Binder clips were originally created to hold stacks of paper together and can create a world of possibilities. With a bit of imagination, you too can make your life much easier by utilizing these 10 unique binder clip hacks that will not only simplify daily tasks but will organize your space. From maximizing storage space to keeping items in place, binder clips come in a range of colors and materials, and hold endless possibilities of what you can do with them. You may never look at binder clips the same again.

1. Cable Organizer

Cable Wires

Computers, televisions, radios, and DVD players are great tools to have as they keep us entertained and can also be useful tools for getting important work done. One downside of technology, however, is all the cables and wires that come with it, which can appear unsightly when your desks, consoles, and walls are overrun by wires and cables. Binder clips get rid of the distraction by combining all your cables and cords together in one to create a more tidy space. There are plenty of sneaky ways to hide wires in plain sight that are both affordable and efficient, so consider putting all those binder clips to good use and create a more airy environment.

2. Cell Phone Holder

A binder clip holding a phone

There are plenty of reasons why a cell phone holder is useful. It enables you to follow a recipe, hands-free, you can watch your favorite shows without having to strain your hands and wrists, it's better on your neck and keeps your phone cleaner. Cell phone holders can also cost money that can be better spent on other things. For this reason, utilizing a binder clip is not only more economical, but it is just as effective as a store-bought cell-phone holder without the bulky gadgets. Using a binder clip as a cell phone holder also enables you to take your phone and your holder wherever you go, without the need to carry around excessive items.

3. Money Clip

Binder clip holding money

A money clip is a device that is used to store cash and cards. Money clips enable you to keep up with your spending habits and they are typically sleeker than carrying around a bulky wallet all day. However, money clips can also be rather expensive, so using a binder clip instead is a thriftier way to carry your cash without spending your money on something that holds it.

4. Art Gallery

Binder clips on two sheets of paper

If you are an artist that paints, then at some point perhaps you'd like to showcase your work to others, or to simply use for decorative purposes. Binder clips are the perfect, simple solution as they enable one to hang works of art without the added cost of frames and they add a chic touch to your overall aesthetic. Binder clips are relatively inexpensive and they come in an array of sizes, so whether the art that you choose to hang is small or large, you may purchase the appropriate binder clip size.

5. Hair Clip Holder

Girl holding a pile of bobby pins in her hand

Bobby pins, bands, and clips are all ways that some of us often adorn our hair and keep it out of our face, but in those times when we really need them, they seemingly disappear into thin air. Enter the binder clips, the solution for keeping your hair essentials in place. Just combine all your bobby pins and clip them together in one bulk, create a holder for your hair bands, as well as your clips, so that you know where to find them when you really need them.

6. A Stack of Cans

A stack of soda cans

Sometimes soda cans can take up a lot of space, which is why stacking them is sometimes preferred. Piling your soda cans isn't so hard now that you have a binder clip to hold them up without them rolling away. Simply place a binder clip onto one of your refrigerator racks, stack your soda cans and be amazed by their ability to stay in place. This method works best for wire racks and is also a nice way to display your favorite drinks. They can also work in pantries with wire racks, as well.

7. A Tube Of Toothpaste

A squeezed tube of toothpaste

Trying to squeeze out every drop of toothpaste can be tiresome, but with a binder clip, it has never been so easy. Binder clips have a very tight grip that is ideal for squeezing out all that you can out of your tube of toothpaste, which extends its life. While open, just squeeze the toothpaste from the bottom and secure with the binder clip. As you use the toothpaste, fold it from the bottom and secure it with the binder clip. You'll then begin to notice paste coming out of the tube that was otherwise impossible to reach before.

8. Wire Earphone Holder

wire holder with a binder clip

Earphones have come such a long way since the days of the bulkier variety. Nowadays, they are so convenient, that you can fit them in your pocket, wallet, handbag, whatever tight space you can get them in. Because they are so small and bendable, this means they can also get tangled up in a ball of wires if you aren't careful. Try using a small binder clip to organize them so that you can have them ready when you need them. This method not only saves time but also saves your earphones, which can become damaged due to the bending of the inside wiring.

9. Card Holder

Cards held together by a binder clip

Whether you have a driver's license, credit and debit cards or important business cards, it's a good idea to keep them organized so they are ready when you need them at any given moment. Binder clips have strong grips that can easily keep all of your cards in one pile without the bulk of a wallet or just throwing them into your handbag, with causes a host of issues. Binder clips are very easy to use with credit cards and since most clips are so wide, you can carry around a thick pile or a thin one, depending on your preference.

10. Picnic Tablecloth

Picnic basket with wind in tablecloth

Eating al fresco is a wonderful way to enjoy the fresh air and eat good food. However, it can become very stressful when the wind picks up, ruining your outdoor dining experience. Binder clips can easily save the day by keeping your tablecloth at bay and all your eating utensils and food place. Just clip the dining cloth the edge of the table and voila! You're wind free.

Binder clips are typically associated with office supplies, but little do most people know just how useful they are in our modern world. To make your life easier, incorporate some of these hacks into your everyday life.

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