life is good and they’re happy to be alive!


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Spontaneity makes Aries feel alive. That’s why we recommend grabbing them a copy of Serenflipity, a card game centered around making its participants say "yes" to serendipitous adventures and to getting out of their comfort zone. Sign them up for the texting service so they can be sent Serenflipity prompts and texts throughout the week once they've exhausted all the cards in the deck. Baby, just say yes!

So, there you have it! A bevy of different gift ideas for the passionate and motivated Aries in your life. Just make sure to check with them before buying, of course, as it wouldn’t be unusual for an Aries to already possess several of the items on this list. After all, they’re go-getters who know exactly what they want, right?! Go figure!

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