We all have something to be proud of when it comes to our home states, and food is no exception. From Alabama to Wyoming, these are the top food items and snacks from each state. Have you tried what your state is known for? Do you carry the same pride that we do for our home state? Let's find out!

salmon fillet and salad

Alabama: Cheese Grits

Cheesy. Creamy. What more could you want? Alabama may be in hot water right now, but at least they will always have their cheese grits.

Alaska: Salmon

It's not a shocker that Alaska prides themselves on their salmon, they do have some of the best salmon out there! Salmon is packed with Omega-3 Fatty Acids and is delicious. Give salmon a try for your next meal.

a plate of nachos

Arizona: Mexican Food

Wide variety, but widely deserved. Arizona tops the chart when it comes to burritos, nachos, tacos, and all the goods.

Arkansas: Cheese Dip

CHEESE IN DIP FORM. That's it, that's the description. Arkansas has a surprisingly wide variety of cheese dips. If this has your mouth watering, try making your own.

avocado toast

California: Avocado Toast

Alright, I get it. It's a "millennial" thing. But really, avocado toast IS good for you. You're not doing yourself any favors by avoiding this millennial trend. Give it a try!

Colorado: Rocky Mountain Oysters

Colorado folks swear it tastes like chicken. It's available as a popular appetizer choice. The saying "don't knock it til you try it" comes to mind as soon as you find out what Rocky Mountain Oysters really are, though.

hot lobster roll

Connecticut: Hot Lobster Rolls

Hot buttered lobster served in a toasted and buttered bread roll. Tasty. If you like lobster dinners along the coast, make Connecticut your next go-to spot!

Delaware: The Bobbie

Yup. A Thanksgiving-inspired sub sandwich! The dish features made-in-house shredded turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing, and mayo. If anything, it's a great idea for what to do with your thanksgiving leftovers this year.

peach cobbler with ice cream on top

Florida: Key Lime Pie

Key lime pie is possibly Florida's most famous dessert option. The best place to get it is in Key West, where there are just about a million places to choose from. But if a trip to the Keys isn't in the cards for you, this dessert is pretty easy to make at home as well.

Georgia: Peach Cobbler

Georgia is known for its peaches in general, but its peach cobbler is something out of this world. Nowhere else can you get this sweet, syrupy, warm dish and have it taste just as fresh than in Georgia!

roasted potatoes with garlic and rosemary

Hawaii: The Hawaiian Plate

The plate lunch is an ideal Hawaiian meal. It's similar to Southern U.S. meat-and-threes, however, with the pan-Asian influence on Hawaiian cuisine and its roots being in the Japanese bento, the plate is very unique to Hawaii.

Idaho: Potatoes

I constantly crave potatoes. They are the reason we have french fries, tater tots and so much more. Next time you're chowing down on cheesy potatoes, remember to thank the great state of Idaho.

Italian beef sandwich

Illinois: Italian Beef Sandwiches

Italian Beef sandwiches, generally topped with giardiniera, are what Illinois brought to our table. There is fierce debate over which sandwich shop makes the best, but honestly you can't go wrong with any of your options.

Indiana: Hoosier Pie

Or better known as the Sugar Creme Pie. It's divine and as sweet as can be. This pie sure knows how to win over a crowd!

Iowa: Corn on the Cob

From fairs to the dinner table, corn on the cob is a summertime favorite! There are also so many ways you can make it. We recommend this one!

Kansas: Bread

Kansas isn't called the breadbasket for nothing. If you can put down endless rolls at a restaurant like myself, thank Kansas.

fried chicken

Kentucky: Fried Chicken

I'm not talking about the chain restaurant, although that is pretty good in its own way. I'm talking REAL fried goodness from the state of KENTUCKY! KFC in its true form. Delicious.

Louisiana: Jambalaya

Rice and meat combos are a top feature for Louisiana. Jambalaya is like a Cajun paella, with roots going back to when the Spaniards were in control of New Orleans in the late 1700s. Jambalaya was the Spaniards’ attempt at making paella, but since saffron wasn’t readily available, tomatoes became a cheap, flavorful substitute.

crab legs

Maine: Lobster

With arguably the best lobster out there, I'm jealous of everyone who lives in Maine.

Maryland: Crab

You could say I'm also crabby about not living in Maryland for their abundance in fresh and flavorful crab.

a bowl of clam chowder

Massachusetts: Clam Chowder

It's gotta be the chowdah. New England loves their clam chowder, but no other state does it like Massachusetts.

