Whoever said silence is a virtue probably didn't own a blender. Blenders are noisy. This causes problems when someone is sleeping, watching television or simply trying to relax without listening to a bunch of ruckus in the kitchen. And if you live in a condo or apartment you may even risk disturbing your neighbors if you can't keep your blender quiet enough.

Yet, a good blender is a must-have for any kitchen. Whether you want to start your day with a morning smoothie, make a creamy vegetable bisque, or whip up a pitcher of frozen margaritas, this handy appliance helps you get the job done with ease and aplomb.

While it's not possible to eliminate the sound altogether, we've researched a few tricks to help you denoise your blender. Read on, and learn how to how to whip up your favorite concoctions without sacrificing the serenity of your household.

Blender full of kiwi and other fruit.

1. Don't Set Your Blender Directly On The Counter:

When you're ready to run your blender, simply place it on top of a quilted hot pad or a silicone mat. Even a folded dish towel or an old mouse pad will do in a pinch. These materials will help absorb the noise of the motor, resulting in a quieter blending experience.

2. Pull Your Blender Away From The Wall:

Place your blender as close to the edge of the counter as possible. If it's too close to the wall the sound and vibrations will bounce off, almost like an echo in a cave. If you pull your blender away from the wall, it will help cut down on the sound.

Blended beverage with kale, apples, and broccoli.

3. Cover It Up

There are several covers on the market made specifically to quiet the clickety-clack of a whirling blender motor. Most are made of thick, sturdy, plastic to help encapsulate the sound. It's a great solution until you factor in the price. Many blender covers cost upward of $200.00. In some cases, this might be more money than you spent on your blender itself, making this a less than an appealing solution.

If a store-bought cover isn't in the budget - there's a less expensive, easy DIY version. Before you run your blender, simply wrap it up in a thick, fluffy towel to soften the sound. It's quick, easy, and assuming you already own at least one towel, free.

4. Blend In Large Batches When No One Is Around:

Okay. We'll admit it. This tip is cheating a little bit. But if you're worried about disturbing the peace with your rumbling appliance, you can always consider running your blender when it's the least likely to disturb anyone. This might mean making your morning smoothie ahead the evening before. Not only will this eliminate the risk of waking up your household before they're good and ready to get out of bed, but it will allow you a few extra minutes of shut-eye in the morning, as well. While you're at it, why not make up several batches and put them in the freezer? Then you'll always have your favorite blender treats ready to go on short notice.

Blended drink with fresh strawberries and granulated sugar in the foreground.

5. Switch To A Quieter Blender:

As a last resort, you may want to consider switching to a blender that's been optimized for quieter usage. Although no blender is absolutely silent, many are considerably less noisy. Most of these are labeled specifically with the word quiet incorporated into the model name, making them easy to find. Best of all there are quieter models available in both the basic blender category and for high-end models like Vitamix, which makes it easier to budget.

To get the most of a quiet-model blender, you can also combine it with one or more of our previous tips to make sure it's as close to silent as possible.

Now, that you know how to denoise your blender, only one question remains. What will you make?

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