Housewarming parties, birthdays, anniversaries, and potlucks are just a few of the examples that call for a plate of desserts. Just about every one of us has a recipe that we turn to that we've nailed over the years and excites guests. But when we're not the only person bringing something sweet to eat it's hard for our treats to not get lost in the shuffle. Leftover cookies and slabs of cake are usually given back to us or stored in someone's fridge until they're discarded. So how do we stand out with something that's still delicious and won't possibly have any leftovers? Make mini versions of your favorite dessert!

Super Easy Mini Desserts

Brownie Bites

a hand reaching for mini brownies on a tray

Okay, as far as mini desserts go brownie bites are an immediate hit. They're easily one of the quickest and foolproof recipes on this list and they're irresistible for guests. They might not be the most unique thing you can bring, but that's where your creativity comes in. There are lots of variations to brownie bites that you can do to make things your own. For example, fall is coming soon and you can make pumpkin infused brownies for a spicy take on things.

Mini Caramel Apples

mini caramel apples on a platter

The caramel apple is one of those desserts we all love to indulge in when the cooler weather rolls around. It's pretty hard not to think of our youth or to not have fun when we're making them as adults. Mini caramel apples will allow you to be just as creative as the full-size version does because you can still use a variety of toppings. You can still drizzle chocolate over them, roll them in peanuts, sprinkles, or candy. The mini kind is just a little cuter.

Mini Lemon Bundt Cakes

6 mini lemon bundt cakes on a wood cutting board

Bundt cakes on their own are time-consuming, so baking a dozen mini ones might sound like another daunting task. But these mini lemon bundt cakes only take about 15 minutes to make and still hold all the flavor of the original. Plus, how impressive would it be to say you made mini cakes?

It's also worth noting that bundt cakes don't need to stop at lemon flavoring. You can make chocolate bundt cakes or red velvet cakes for mini desserts. One of the great things about this recipe is that you can make whichever flavor is best for your tastes.

Scotch Truffles

mini truffles on a table

Scotch? Check. Truffles? Check. A killer mini dessert? Check. These mini scotch truffles mix the chocolatey goodness we all know and love with the bite of scotch for a dessert everyone will love. This is also another one of those mini desserts that will allow you garnish them however you like, making them ones you can brand as your own.

Mini Cheesecake

mini cheesecakes on a white plate

I know we already put bundt cakes on this list, but really who hates the person who brings cheesecake? Let alone, like, a dozen of them that we can have more than one of? Mini cheesecakes only take about 15 minutes of your time in the oven and fewer than ten ingredients, truly making it one of the easier recipes on this list.

Much like with the bundt cake, cheesecake is pretty versatile and there are hundreds of variations online that you can turn to. Want raspberry somewhere in there? Does chocolate cheesecake sound better than the traditional version? Do whichever one floats your boat.

Mini Eclairs

5 mini eclairs on a doily on a table

No one said that mini desserts needed to be super simple. Sometimes we're looking for something a little more complicated to either test our baking skills or simply because we want to wow everyone who will see our creations. In that case, mini eclairs are the way to go. These little guys might take a bit longer to make and require a bit more finesse, but the end result will be more than worth it.

Mini Banana Splits

a banana split on a white plate on top of a table

Indulging in a banana split over the summer is one of those memories we cherish during the colder seasons. Why not bring everyone back to the glory days of summer and make these mini versions of our go-to ice cream treat? You can't go wrong walking in with baby banana splits. The only thing you really need to worry about with this one is the decorations melting. These might be best to make if you have people coming over, not if you're going somewhere.

Mini Cupcakes

mini cupcakes up close on a white surface

Another classic mini dessert that you can't go wrong with is the traditional cupcake. They might not be the easiest to decorate when they're miniature, but making them will be a breeze and you can always change up the frosting flavors and colors to make things pop a bit more. Mini cupcakes are also one of those desserts that are good for those who aren't the greatest bakers.

Tiramisu Shots

a glass of tiramisu on a table

I'm not sure I know anyone who doesn't like tiramisu. For those a little more comfortable in the chef's hat, mini tiramisu is a great little dessert you can bring to parties or make for guests. They don't require a ton of time or a lot of ingredients either, which is part of what makes them so great.

Mini Apple Crumbles

mini apple crumble on a white plate next to a mug

With fall just around the corner, we should pay homage to the season's best desserts, even when they're mini. Apple crumble is one of those treats that seems to close dozens of Thanksgiving dinners and with good reason. But when you're pressed for time, making mini apple crumbles will only take you about seven minutes. We think that's something else to be thankful for this year.

Cannoli Bites

mini cannolis on a plate

Biting into a cannoli welcomes a medley of delicious flavors that gets our mouths watering. So, why not make tiny versions of cannolis that are just as tasty? These only take a few hours to make and you can add lots of different garnishes to them to jazz them up. Add chocolate chips or sprinkles for fun additions that make them stick out from the rest.

Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies

mini chocolate chip cookies on a cutting board

Alright, chocolate chip cookies are the farthest thing from original, but they're a classic. Every one of us seems to have a recipe passed down from our grandparents and that's to keep the tradition alive. That's also exactly why you should bring mini chocolate chip cookies to your next gathering. You can also make vegan versions to accommodate everyone.

Mini Doughnuts

a plate filled with a dozen mini doughnuts

If you're anything like me, you know it's a bad idea to go near mini doughnuts. Those little guys just call our names and suck us in and the next thing you know, half the container is gone. Well, that's exactly why there won't be any leftovers. These delectable mini desserts are simple to make and will draw in all the guests.

Mini Chocolate Mousse

mini mousses on little spoons on a green background

Making chocolate mousse on its own is already simple enough so if you're looking for mini desserts that save time, mini mousses are the way to go. Mini chocolate mousse only takes about five minutes to make but you don't have to worry about them not being a good treat because hey, it's still a glass full of chocolate. Plus you can add various additions like peppermint to make things a bit different.

Mini Pies

mini pies on a white plate next to cinnamon sticks and a banana

This wouldn't be a proper dessert list without including pies. Having a pie at the table just seems to go with every holiday or season so there's never a bad time to bring them out. Miniature pies only take about an hour and a half to make and you can make whichever flavor you like best.

These mini desserts are some of the simplest and best ones to make depending on your skill in the kitchen. You'll no doubt be the hit of the party no matter which dessert you wind up bringing with you.

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