Planning a bumpin' party is one of the only ways to get all of your friends together. There's awesome music, tasty treats, and a to-die-for buffet of snacks and drinks that will keep everyone in the party mood. Skip the boring snacks and bottles of soda this year and spice things up with these incredible Halloween party drinks. And fear not, we know that not everyone drinks (and some of you have little ones running around) so we've thrown in some virgin beverages too.

Alcoholic Halloween Drink Ideas

Sweet Poison Cocktail

sweet poison cocktail on a table

This colorful treat pretty much doubles as a snack and drink all on its own. By mixing just a few different kinds of rum for color and five minutes of your time, you'll enjoy a delectable mix of pineapple and coconut. At least the flavors will bring you back to the glory days of summer, right?

Colour Changing Witch's Brew

2 colour changing witches brews

This drink is on the larger side, making it the perfect size for partygoers. Another knockout blend of various types of alcoholic and some honey will give you the purple and blue beverage your guests will die for. This is also another drink to transport you back to warmer weather since it calls for the inclusion of crushed ice.

Caramel Apple Cocktail

a caramel apple cocktail on a table

Caramel apples are a great Halloween treat to serve on their own, let alone incorporating them into a drink. A few simple ingredients allow you to transform the traditional snack into its own cocktail for guests to enjoy. It even comes complete with a fresh apple slice and the caramel flavor we all know in love.

Candy Corn Jello Shots

a candy corn jello shot on a table

Jello shots aren't the fastest beverage to make, but they're terrific Halloween drinks that double as a tasty treat. Grab some boxes of Jell-O and vanilla vodka to recreate the flavor of candy corn. What you'll be left with is a traditional Jello shot with an untraditional Halloween twist. Just be prepared to take a few hours out of your day before everything is ready to go.

Frog In A Blender

a frog in a blender martini on a table

Here's something you definitely shouldn't break out at a kid's party. Five minutes is all you need to prepare yourself a delicious blend of vodka and cranberry juice. Toss some lime in there to replicate the frog's pieces and give it a citric twist to really make things pop. Plus, who doesn't love the classic combo of vodka and cranberry juice?

Black Magic Martini

a black magic martini surrounded by cobwebs

Have you ever had a drink with edible pearl dust inside of it? Well, there's no time like the present. Whip up a few black magic martinis for shimmering black Halloween drinks that will match the aesthetic of your party beautifully. This recipe only needs five ingredients and two minutes before it's done - you really can't afford not to make it.

Grave Digger Cocktail

a person dressed as a witch holding a grave digger cocktail

With an already creepy name, this cocktail is sure to keep things spooky at the party. All you need is four ingredients and five minutes to bring this whiskey-infused beverage to the lips of parched guests. Who doesn't want to sip on a cocktail that expertly encapsulates all the fall season has to offer?

The Witch's Heart

two witch's heart martinis on a table

She may be a little intimidating, but you can still score the witch's heart. You'll need some grenadine, vodka, and apple brandy for this bewitching little brew and adding some powdered dry ice makes it look extra creepy. A deep purple martini served with berry garnish will lead to some sweet sipping.

Vampire's Kiss

a vampire's kiss drink on a table

Unless you're Bella Swan, no one really wants to be kissed by a vampire. There's no reason you can't indulge in a drink of the same name, however. This quick blend of raspberry booze and cranberry juice leaves you with a party drink guests will be lining up to try.

Zombie Shooter

Zombie shooter

Where would this collection of Halloween drinks be without the mention of zombies? This creative little item encourages you to create the shape of a brain at the bottom of the glass using Bailey's and a straw. The end result is a disgusting-looking concoction that will taste better than expected.

Non-Alcoholic Halloween Drink Ideas

Black Halloween Punch

black halloween punch in a glass bowl

No host wants to sit behind the bar and prepare drinks all night. There's mingling to do and hey, you threw the whole thing so why not enjoy it? Punch is a classic drink that can be left for guests to indulge in themselves. Different sodas mix to make this brew look darker than normal and the ice hand adds an extra spooky touch. It's also a perfect beverage for a kid's party.

Pumpkin Milkshakes

two pumpkin milkshakes on a cookie sheet next to black licorice

Just because the weather is nippier doesn't mean that people will turn their backs on a good milkshake. Bring the classic pumpkin flavor into the mix and you've got a great non-alcoholic drink to offer guests. Not to mention, this is a recipe that yields quite a few servings so you'll be able to keep batches of guests happy while you make the rest.

Easy Halloween Drink

four easy halloween drinks on a table

Let's face it: sometimes we don't have the time to get together all the ingredients for different drinks, especially when we have all the other party details to worry about. This recipe have you covered for an easy drink you can make without the hassle. Get the soda and marshmallow peeps out because that's all you need to make this kid-friendly beverage a hit.

Floating Eyeball Jello Shots

floating eyeball jello shots

Who said jello shots were only for adults? Okay, so the fun kind might be reserved for us, but kids can hop in on the excitement too with these shots containing gummy eyeballs. It'll take a little longer to make than some others, but once it's all done you'll be staring at a drink that dares to stare right back at you.


two mugs of butterbeer on a table

Adult, child, it doesn't matter. The world of Harry Potter has been with millions of us since it was first introduced and we're bringing Harry to the party. Getting together butterbeer is not only a heartfelt way to capture the whimsy we all fell in love with, but it can be served to all guests as a way to let them relive their favorite part of childhood.

Cemetery Slime Punch

cemetery slime punch in a bowl next to two cups

Punch is just one of those traditional Halloween party drinks you can't do without, especially when you have a ton of friends over or you're entertaining children. Make your guests squirm with this special punch that's crawling with gummy worms and mimics sludge. The root beer floating to the top will make this drink that doesn't look as appetizing as it will taste.

Slow Cooker Cider

slow cooker cider in a slow cooker with oranges floating in it

Just like the Jello shots, making a good batch of cider is going to take some time. Bring out the slow cooker and just a few additional ingredients to make a smooth drink sure to warm everyone to the core. You'll be able to capture those spicy fall flavors with some cinnamon, cloves, and allspice as well. Plus, brewing it slowly in the cooker will keep things nice and cozy by the time everyone gets to it.

Bloody Shirley Temples

bloody shirley temples in glasses

The Shirley Temple was already a well-known drink that was safe for kids and those who preferred something on the virgin side. Well, it's time to give them a Halloween twist by squirting some red grenadine into syringes to make them look scarier than normal. You only need a few other ingredients to bring this classic to life and keep guests howling for more.

Magic Potion Punch

magic potion punch on a table

This drink is a twist on punch itself as its made individually to really drive home the look of it all. You just need four ingredients to bring this little non-alcoholic Halloween party drink to the table for everyone to enjoy. A quick trick with this brew is the powdered grape Jell-O that makes the final product look particularly spooky and perfect for your party.

Pumpkin Spiced Hot Chocolate

pumpkin hot chocolate in a white mug

Really, what's the fall without a good mug of hot chocolate? Let's not forget that we're smack dab in the middle of Halloween, though, because that's where the pumpkin comes in. If you have younger ones around the house or friends who prefer non-alcoholic drinks then this spice-infused hot chocolate is the way to go.

I know your head is probably spinning from sifting through all these different options, but settling on a good Halloween party drink doesn't need to be a huge task. Go with what you think will keep your guests entertained and what you think best matches the look and feel of your party. There's something in here for everyone so don't sweat it. Your party will no doubt be a success!

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