Tailgating parties call for some serious snacks! With fall comes football, and football fans are notorious tailgaters. They like to make the most of their weekend events, and to fuel their fandom, they need filling and delicious snacks.

Make the best of your game day with a premade array of fun and yummy recipes for the perfect tailgating food and even drinks. You can make all of these snack ideas at home and take them along on the road. Or you can bring your mini grill and get to charring.


Trail Mix Brownies

A tray of trail mix brownies.

Every tailgating party deserves a dessert that everyone will love. You'll be combining a tailgating favorite, brownies, with trail mix. These are not your ordinary brownies. Just be sure to warn your friends about the nuts these trail mix brownies contain in case any of them have a nut allergy.

Salted Caramel Cheesecake Squares

Cheesecake squares on a plate.

This is no ordinary cheesecake. It's a bite-sized version with a yummy caramel appeal. This recipe makes about 24 squares, so If you're in charge of desserts for your tailgating party then you're in luck. They're easy to make, but the process does take up a good chunk of time so you may want to make these the night before.

Fried Pies

Mini fried pies for tailgating.

Everyone loves a good pie. What's better than pie? Little individual pies, of course! These show that you put a lot of thought and work into your tailgating party. Plus, they take about two hours to make. The recipe was created to make anywhere from 8 to 10 pies. So, be sure that you make enough for everyone to enjoy. You can also switch up the fillings that you use based on your friends' preferences.

Chocolate, Chocolate Chip Cookies

A plate of chocolate cookies.

That's right, double the chocolate and double the fun. These cookies take ordinary chocolate chip cookies to the next level. These are great for tailgating parties, and beyond. If you've ever wanted to make cookies from scratch, this is the perfect recipe to get started with.

Tasty Applesauce Cake

A pan of applesause cake.

When you think fall, you think apple picking. So, incorporate your yummy apples into your tailgating party dessert line up. You can use your favorite types of apples to recreate this cake. Cakes are a very low maintenance go-to food. You can quickly cut them into small squares to ensure that there's enough for everyone.

Caramel Popcorn

A batch of caramel popcorn.

For those official snackers, take your popcorn to the next phase of deliciousness. Make a batch of homemade caramel popcorn for the win. It's very easy to make, and everyone will love that it's homemade rather than store bought. You can even melt some chocolate and drizzle it on top to make the most of this recipe.

Gooey Butter Cake

A slice of yummy butter cake up close.

Skip the grocery store, this easy to follow recipe for gooey butter cake will leave your friends wanting more dessert. You'll never want to buy a pound cake again after trying this recipe, and your friends will probably constantly request this as a tailgating must-have.

Avalanche Bars

Homemade avalanche bars.

These bars aren't just scrumptious, but they also include a lot of ingredients that most people love. It's a winning dessert option if you have a lot of people to please. This recipe does include the use of peanut butter, so be sure to warn your friends in case any of them have a peanut allergy. Granola bars will never be the same again.

Funfetti Cake Cheese Ball

A standard cheese ball.

There are different versions of making cheese balls, however, this may be the most bright and flamboyant one yet. I dare you to try and not smile at your finish product. It's almost to pretty eat. Pair this cheese ball with vanilla wafers and graham crackers and you're good to go.


Beer Punch

Blueberry beer punch in a glass.

Tailgating always calls for a yummy drink. Instead of the standard go-to beer, go for a sweet and fresh beer punch instead. You can easily prep this at home and make the beer punch later on so it's fresh. One drink is half a can or bottle of beer, so be sure you get a final countdown for your tailgating party.

Spiked Lemonade

Glasses filled with spiked lemonade.

Sweet lemonade with an extra kick to get you ready for the big game. This is a very easy recipe to follow. Plus, you can use it for so many other events. You can bourbon, or another liquor of your choice.

Sangria Ice Pops

Sangria ice pops with fruit.

Forget the popsicles, once you try this sangria ice popsicle recipe, you'll never go back. This is a fun take on a traditional drink. All you need is red wine, fruit juice, and chopped up fruit. Seeing as this is a frozen treat, you'll want to create these pops the night before and keep them in the cooler.

Bloody Mary

Blended tomatoes for your bloody mary.

The classic Bloody Mary deserves fresh ingredients. In place of brunch, you'll be sipping these at tailgating party instead. Fresh lemon juice and tomatoes will go a long way, and you'll friends will surely be impressed.

Blue and Gold Punch

A colorful cocktail.

Add a little color to your tailgating festivities with a fun and colorful drink. There is a specific technique to getting your colors not to mix here, but it's a very amusing cocktail that your friends will find delicious and mesmerizing. The traditional recipe calls for tequila, but you can of course customize the recipe to fit your tastes.

Jungle Juice

A cup of jungle juice.

Create one of the most popular drink recipes known for its fruity taste. If you and your friends aren't big on drinking, but are tired of the basic beer, then you'll love the jungle juice recipe. The trick is using a fruit flavored liquor. You can pre-make a big batch of this at home take it with you to your next destination in a large cooler.


