Life is busy. Like, so incredibly busy. It’s hard to find time for yourself, but it’s even harder to find time to coordinate with another person.

But when that other person is your mama, it’s well worth it to rearrange your schedule whenever possible. Why? Well, because mother-daughter adventures are the best!

Not only do you get time to bond with the woman who carried you for nine months, but you get to create new memories together and have some fun in the process. Well, what if this all sounds good, but you don’t have any ideas about what to do on your mother-daughter adventures?

We got you, girl!

Here are 10 things every mother and daughter should do together at least once.

Go on a Road Trip Together

Mom and daughter - tourist girls and mountain views

Ooh, the possibilities! Depending on where you both live, you can either meet halfway and start from there, or you can fly to a fun location that practically screams road trip...PCH and Big Sur, anybody?

Make sure to load up a playlist of your favorite tunes, and enjoy singing along in the wind with your momma as you cruise down the freeway. Oh, and make sure to stop at a gas station for some junk food no less than, like, three times. Because what else would you eat on a road trip?

Talk about the Past

Happy older retired woman mother chatting with pleasant smiling grown up daughter, sitting together on cozy sofa, drinking tea coffee. Loving two generations family enjoying free leisure time at home

Your mom likely learned a lot from her mom, who likely learned a lot from her mom. Enjoy the effects of compounding knowledge by spending some time with your mom and talking about the past. Curious about her childhood? Now’s the time to ask! Wondering about her first kiss? Hopefully, she’ll tell you. 

Check out our article, Questions to Ask Your Parents Before It's Too Late. We recommend doing this over some drinks, or if you don’t drink, over a cup of coffee or some tea. Make an afternoon of it, bring a notebook, and get to chatting!

Volunteer Together

Asian young happy family activists collecting plastic waste on beach. Asia volunteers help to keep nature clean up and pick up garbage. Concept about environmental conservation pollution problems

There’s no better way to bond with somebody than by volunteering with them. The best part about volunteering? It’s totally free, and there are so many different options depending on your interests or availability. Some of our favorite volunteer opportunities are volunteering at soup kitchens, doing beach clean-ups, and playing with shelter animals. Grab your mama, and get your compassion on together!

Take a Cooking Class Together

Loving Asian family of mother and daughter cooking in kitchen making healthy food together feeling fun

Your mom has likely cooked countless meals for you, and you’ve probably cooked a few for her, in return. But have you cooked one together? Even if the answer is yes, we highly recommend taking a cooking class with your mom. There’s something so gratifying, and equalizing, about learning how to cook something new, together, for the first time. Plus, at the end of the class, you get to eat something delicious...and who can argue with that?!

Craft or Build Something Together

Close-up portrait of nice attractive lovely winsome cheerful cheery girls small little daughter creating handicraft handiwork in white light interior room house indoors

Crafting or building something together is a great way to bond; at the end of the activity, you’ll have something tangible to look at or hold to remember your time together. If neither of you are particularly crafty, that’s okay! There are venues and companies dedicated to helping non-crafty people be crafty, such as Paint & Sip Wine Nights, Plant & Sip, and Board & Brush. Plus, most of them involve alcohol, so that’s always a plus, right?

Do a Spa Weekend

Portrait of two multiethnic women in bathrobes against blue sky at spa

Okay, getting pampered is the absolute best. But doing it with your mom? Even better! If you’ve never done a spa weekend with your mom, you need to get on this pronto. Book a few massages, a manicure, and a facial...we guarantee that you and your momma will feel a lot closer (and more relaxed) at the end of the weekend together. Ahh, bliss...

Watch Family Videos

Happy young mom and child girl laughing holding snack popcorn remote control enjoy funny television comedy movie, smiling family mother with kid girl watching fun humor tv show laugh sitting on sofa

Family videos are hilarious...and watching them with your mom is something we wholeheartedly recommend! Chances are, she’ll be able to give you special behind-the-scenes insight into some of the funnier moments captured on camera. Oh, and you’ll be able to see your mom’s hairstyles back in the day...priceless!

Do Karaoke

Mother with her daughter singing karaoke

We mean, seriously, what could be more fun than throwing down some good ‘ole fashioned karaoke with your mamma? Head over to your local neighborhood karaoke bar, and get excited to hear your mom’s rendition of “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” by Whitney Houston. Time to get moving and grooving, girl!

Take a Ditch Day

Mother And Adult Daughter Taking Selfie With Phone On Walk

You’ve probably heard of senior ditch day, but what about just taking a ditch day for literally no reason? If your mom is a rule-follower, you might have a hard time convincing her to take one with you...but that just means she needs one even more!

What is there to do on a ditch day? Well, absolutely anything, of course! The whole point of a ditch day is that you can do literally anything you want! Do you want to spend the day seeing back-to-back movies at your local theater? Go for it? How about a day of spa treatments and winery visiting? The sky’s the limit, girl! Grab your momma, call your bosses, and get ready for the best day ever.

Read the Same Book Together

Mother and daughter reading together

Mother-daughter book club, anyone? Yes, please! Reading the same book at the same time is a great way to feel closer to your mom. Plus, it’s super fun to know that, when you’re done reading, you’ll be able to discuss the various plot points and characters with somebody else.

If you’re reading books with your mom, might as well read some books about mother-daughter relationships, right? Some of our favorite mother-daughter reads are The Joy Luck Club, Little Women, and The Secret Life of Bees.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter which of these activities you choose to conquer first. What’s important is that you and your momma are getting to spend some quality time together, and nothing can beat that. Who knows? Maybe, someday, you’ll get to knock some of these items off your list with your own daughter. How cool would that be?!

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