7 of the Best Compost Bins For Your Kitchen

Countertop Compost Bin

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This 1.3-gallon compost bin is the perfect starter bin for those who are new to the composting world. It’s compact enough that it can easily be kept out on the countertop or in a cabinet under the sink. This particular compost bin is made of high-grade metal to prevent scratching, cracking, and leakage.

The size of this indoor compost bin is just big enough for a few days’ worth of waste for a two-person household.

Worried about odors? Don’t be! In addition to the tight stainless steel lid, this specific bin comes with a charcoal filter that will help control the odors.

One thing we absolutely love about this compost bin is the handle that allows it to be easily moved from the kitchen to the compost piles in the garden. Easy peasy!

Farmhouse Compost Bin

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Whether you have a farmhouse-themed kitchen or simply like the look of the farmhouse style, this is a great starter countertop compost bin. The size of this compost bin (1.3 gallons) is the perfect size for a family of two and will last a few days in between trips to the backyard.

This adorable compost bin is incredibly odor-resistant thanks to the built-in charcoal filter. Each filter lasts between three to four months. The package comes with two extra filters so you’ll be covered for almost a full year.

The Granrosi compost bin has a special coating on both the inside and outside which prevents rust from developing. We recommend keeping this compost bin out on your counter because it’s so cute!

Karyhome Small Compost Bin

Bye Bye Flies
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People who are in the process of starting composting are often nervous about attracting fruit flies in their kitchen. After all, why shouldn’t they be? Fruit fries are notoriously known for being attracted to kitchen scraps? Well, this specific compost bin is geared towards deterring fruit flies without the added costly expense of charcoal or carbon filters.

This compost bin is easy to install and comes included with a mounting accessory. This 5-liter compost bin is small enough that it can sit on your counter, in your pantry, under the sink, or in the cupboard.

Because this compost bin is so good at deterring fruit flies, it can also be used as a small trash can in a kitchen, RV, bathroom, or laundry room. Bye, flies!

Third Rock Compost Bin

No-Rust Guarantee
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Third Rock’s compost pail is a durable option made up of a carbon steel body and a stainless steel lid ring. Third Rock has a guarantee that your compost bin will never rust, chip, or scratch, which makes it the perfect gift for any aspiring gardener or environmentalist.

Another great feature of this compost bin is that the food scrap bin is removable and dishwasher safe, making this a super easy-to-clean option. Hey, that's a-okay with us!

OXO Good Grips Easy-Clean Compost Bin

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The OXO Grips Easy Clean Compost Bin is one of the more affordable options on this list and it’s the perfect size for everyday use.

The smooth interior walls in this bin prevent both liquid and solid kitchen waste from building up, and the contoured bottom makes the emptying process easier. The OXO Grips Compost Bin has a rotating handle for easy transportation between the kitchen and the garden. Count us in!

Utopia Kitchen Compost Bin

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This Utopia Kitchen Stainless Countertop Compost Bucket is just as pretty as it is functional. There are several charcoal filters in place to reduce food waste odors until the bin is ready to be taken out to the garden.

The charcoal filters are easily cleaned by soaking them in soapy water. Another benefit? These particular charcoal filters can be reused, meaning that you don't have to keep spending money on getting new filters. Now that's going to make our wallets and the environment happy!

Compost Bin by GEOBIN

Huge and Affordable
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Looking for an outdoor composter that’s easily accessible from the kitchen? Look no further than the 216-gallon GEOBIN compost bin.

While this big boy won't fit in your kitchen, it's the perfect spot for you to dump your kitchen scraps after a few days worth of build-up. This compost bin gives you the most bang for your buck, with the largest capacity for the lowest price available.

So long as you have the right equipment, composting isn’t as daunting as it sounds. Snatch up one of these bad boys from Amazon and you’ll be right on your way to, like, single-handedly saving the environment. Score!

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