Light and Layered Taco Dip

Light and layered taco dip all ready.
Brent Hofacker/Shutterstock

Everyone loves eating their chips with a good dip. This recipe, in particular, is a favorite since it's ground turkey rather than ground beef, and reduced-sodium ingredients. It's still delicious while also being healthier than the traditional layered dip. It will surely become one of your favorite tailgating appetizers. You can choose to use or forgo the jalapenos as well, depending on whether or not you want this dip to have a little spice. Make sure you get different kinds of chips to enjoy this dip with.

Pizza Burgers

A cheesy burger just made.

It's time to put a spin on the conventional burger. There's nothing wrong with burgers, but this is a more creative way to mix up a classic tailgating recipe. A good way to pull this off is by bringing along your own toppings as a side offering for you and your friends. Think pepperoni, mushrooms, onions---what you'd usually use to top off your favorite pizza.

Veggie Kebabs with a Lemon-Scallion Vinaigrette

A dish of vegetable kebabs.

Who says you can't enjoy a healthy meal during a tailgate? These kebabs go hand in hand with your delicious burgers, hot dogs, or dip. These are easy to prep and make, and the vinaigrette is a zesty option for your friends. This is also a great way to include your vegetarian friends in your tailgate menu options.

Chili Mac

A plate of chili mac.

This recipe combines two fall favorites, mac and cheese, and chili. This is a filling a tasty option if you have a big crowd to feed. Plus, it's an updated spin on a possibly boring recipe. You get your fill of meat and noodles to keep you filled up throughout the game.

Mini Muffulettas

The innards of a muffuletta.

No more boring sandwiches. A mini muffuletta is a tasty way to split your food with your friends. You can premake these the night before and hit the road in the morning. You can make them in just 20 minutes.

Grilled Salsa

A plate of chips with salsa.

If a good dip just isn't up your alley, then try this easy to prepare salsa recipe. Instead of chips, serve it with pork rinds. It's a simple recipe with tons of flavor.

Grilled Philly Cheesesteaks

A fullsize Philly cheesesteak.

If you plan on bringing along your portable grill, then it would be a mistake to not make Philly cheesesteaks. Bring a cast iron skillet with you, and the ingredients, and you're all set. Bring on the meat and the good times. You can also bring mini rolls to ensure that everyone can have some.

Smokin' Sweet Chicken Wings with Cherry Barbecue Glaze

A nice plate of fresh chicken wings.

What's a game without wings? Forget your everyday chicken wing recipe. The fun glaze for this plays with your taste buds and makes you feel like you're indulging in a fancier meal than reality. You can never go wrong with wings.

Game-Day Pork and Black Bean Chili

A bowl of chili in the making.

Chili seems to be a game-day staple, so why not switch up this recipe a bit? Instead of beef, use pork, and instead of chili and/or kidney beans, use black beans. There's plenty of things you can add to this recipe as well like avocado, sour cream, cheese, etc. Plus, bacon lovers can rejoice as this recipe calls for a couple of strips of bacon as well.

Black Pepper Jerky

Jerky on a white background.

Classic jerky is not going to make the cut at your tailgating party. Add an extra dose of bold flavor with cracked peppercorn and a delicious marinade. Impress the crowd with your flavorful skills.

Cheesy Buffalo Chicken Dip

A bowl of buffalo chicken cheese dip.

If your crowd just adores buffalo chicken, then they're in for a special treat. A cheesy, yummy dip with the flavor they crave is exactly what they need. Pair it with blue corn chips, or something healthier like bits of celery. Either way, this dip is sure to become an instant crowd pleaser.

Cheesy Crockpot Chicken and Dumplings Recipe with Canned Biscuits

A plate of cheesy dumplings.

It's time to put your crockpot to good use. This recipe is a lot simpler than you think. Plus, it's a great comfort food that your friends will surely appreciate. If some of your friends are vegetable lovers, then you're in luck. This dish has plenty of veggies plus chicken.

Chipotle Quesadillas with Minty Mango Salsa

Fresh quesadillas on a skillet.

If your friends crave buttery quesadillas then this is a great dish you can cook on your portable grill. Just bring along your skillet with all of the premade ingredients. It's an easy dish that looks like you put more effort into it than you actually did. And the mango salsa is just the cherry on top of a delicious game-day.

Pig Skin Cheese Ball

Fresh bacon cooking.

How about a delectable dish with a pun? This pig skin cheese ball will definitely get everyone in a game-day mood. You can't go wrong with bacon and cheese. Pair this with some crackers or sliced vegetables, and you've got the perfect snack. It will show off your creative skills as well as your ability to make an awesome dish.

Bacon Wrapped Shrimp Jalapeno Poppers

Bacon wrapped jalapeno poppers ready for the oven.

Jalapeno poppers are an expected snack for sports games. This recipe puts a very delicious twist on it. You can make these beforehand in the oven, or on your grill the day of the big game. Warning: this dish will go quick so be sure to make plenty for your friends.

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