Mother's Day is around the corner and the time has come to plan special something for that wonderful woman in our lives. Nothing celebrates the spirit of motherhood more than an organized brunch with all the wonderful people in her life. Planning a mother's day brunch takes a bit of work but the payoff of seeing her reaction to a wonderful meal and good company will be immeasurable. Peek these steps on how to throw the best Mother's Day brunch that will show any mother the appreciation she deserves!

The Brunch Location

an empty banquet event hall

When picking a location to host the brunch, there are two crucial factors to think about:

  1. How many people are showing up?
  2. Is the location easy for everyone to get to (especially for the woman of the hour)?

If you're hosting an intimate party with only a few people, hosting brunch at your home or Mom's home is always an option -- finding someone with a fairly spacious house and a nice backyard will do wonders in terms of fitting the appropriate amount of people while saving you a nice dime.

If you expect there to be a large group of people coming to celebrate the dear sweet mother, finding a venue such as an event hall will yield great results. If you plan on looking at a space to rent out, it's important to take into account the size, location, parking situation and perhaps most importantly -- the cost!

When letting people know about the date, it's a nice touch to have most, if not all of the people show up a little bit earlier than when Mom is supposed to arrive -- this adds a surprise element to the brunch, as well as letting people sign any cards or posters to gift to the woman of the hour.

The Brunch Menu

a fresh plate of eggs benedict and homefries

Getting a list of everyone who will be attending is vital for the next step -- selecting the brunch menu! Regardless you choose to make all the dishes yourself or you have everyone bring a dish potluck style, it's important to shape a brunch menu that is both diverse in dishes and flavor, while also catering to the dietary needs and allergies of all the guests. If you do a potluck, be sure to communicate with everybody so that you get a healthy balance of appetizers, fruits, main dishes and dessert items. If you make everything yourself, make sure to pay extra attention to your guests who may have allergies to certain foods or if they have restrictions such as vegetarians, vegans or those on a sugar-free diet.

Drinks are just as important as the food! On top of the classic orange and apple juices, coffee and water, the alcoholic beverages make that Mother's Day brunch a hoot and a half -- try and get some mimosas in the mix as well!

Prepare For Brunch Battle!

a table full of brunch tables

You've got the date, location and menu set -- now it's time to get the place dolled up!

Make sure you provide the silverware, napkins, cups and glasses, plates and napkins for every guest. It never hurts to have more of each than necessary. Also, make sure you have plenty of serving utensils such as tongs, ladles, slotted spoons and serving spoons so that any and all dishes will have the appropriate serving tool -- you want everything to be as painless as possible so that everyone can focus on enjoying the brunch!

Once you've got the necessities down, you can think about how to want to decorate in preparation for Mom. You don't have to get too fancy, but some nice tablecloths and perhaps some Mother's Day theme napkins and coasters will go a long way. If you can get a "Happy Mother's Day" banner, that's icing on the cake. Otherwise, just keep it simple and maybe get a gift basket together along with a card that everyone at the party can sign. The brunch and time spent with loved ones is the real gift for Mom -- anything else you add is just gravy.

Mother's Day Brunch Done Well

dinner table full of loving friends

Once you have everything in motion, all that's left is enjoying your brunch and celebrating Mother's Day with that special lady! It requires a little bit of planning and communication is key -- you want to make sure everyone is clear on the date and time, and for a potluck, you want to make sure everyone brings something different so the menu is balanced and there's something for everybody. Bring all the essentials and decorate if you want to add some extra spice, but so long as you have the food, drinks and Mom, your Mother's Day Brunch is good to go!

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