Is pickle juice good for you? There are many claims out there that allege the health benefits of pickle juice -- that it's good for sunburns, keeps you hydrated, increases athletic performance, etc. -- but only a couple of these claims are proven to be true.

Benefits Of Pickle Juice

Pickle Juice Relieves Muscle Cramps

If you're an athlete, thwarting painful muscle cramps can be as easy as drinking pickle juice. According to a study, some athletes were given pickle juice in place of water at the onset of a muscle cramp. Those who drank pickle juice experienced quicker cramp relief, making it a more rapid cure.

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Pickle Juice May Reduce Blood Sugar

According to a study in the Journal of Diabetes Research, small doses of vinegar consumed after a meal may help regulate blood sugar levels. Pickle juice contains a high amount of vinegar, therefore drinking pickle juice after a meal can help maintain a healthy blood sugar level.

Pickle Juice Goes Great In Recipes

Aside from drinking pickle juice, the brine is a great additive in many different recipes. There are numerous ways you can use it -- seasoning meats, making salad dressings and adding zest to nearly anything. So before you throw out the excess pickle juice you have lying around, brainstorm ways you can use it in your cooking.

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Ways To Use Pickle Juice

Use Pickle Juice In Bloody Marys

If you love the tart and tangy taste of pickles, you'll love sipping a cold Bloody Mary at brunch. There are numerous different recipes to make this zesty tomato juice drink, and some call for a generous dose of pickle juice. For an extra pickle taste, garnish the drink with a slice of a dill pickle or cornichon.

Pickle Juice Shots

A pickleback is when you chase a shot of whiskey with a shot of pickle juice. The pickle juice neutralizes the burn and taste of the whiskey, making it easy to down shots. It was invented in Austin, Texas, in 2005 and has grown in popularity worldwide -- particularly in Aberdeen, Scotland.

Brine Food With Pickle Juice

Instead of throwing out your used pickle juice, simply reuse it. There are a ton of different foods you can pickle -- pickles, beets, carrots, herring, eggs, fruit, etc. Pickling prolongs the food's lifespan through fermentation, making a delicious treat that you can keep for months.

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Pickle Juice Marinade

When it comes to tenderizing and flavoring chicken, steak or any other meat, pickle juice might be the easiest way to do so. The salty concoction makes for a delicious marinade -- simply let your meat of choice soak in the brine for a few hours before cooking.

Pickle Juice Vinaigrette

Leftover pickle juice can easily be used in place of vinegar for brining and flavoring, and this substitution is especially tasty when mixed into a salad dressing. Pickle juice vinaigrette is a delicious, tangy and light dressing that goes great on top of any salad.

Pickle Juice Barbecue Sauce

Add some zest to your barbecue sauce by tossing in some pickle juice. You can use it in many different recipes, but this raspberry hot barbecue sauce is a unique and flavorful mixture, and the smooth sauce goes great with any grilled meats. Serve it at your next barbecue.

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