Give your guests a little luck of the Irish this Saint Patrick's Day with any of these 16 delicious traditional Irish foods for your festive get-together. Our list includes a variety of hearty main courses, warm side dishes, and sweet Irish desserts. Serve it up with some Guinness and finish the evening off with some strong Irish coffee, guaranteed to get anyone into the Saint Patty's Day spirit!

Saint Patrick's Day Main Dishes

1. Corned Beef And Cabbage

corned beef and cabbage

No Saint Patrick's Day celebration would be complete without the classic boiled corned beef and cabbage dinner. Our corned beef brisket is simmered in a white wine and chicken broth for a lighter and brighter flavor. This hearty meal is best served alongside holiday vegetable favorites like potatoes, carrots, onions, and, of course, the iconic boiled cabbage.

2. Bangers And Mash

bangers and mash

Although not quite as popular as tender corned beef and cabbage, this dish is still 100 percent Irish. This rustic, hearty bangers and mash recipe from Williams Sonoma calls for simple sausages over creamy homemade potato mash topped with a savory red wine onion gravy.

3. Irish Shepherd’s Pie

irish shepards pie

If you're looking for an alternative to corned beef and cabbage, look no further! Irish shepherd's pie is a perfect choice for your Saint Patrick's Day celebration. Featuring creamy mashed potatoes topped with ground beef seasoned with Guinness and dark chocolate, the Irish American Mom's recipe boasts some serious comfort.

4. Dublin Coddle

dublin coddle

For those chilly Saint Patrick's Day celebrations, stay in and cozy up with a warm bowl of Dublin coddle, a marvelous Irish stew. Like American beef stew, Dublin coddle contains potatoes and gravy, but it often has sausage, pork, or bacon as the meat. This Dublin coddle by Wholefully is cooked in a Dutch oven and contains pork sausages, bacon, and potatoes in an aromatic gravy of Guinness and broth.

Saint Patrick's Day Side Dishes

5. Irish Boxty

irsh boxty

In search of traditional Irish breakfast or brunch ideas for this Saint Patrick's Day? Irish boxty, or Irish potato pancakes, are delicious! Made from mashed potatoes and grated potatoes, Irish boxty goes wonderfully with eggs and bacon and is the perfect way to jump-start your festivities. Whip up Christina's classic potato pancakes before heading out to the parade!

6. Boston Baked Beans

baked beans

Chowhound's baked beans are slow cooked in sweet molasses with salty bacon and a splash of rum. These sweet and savory beans are closely associated with the city of Boston, home to many Irish-Americans. The first Saint Patrick's Day celebration held on American soil took place in Boston in 1737.

7. Irish Soda Bread

soda bread

For many, nothing is more traditional on Saint Patrick's Day than a plate of corned beef and cabbage with a warm slice of Irish soda bread. Here at Oola, we offer a simple, authentic Irish soda bread consisting of only four ingredients: flour, baking soda, salt, and buttermilk. This mildly flavored traditional loaf will be the perfect accompaniment to any festive Irish meal.

8. Irish Brown Bread

irish brown bread

Irish brown bread is made with the ingredients in Irish soda bread, but the brown bread also includes whole wheat flour, oats, and molasses. The molasses in Irish brown bread gives this traditional loaf a subtly sweet flavor. In days past, whole wheat flour was cheaper than white flour, so brown bread was popular in Ireland. Try your hand at this classic Irish brown bread from Analida's Ethnic Spoon.

9. Colcannon


Colcannon is a popular mashed potato dish composed of creamy, buttery potatoes, blanched kale, and scallions. This traditional Irish food is bursting with springtime flavor, and it is so delicious that you may find yourself preparing it year-round. Try making this colcannon recipe from Boulder Locavore.

10. Champ


If you like your mashed potatoes on the simpler side, champ may be the way to go. Like colcannon, champ is a popular mashed potato dish, but you'll only find scallions and plenty of warm butter in a bowl of champ.

11. Potato Leek Gratin

potato leek gratin

Potato leek gratin is an excellent choice for your holiday side. This simple dish is bursting with intense flavor! Layers of leek and potato are intertwined with melted Parmigiano-Reggiano and Gruyère and sprinkled with chives. Potato leek gratin would be the perfect accompaniment to corned beef if you were to skip out on the cabbage.

Saint Patrick's Day Desserts

12. Bread Pudding With Irish Whiskey

bread pudding with irish whiskey sauce

Finish your meal with a simple, old-fashioned dessert: Andrew Zimmern's classic bread pudding with an Irish twist. Cubed brioche is soaked in a rich, creamy whiskey custard, drizzled with a decadent Irish whiskey sauce, and sprinkled with cinnamon sugar.

13. Irish Potato Candies

irish potato candy

Irish potato candies are fun and unique treats that resemble potatoes. These sweet little baby spuds, however, don't contain any potato. Prepare a batch of these festive candies with just coconut, cream cheese, and sugar, and coat them in cinnamon or cocoa. This version of this quick and easy no-bake dessert comes from Sugar And Soul.

14. Apple Cake

apple cake

Fill your home with the heavenly scent of warm apple cake baking in the oven this Saint Patrick's Day. Apple cake is a traditional Irish food and would make the perfect ending to your celebratory feast. The Kitchen McCabe's recipe features a tender cake with a sugary crust, bursting with juicy tart apples. Drizzle your slice of apple cake with warm vanilla custard.

15. Sticky Toffee Pudding Cake

sticky toffee pudding cake

Sticky toffee pudding cake is as traditional as they come in regard to Irish desserts. Enjoy this moist and rich date cake enrobed in a sticky butterscotch toffee sauce. This classic pudding cake is simple to prepare and is bound to add some luck to your Saint Patrick's Day celebration. The recipe for this irresistible sticky treat comes from House of Nash Eats.

16. Baileys Irish Cream Chocolate Mousse

baileys irish cream chocolate mousse

This Baileys Irish cream chocolate mousse by Supergolden Bakes is a velvety smooth chocolate dessert worthy of any chocolate lover's heart. Light, smooth, and made from cream, eggs, and chocolate, this delicate treat would make a splendid ending to your holiday feast.

Raise your glass on March 17 to the patron saint of Ireland; everyone is Irish on Saint Patrick's Day! Prepare a traditional Irish feast and fill your year with luck, happiness, and faith. Our list of festive dishes will help you create a menu to your tastes that will impress and delight your guests.

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