When your living space needs some extra flare, a great way to spice things up is adding a room divider. Room dividers can make a huge difference in either your kitchen, dining or living rooms, however, buying a room divider and lugging it around just to set it up at home can be a trying task. Save yourself the stress and DIY your next room divider! Check out our DIY room divider ideas below.

Why You Need A Room Divider

Room dividers, also known as room partitions, create beautiful aesthetics by turning single-room spaces into double spaces by providing separation and privacy. Room dividers break up space and make it more appealing. Studio apartments and large rooms can greatly benefit from using room dividers. In studio apartments, room dividers can help create a kitchen or dining space as well as a living room or separating your bedroom from the rest of the floor plan. Large living rooms can be divided up to create new spaces through room dividers. Making your own room divider is easy and fairly inexpensive.

Hanging Macrame Divider

Macrame is already a trendy home decor, why not use it as a room divider as well? This coarse textile is made from knotting threads or cords and helps make a room feel more cozy. It's easy to DIY your own macrame divider. It doesn't completely close off the space, but adds a subtle divide of privacy. There are also other ways to incorporate macrame into your interior design.

Jute Rope Divider

Another unique and cozy alternative for a room divider involves using jute rope. Jute rope is super simple to make and the materials are inexpensive. Jute rope is available at hardware stores as well as craft and hobby stores. To DIY this room divider, secure wooden plates on the floor and ceiling and then simply thread the rope between them. Like macrame, this divider won't completely block things off but it will subtly separate spaces.

shutters used as a room divider

Shutter Divider

If you come across old shutters at a garage sale, or if you happen to have some you'd like to repurpose, they make perfect room dividers. You can paint and stain the shutters to better fit your interior aesthetic but, ultimately, this DIY room divider is pretty easy to make.

Book Shelf Divider

If you're a book nerd, like myself, this one is perfect for you. Also, if you already have a book shelf (or two, or three...) around, this is one easy room divider to makeshift. If you don't have a book shelf handy, you can either build your own or find one to up-cycle. Simply turn your book cases away from laying flat against the wall. This can also be used to create perfect reading nooks!

Lath Board Divider

Lath boards already have their own interesting aesthetic, adding them to your room as a divider can only enhance your home decor. Lath boards are typically used as a base for wet plaster coating in traditional construction when homes are built. Using lath boards adds some homey flare to your room.

Yarn Divider

Recycle an old room divider by creating a more open alternative through a yarn divider. Simply, remove the cloth or fabric originally used as the divider and then string a pattern along in colors that fit your room's aesthetic. It opens up a room while simultaneously creating a new space.

Wood Divider

If you happen to have wooden beams left over from a previous project, this is another great use for them. Stain or paint your leftovers and use them to add a rustic look to your room. If you have wood pallets, they also make for great impromptu room dividers. Simply, attach the pallets after staining/painting them to your liking and set them up in the room you would like to divide.

Retro Divider

Perhaps you have a themed room in your house or are going for a retro aesthetic but, regardless, recycling old records to create a room divider is a great idea. String the records together with fishing line and attach them to a board to hang from the ceiling. Maybe don't string your favorite records together, though.

Barn Door Divider

This room divider doubles as a sliding door. You can build your own barn door or recycle one, but attaching it to a rod and having it slide allows it to physically close off rooms. When not used to close off rooms, it adds flare and takes up enough wall space so that you don't have to worry about other decorations.

Hanging Window/Frosted Window

Another great reusable/recycled item to add flare to your home is using a hanging window as a room divider. You can either leave the window panels in, take them out, or place frosted covers on them. Leaving the panels or taking them out allows you to see into the other side of the room while still creating a divide. Adding a frosted look to the hanging window closes both rooms of more. Either way, a fairly easy DIY!

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