You've decided to make a big change in your life and move into a new place. While you're busy finding out which moving company you should go with, asking friends to help you, and making an extensive list of all the things you'll need, there's one member of your household who also needs to paid attention to.

Moving can be really stressful for pets, especially if they're dealing with health problems, are very young, or if you're moving quite far away. You'll need to make sure that your pets are comforted and well taken care of before you go anywhere. This makes the trip easier on both of you and will offer your furry friends the reassurance they need to make the big move with you.

Tips For Moving With Pets

Visit Your Vet

a female vet with a cute dog

One of the very first things you need to do before moving with a pet is to visit the veterinarian. If your pet isn't trained yet or if they're dealing with any health issues, you'll need to see how the trip will be on them. The vet will be able to tell you if they can handle it and can potentially recommend vets in your new area.

It's also important to get copies of their vaccination certificate, records, or any health certificates, especially if you're traveling via plane. Be sure that you also fill any prescriptions they may need before you travel because the last thing you'd want is to be caught without them.

You should also ask your vet for any tips or recommendations they can give you for making the trip easier on your furry friends.

Familiarize Yourself With Regulations

an adorable white kitten in a crate

Before you go anywhere, especially if you're traveling via plane, you should really familiarize yourself with any regulations. Which airlines require which paperwork? Have any airlines received negative reviews for dealing with pets? Will you need anything if you're crossing a border? Get all the information you can to ensure that your pets are kept safe and cared for.

Know Where You're Going

a cute shaggy brown dog in an orange car

Your pets are already stressed enough and if you're going to be keeping them in crates, a long car ride is going to get tiresome. Make sure you have your route planned out before you go anywhere so you can try and pinpoint traffic times or any construction you may encounter. Take your pets out when they need the fresh air and open space, especially if you have a dog.

Find Time To Pamper Them

a womans hand petting a cat

Even amid the stress of moving you should still carve out some time to pamper your pets. Remember that they're probably just as stressed as you, even if they can't vocalize it. Give them lots of attention and take your dogs for good walks. If they're going to be in a crate for a significant amount of time, it's important to get them out and moving and to not neglect their fitness regime.

Keep Pets Away On Moving Day

a sleeping bulldog on the floor

When the day comes to actually move everything into the new place you should keep your pets away. Things are already hectic enough and they don't need the added stress of everyone moving around, not getting enough attention, and being out of their element. Arrange to have a friend babysit or place them in a doggy daycare for a day or two so you can get settled and they'll be in comfortable surroundings.

Let Them Out Inside

a cute dog in an empty house

It might seem like a good idea to let your pets run around in the yard at your new place, but remember that pets are still getting used to the new area. They can easily get lost or run away from the stress, which is why it's best not to open their kennels until they're inside.

Introduce Them To The New Place

a cat roaming around a new home with boxes everywhere

Once they're indoors they're not going to recognize anything. Just as you've been uprooted, so have they, and they'll need some reassurance and guidance. Introduce them to the new place slowly, room by room even. You can even lay out some of their favorite items so they'll see something familiar in the room.

Before you welcome them into the home, be sure that everything is pet proof. Make sure there aren't any cracks in the fences around the yard that your pet can slip through. Check the house to see if there are any walls wet with paint or if there are lingering fumes. Pick up any loose items you can see that your pet may eat. Only after you've given it a once over should you bring your pet inside.

Teach Them How To Get Home

a person walking their dog

Your pets were masterminds at navigating their old neighborhoods and finding their way home. But now they're out of sorts and will need some help knowing their way around. If you have a dog, leash them up and bring them around the neighborhood. This will get them familiar with the new space and help them locate their new abode.

Put Together A Care Package

a cat gnawing on the leg of a squirtle toy

Your pets would feel much more at home and better about their new surroundings if you put together a little care package for them. Pack a little bag filled with their favorite toys, their medication, documents, food, treats, and water. You want to make your pet as comfortable as possible so bring along anything you know they'd love or couldn't get through a long trip without.

If you're traveling in the car, make sure that you take frequent stops. A dog can be walked around a little bit and other pets can use a break from all the travel as well.

Make Lists

dog kissing woman writing in notebook

I'm not just talking about making a list of things you'll need, but also for your pet. Put together to-do lists, lists of what you'll need to take with you, and make note of any additional costs for your pet. The worst thing would be to underestimate how much a doggy daycare would be or flying your pet and then getting even more stressed. It also wouldn't be good if you opted to do something that would stress your pet out (like bringing them with you when you move) simply because you'd rather not shell out the funds for a sitter.

Make The New Place As Familiar As Possible

a cat in a cat tree by the window

It's recommended that you move in as much of your stuff as you can before you even show the new place to your pet. If you're open to leaving them with a friend or doggy daycare for a day or two longer, you'll be able to move everything in and get the place cleaned up. This helps our furry friends come in and see things they recognize as opposed to just their bed next to a bunch of cardboard boxes.

Keep Feeding Times The Same

a cute dog eating from a bowl

A good thing you can do for your pet is to feed them at the time they're accustomed to. It's tough to remember these things sometimes, especially with the stress of getting to the new place. But try and get those bellies full at the time they're used to so they don't have one more thing that's new and stresses them out.

Keeping our pets comfortable and taken care of should be at the top of our priority list anytime, even when we're moving. Be sure that you take the time you need to put their things together, introduce them to the new home, bring them to the vet, and give them lots of attention. They're probably just as stressed as you, if not more so. They need lots of snuggles before they go anywhere and a happy pet will make for a better move.

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