Getting out the drill, screws, and wall mollies or a hammer and nails to hang things isn't a project most of want to deal with. It gets messy, and it can cause damage to your walls and doors. And, if you are a renter, it can cost you money because you probably won't get back that security deposit.

But luckily there is an awesome alternative that is handy, can go anywhere, and can easily be removed without damage -- 3M Command hooks. But, they can do more than hold a framed picture or hang your keys. Command actually has an entire line of products that can help you completely organize your home.

So, if you need to declutter and get organized, here are ten different ways to use Command hooks and some of their other specific products that can help you get your house in order, and you won't have to lift a hammer.

1. Smart Phone Station

Command hook Smart Phone Station

The Command Smart Phone Station is a clear wall mount that holds your phone while it charges. You can put it anywhere you want -- next to your bed, in your entryway, or in the kitchen. It has a stylish look, helps you keep your phone charged, and helps you avoid having to hunt for your phone when you are trying to get out of the house.

2. Cord Bundlers and Concealers

Command hook Cord Bundlers

Place Command hooks on the back of a table, desk, or media cabinet to help you hide cables. Disguise all of your cords from lamps, TV's, video game consoles, or Blu-ray players by sticking the hooks on the back of your furniture and then run the cords through them. Also, if you have satellite or cable, place hooks behind a media cabinet on your baseboards to hide your coaxial cable cord that runs to your TV.

3. Wall Art

Command Hooks Wall Art

Create your own gallery with classic Command hooks, or great creative by adding hangers. Simply use skirt hangers to hang from the hooks to hold your art on the wall, and you can easily change your art as fast as your kids can bring it home.

Also, you can add the Command hooks to cafe rods and curtain hooks on the side of your refrigerator for another changeable art display.

4. Organize Pot Lids

Command Hooks Organize Pot Lids

If you are always searching for pot lids or tired of them taking up so much space in your cabinets, try using Command hooks for organization. Simply place a few on the inside of the cabinet doors where you keep your pots and hang the lids for easy access and to create more space.

5. Under Sink Cabinet Caddy

Command Hook Under Sink Cabinet Caddy

Somehow, the space underneath the bathroom and kitchen sinks seems to become some of the most cluttered space in my house. But Command can help that problem with their under-sink cabinet caddy that has a spot for storing dish or hand soap, sponges, and other accessories you need close to the sink.

You can easily hang the caddy on the inside of the cabinet door, and it will hang nicely on paint, wood, or tile.

6. Kitchen Wrap Station

Command Hook Kitchen Wrap Station

This is a fun idea. Instead of your foil, plastic wrap, and parchment paper taking up room in a kitchen drawer, try using Command hooks to organize them on your kitchen wall or inside a cupboard door. Simply place the Command hooks sideways and far enough apart for you to hang your kitchen wrap via the holes on the side of the package. And, you can easily move the hooks for different size boxes. This clever trick always keeps your foil and wrap within reach while giving you more space in your kitchen drawers.

7. Hang Bulky Utensils

Command Hooks and kitchen utensils

Another clever idea for the kitchen, Command hooks can transform your kitchen storage. You can hang the hooks inside cabinet doors for measuring cups and spoons, spatulas, salad tongs, colanders, or potholders. Really, the possibilities are endless. Anything in your kitchen that is bulky and doesn't fit well in a drawer, you can easily hang on Command hooks.

8. Toothbrush Mounts

Command Hooks toothbrush holders

I have the worst luck when it comes to toothbrush holders. The handles on my regular toothbrush and tongue scraper are usually too fat to fit into the opening. And my electric toothbrush won't fit into any type of holder. However, if you turn a small Command hook on its side inside of the medicine cabinet or next to the sink, you will have a perfect toothbrush mount that will hold any size toothbrush.

9. Make A Shoe Rack

Command Hook shoe rack

Many of us have issues with shoes scattered all over the bottom of the closet. But, if you have shoes with heels, Command hooks can help you get them organized. All you need is a curtain rod and two hooks, and you can instantly create a shoe rack.

10. Shower Wall And Bathroom Cabinet Organizer

Command Hook Shower Organizer

Lack of storage space is a common problem in bathrooms, but Command has a product to help with that. They have a rust-resistant bathroom organizer that will stick to those surfaces in your bathroom that most things won't, like the mirror, shower tile, and glass.

It also has a removable storage bin with enough room for full-size bottles of shampoo, conditioner, body wash, face soap, and a comb or brush. So, if you don't have enough space in your shower or in the bathroom itself, this organizer will come in handy.

You can also use regular Command hooks to hang shower caddies on your shower walls, wire boxes on the side of the cabinet, or a wire spice rack under the sink. When it comes to getting your bathroom organized, Command hooks give you endless possibilities.

One of the easiest ways to get organized is to invest in a few Command hooks and a few of their other specific products. You don't have to get out any tools, you can easily move the hooks if you need to or remove them completely when you move without damaging your walls and doors.

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