Oola is celebrating International Women’s Day for two weeks in 2021. Each day we will profile a woman-led company, innovative female leaders, and women who motivated us this past year.

The 10 Best Podcasts Hosted by Women

The most popular podcasts tend to be hosted by men, but there are some amazing podcasts hosted by strong, interesting, powerful, smart, and hilarious women. Whether new to the podcast world, revisiting old favorites, or wanting to explore new subjects, there's something on this list to check out. Here are our top 10 favorite podcasts hosted by some amazingly talented women.

10 Women-Owned Businesses to Shop

At Oola, we love entrepreneurial women who break through glass ceilings, fix problems, and provide new experiences for their customers. While the revenue of women-owned businesses is rising, male-owned businesses still make double that of their female counterparts. According to the US Chamber, "the pandemic has disproportionately impacted the health of women-owned businesses." We've compiled a small list of our favorite female-founded businesses so you can show your support in honor of Women's History Month, and every month!

The Future Is Female

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The future is female! Show off your support for gender equality and female empowerment with these awesome tees, necklaces, books, games, and posters. All of these items also make great gifts for any woman in your life, no matter her age.

Changing the Narrative: Women in Politics

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Run for Something provides a playbook and a safety net for Progressive women and minority political candidates. Oola sat down with Co-founder and Executive Director, Amanda Litman, to learn more about her empowering organization.

8 Things You Might Not Know About Kamala Harris

Our latest and greatest Veep has had an interesting and impressive life, to say the least. As one of the most important and influential women in the world, it's well worth getting to know her better. Here are 8 Things You Might Not Know About Kamala Harris.

What Does Modern-Day Feminism Mean?

What is modern-day feminism? How is it different from its former iterations? And where is it headed next? Find out in our article, What Does Modern-Day Feminism Mean?

Exploring the Gender Pay Gap

Gender discrimination is as American as apple pie. The gender pay gap has existed for centuries, and it lives on today as modern proof of this devastating misogynistic dilemma. Women's History Month is a time to remember, celebrate, and honor past and present women. But as we reflect on how far we’ve come, we can’t forget how far we have yet to go.

10 Female Authors to You Need to Read

Celebrate Women's History Month by adding these powerhouse authors and their thoughtful, inspiring, and (at times) life-altering books to your reading list!

Carhartt Isn't Just for Dudes Anymore

The durable men's clothing brand has recognized that dirty work isn't just for the boys. From overalls that let you bend and squat to a cute and comfy bomber jacket, check out Carhartt's incredibly functional line of women's gear.

It’s Time for Mama to Get Her (Career) Groove Back

Skillshare offers over 140,000 classes for everything from personal to professional development. Right now, you can try it for 14 days for free, then get 40% off an annual membership! Here are even more reasons why you should sign up with Skillshare.

Inconvenient Truths About Aging, and How to Change the Convo

cool grandma

Whether you come across an ad for the latest beauty product promising a youthful glow or a post sharing the resistance to turning another year older, the underlying message we’re constantly faced with is the same: aging is seen in a negative light, but it doesn’t have to be. For our final International Women's Day piece, we look at Inconvenient Truths About Aging, and How to Change the Convo.

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