If your kitty loves treats, then get ready to earn lots of extra head rubs with these easy recipes for homemade cat treats. Not only will it spare you the guilt of your cat's silently judgmental stare the next time you're cooking for your family, but by making the goodies yourself you'll also know exactly what ingredients you're giving your pet. While we've found recipes that stick to foods that are safe for cats, be sure and check with your vet if you have any doubts about feeding your pets any of the included ingredients.

Dry Cat Food Treats

Making tasty cat treats can be as easy as grinding down your pet's favorite cat food and adding water. This is an easy recipe to throw together, and by using your regular cat food, your pet is guaranteed to love the treats. All you have to do is blend the cat food and add water until it's the consistency of paste. Then just shape the treats and bake.

Homemade Salmon And Oat Cat Cookies

If you've ever made salmon for your family, only to find it invaded by an inquisitive pink kitty nose, then this recipe is for you. These homemade kitty cookies use simple, whole ingredients that will make your cat's mouth water. If the salmon doesn't catch your cat's nose, there's one secret ingredient that will: catnip. You can also substitute tuna for the salmon, if your cat prefers that type of fish more.

tabby cat eating a treat on a white table
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Two Ingredient Tuna Cat Treats

All you need to master this recipe is two simple ingredients: tuna and an egg. Just mix the tuna and egg together, shape the paste and bake on a paper-lined pan. If you want to get fancy, you can then use a piping bag with a star nozzle attached to separate the mixture and make cute individual treats. Your cat will love these healthy treats and purr all day long.

Frozen Cat Treats

If you think you struggle with staying cool in the summer, imagine being trapped inside a fur coat. Keeping our furry friends cool during the hot summer months is important for their health, and these frozen cat treats are just the ticket to help your cat cool off on a particularly hot day. These cat-sicles are so easy to make that they don't require any cooking -- all you have to do is mix a can of tuna with water, put the mixture in an ice cube tray and pop them into the freezer.

Catnip Crumbles

Beef is a savory and safe option for your cat, and by combining the beef with catnip you are creating the perfect obsession for your feline friend. These catnip crumbles are made by simply combining the beef, eggs and catnip and baking it into a decadent cat-friendly dish. You can serve these crumbles to your cat on their own or sprinkle them on top of your cat's regular food for a delicious addition.

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