If you work from home, it's beneficial to have a space where you can focus and get as much work done as possible. Therefore, having your own home office is essential. But how, exactly, can you turn a room in your house into the ultimate productivity place?

To create the best home office, you should designate a separate room for your work, whether it be a converted extra bedroom or an alcove off of your living area. When you're in this space, you will get into "work mode" and not be distracted by the details of your home life. Once you've chosen a space to transform into your home office, here are some things you will need to bring your idea to life:


When you're shopping for a desk, take into consideration what equipment and space your job demands -- do you need a desk with plenty of drawers for storage? Or do you need something L-shaped for multiple computer monitors? It's important to plan ahead so you don't end up with a crowded workspace or something entirely too large.

wooden home office desk with chair, computer and mugs
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Be sure to take the size of your home office into account as well so the desk doesn't overwhelm the space. And because you're in control of your space, this is your chance to get creative -- make your desk match your personality and coordinate with the room, whether it be through color, minimization, material, etc.

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With your desk, you need a chair. Choosing a suitable office chair is an important decision -- it has to be comfortable because you will be sitting in it for most of the day, after all.

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You can go the traditional route of office chairs, or you can branch out to other types of comfy chairs such as a small armchair, slipper chair, barrel chair, wingback chair... you get the idea. Just make sure it's not too comfortable -- you should still be getting work done, not sleeping.

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Storage And Organization

Everyone's storage needs are different for their home office. Do you have a lot of loose papers that need to be organized? What about pens, highlighters and other writing utensils? Do you have books you occasionally need to refer back to?

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After you identify your storage needs you can decide the best methods to use in your home office, whether it be adding filing cabinets, bookshelves, or just buying a desk with built-in storage compartments and drawers. You can also get creative with your storage methods, such as installing floating shelves on your walls to enhance the atmosphere's aesthetic.

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Though it's important to keep your work and home spaces separate, you want your home office to be well decorated to keep your inspiration flowing throughout the work day. Intersperse photos, house plants and wall art throughout the room.

home work space with plant and art decor

Make sure the room has multiple light sources and, if you can, plenty of natural light to enhance the room's feng shui. The space should feel pleasant to be in while still promoting productivity.

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