Every Woman Over 30 Should Be Taking These 7 Supplements

Calcium for Strong Bones – Viactiv Calcium +Vitamin D3 Supplement Soft Chews, Milk Chocolate

Strengthen Your Bones
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To keep your bones strong and healthy as you age, a calcium supplement is extremely important. This essential mineral makes up about one percent of a woman's body weight, and almost all of it is in your bones and teeth.

Peak bone mass occurs in the late 20s, so that mass and strength will start to decline after 30. Bone loss accelerates when you are menopausal and postmenopausal because the body is producing less estrogen.

Women are also four times more susceptible to osteoporosis than men, so taking a calcium supplement like Viactiv Calcium + Vitamin D3 milk chocolate soft chews is essential for bone health.

Nature Made's 65 mg tablets

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When you're in your 30s, an iron supplement is important for overall health. Iron deficiency can be an issue if you don't eat a lot of meat. It's also a common problem for athletes, pregnant women, and those with heavy menstrual cycles.

Taking an iron supplement like Nature Made's 65 mg tablets will help support your overall health. Just be careful not to overdo it. Taking too much iron can cause symptoms like abdominal pain and vomiting.

Divine Bounty Super B Complex Vitamins

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We all need plenty of energy to meet the numerous demands of everyday life. This is exactly why B vitamins are essential. The B vitamins include thiamin (B1), riboflavin (B2), niacin (B3), pantothenic acid (B5) pyridoxine (B6), cobalamin (B12), and biotin.

You can find these water-soluble nutrients in many foods, like whole grains, fruits, and veggies. You'll find Vitamin B12 exclusively in meat, fish, and milk. Taking a supplement like Divine Bounty Super B Complex Vitamins along with eating a healthy, well-balanced diet will not only give you much-needed energy, it will also reduce your risk of heart disease. As an added bonus, biotin plays an important role in healthy hair.

Sports Research Store Collagen Peptides Powder

Drink Your Collagen!
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Around the age of 30, our bodies start to produce less collagen. This is usually when the first signs of aging occur. Collagen is an important nutrient that's necessary to ensure the health and vitality of your skin and hair. Not to mention your cartilage, joints, and bones.

Sports Research Store Collagen Peptides Powder is a great way to add collagen to your morning coffee or breakfast smoothie. Reviewers note that they've seen improvements in their hair. Some have reported that the bags under their eyes have "filled in" and are looking less tired. Others have noticed less joint pain, especially in their knees.

Pink Stork Folate

Baby Planning
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If you are trying to get pregnant, taking folic acid is an absolute must for maintaining your health, as well as the health of your baby. Folic acid – also referred to as folate or vitamin B9 – supports brain health and cell reproduction. It also enhances memory and verbal fluency.

Folic acid is the key ingredient in prenatal vitamins. Taking Pink Stork Folate up to six months before you get pregnant and throughout your pregnancy can reduce the risk of birth defects of the brain or spinal cord.

Nature's Nutrition Antioxidant Supplements

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For a healthy immune system and healthy skin, a powerful weapon in your supplement arsenal is antioxidants (Vitamin C and Vitamin E).

Vitamin C helps with healing wounds and making red blood cells. It also boosts norepinephrine, a brain chemical that helps with concentration and makes you feel more alert. It also helps support the creation of collagen. Vitamin E can help slow the signs of aging and will help keep your cells healthy.

Nature's Nutrition Antioxidant Supplements are an extra-strength source of natural antioxidants, nutrients, and vitamins for daily energy, immune support, and heart support. They are small in size, don't have a taste, and are easy to swallow.

Omega-3 Wild Alaska Fish Oil

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When women reach their 40s, they usually have some specific nutritional needs. At this stage, you're entering perimenopause, which is the state preceding menopause. This can result in symptoms like hot flashes.

A great supplement for this time in your life is fish oil, which contains healthy omega-3 fatty acids. Not only does a fish oil supplement support your overall health in your 40s, but it also supports heart and brain health.

We must warn you, though. Not all fish oils are equal. We recommend Omega-3 Wild Alaska Fish Oil because doctors advise a supplement from wild-caught fish sources that are tested to be free of mercury and other toxic components.

Adding these seven supplements to your daily routine—along with eating a well-balanced, healthy diet – can you help you achieve optimal health beyond your 30s. Just remember, always consult your doctor to see what supplements are right for you.

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