Across the globe, countless adults have dealt with the dramatic shift in everyday life; during the past few weeks. As we quietly shuffle through the muddy waters of uncertainty, let us not forget that our children have also been there alongside us. Perhaps even more drastically affected by the unforeseen change, children may struggle with their feelings about what’s currently taking place in the world today.

Natalie Long, the owner of Long Creations, created the COVID-19 Time Capsule as a way for children to document their experiences amid the shutdown. The COVID-19 time capsule for kids encourages children to share how their feeling, what’s currently happening at home, and in their communities. The time capsule is a unique opportunity for children to participate in and share with future generations.

What Is Included With The Time Capsule For Kids?

covid-19 time capsule

The COVID-19 Time Capsule For Kids can be found on Long Creations Facebook page where families can find a free downloadable link of printable worksheets in several versions (US, Canadian, French and Spanish). The worksheets included with the time capsule ask your child to share the following:

  • Page To Draw Family Picture
  • All About Me
  • How I'm Feeling
  • My Community
  • What I Am Doing At Home
  • Handprint Page
  • Special Occasion Page
  • Letter To Myself Sheet
  • Interview For The Parents
  • Letter From The Parent

Along with these worksheets, Long Creations generously provided bonus worksheets for families celebrating birthdays and births. The free worksheets have been saved in PDF format. Parents should download, open in a PDF program, and print. Parents and caregivers can help younger children by interviewing them and writing down their feelings, and then offering them some crayons to color the pages. We recommend this unique opportunity for children to be a part of a historical moment, but also to help process and discuss their feelings with loved ones.

How To Help Kids Navigate Through Difficult Times

mother holding child

The COVID-19 time capsule for kids is an excellent activity for children to help process their feelings during this time of uncertainty and help foster discussions with parents and caregivers.

Help your children navigate through this challenging time. Your children will have many questions, and the time capsule is a great way to start those conversations. For younger children, because they’re unable to read or fully understand what they see on the news, or why they’re no longer going to school or visiting with friends or relatives, they may appear afraid and confused.

Older children will feel anxious as well, and adults should validate those emotions by sharing their feelings, letting their children know that they’re not alone in how they feel. Most importantly, be your children’s rock. Remain calm, focused, and positive. Help your children navigate through this challenging time. Your children will have many questions, and it’s essential not to minimize their fears. Yet, let them know that as a family, you’re doing what you can to keep safe and healthy by practicing social distancing. You could also discuss ways your local community is taking steps to stay safe, as well as how doctors and nurses work together to heal the sick.

What To Include In Your Time Capsule

covid 19 time capsule

Before your child begins working on their time capsule, have them brainstorm some of their favorite activities or moments they've enjoyed the most at home while social distancing with family. Now more than ever, there are many fun things for kids that weren't free before social distancing, which makes finding ways to be somewhat productive while WFH with children easier for parents!

Perhaps, your child's favorite activities included waking up and working out to P.E. with Joe, or going on several thrilling adventures by taking virtual tours and participating in educational Facebook live events, or by settling in and enjoying virtual stories read by various authors, artists, and celebrities.

Have your children started any new hobbies, such as learning how to cook or bake? Companies like Raddish Kid's host live online cook-along classes for littles to whip up delicious new recipes to enjoy with their families. If your child has been cooking more often at home, have them share what they find special about this experience.

Encourage your children to write about your family movie nights. Has your family recently enjoyed the theatrical release of Disney's Onward? Onward is now available on Disney+ Another popular theatrical release is Trolls World Tour available to rent on Fandango Now or Prime Video. In addition to movie night, what TV shows have your family been watching together? Have your children explain why these programs, and movies are their favorites.

If you're celebrating a child's birthday party quarantine-style, or already have, the COVID-19 time capsule worksheets provide an additional worksheet to document your child's special occasion. The birthday page centers on what your child felt made their day special, who they celebrated with, and how, while practicing social distancing. The worksheet also provides a special section to include pictures of the event, and the birthday girl/or boy.

The COVID-19 time capsule for kids is an opportunity to gift themselves and future generations a piece of history to reflect on years from now. The time capsule is also a gentle way for both young and older children to process their feelings as they make their way through times of uncertainty. It can also serve as a bridge to foster healthy discussions surrounding anxiety felt in children. If adults are interested in making their own COVID-19 time capsule, LONG Creations also offers a time capsule for adults.

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