Michigan: Cherries

Fresh cherries all the time makes for some great cherry pie and other desserts. Way to go, Michigan

biscuits and gravy

Minnesota: Swedish Meatballs

Amazing, divine, delicious. The meatballs are made from ground beef, chopped onions and breadcrumbs and are served with gravy over mashed potatoes with lingonberry jam and pickled cucumbers on the side.

Mississippi: Biscuits and Gravy

Southern comfort at its finest. Treat yourself next time you're in Mississippi.

toasted ravioli

Missouri: Toasted Ravioli

Codename: t-ravs. As a proud Missourian, I can vouch. Toasted ravioli is one of a kind. They're technically fried, but they are exactly what they sound like: crispy, breaded ravioli. They’re typically filled with seasoned ground meat and served with marinara sauce, but throughout the state there are twists and variations. T-ravs will 100% become your new favorite appetizer.

Montana: Wheat Montana Cinnamon Rolls

I love a good cinnamon roll and Montana has the absolute best. This specific delicious treat originated in a small diner but can now be found throughout the state at stores.

shrimp cocktail

Nebraska: Runzas

Imagine some meaty, tasty deliciousness wrapped up inside a doughy pocket. A runza’s like that, yet so much more. Thank you, Nebraska.

Nevada: Shrimp Cocktail

It may be a Vegas staple, but the shrimp cocktail is something Nevada has made entirely its own.

salt water taffy

New Hampshire: Cider Donuts

Apples meet donuts in this beautiful combination from New Hampshire. Cider donuts are a sweet treat to have, especially on a crisp fall day.

New Jersey: Salt Water Taffy

Chewy, sweet, and something we all crave especially when we can't have it. Like when I had braces, this is all I wanted. New Jersey has a TON of flavors, you can't go wrong!


New Mexico: Chili Peppers

More specifically, green chili peppers. They're a force to be reckoned with. Plenty of flavor and spice for everything.

New York: Cheesecake

I. Love. Cheesecake. And New York's cheesecake goes above and beyond. Definitely a staple for the state.

pork skewers

North Carolina: BBQ Pork

BBQ is all over our nation in many shapes, sizes, and meats. North Carolina's BBQ pork, however, is a tough one to beat.

North Dakota: Bison Burgers

Spice things up with a bison burger while you're in North Dakota. It's made out of bison. It's also a healthier alternative, so I think it could be worth the try. (P.S. why is it called a hamburger if it's not made out of ham anyway?)

chicken fried steak

Ohio: Buckeyes

Peanut butter and chocolate, a beautiful duo. The way Ohio flaunts this combination is unique and yeah, I'm craving a buckeye right about now.

Oklahoma: Country Fried Steak

It may not be the healthiest option out there, but there's nothing wrong with some comfort food now and then. This is one of the best comfort foods out there and Oklahoma does this fan favorite justice.

philly cheesesteak

Oregon: Marionberry Pie

It's not the typical berry pie, but marionberry is sweet and tart and the perfect treat.

Pennsylvania: Cheesesteaks

What else did you expect? Philly cheesesteaks are one of a kind. Warm, gooey, cheesy, and delicious.

sweet tea

Rhode Island: Clam Cakes

You've heard of savory crepes, but have you heard of savory donuts? Well, you have now. Clam cakes are fried savory donuts. Interesting.

South Carolina: Sweet Tea

Oh yes. Southern sweet tea is incomparable. Refreshing on a hot summer day, or any day to be honest.

hot chicken

South Dakota: Kuchen

A doughy pastry paired with fruit and custard. Kuchen combines all my favorite dessert options. Give it a try for yourself next time you're in South Dakota.

Tennessee: Hot Chicken

This is not to be confused with fried chicken. Hot chicken is not to be messed with and will soon become your favorite. Doused in a cayenne-based paste, this spicy, crunchy delight will make you happier than a significant other ever could.

rainbow jello

Texas: Tex Mex

Mexican cuisine is delicious on its own, but Texas puts its own spin on it. Especially on queso. Tex Mex is a great spin on a classic cheese dip.

Utah: Jello

Hello, jello. This jiggly gelatin-based snack is a classic. Use it for parties, a sweet treat, or if you're recovering from dental surgery. Jello saved my life when I got my wisdom teeth taken out. Thanks, Utah!

maple syrup

Vermont: Maple Syrup

Pancakes, waffles, and all the breakfast foods wouldn't be the same with maple syrup. There's something about Vermont's maple syrup. Try it.

Virginia: Apples

Ok, yes, you can go to your local grocery store for generic apples but you should really go to Virginia to have some of their apples. They're delicious and the treats they can make with them are out of this world!


Washington: Oysters

Washington has fresh seafood galore. You can't go wrong with anything, but their oysters are a must. There's something about them that sets them apart from the rest.

West Virginia: Pepperoni Roll

Bread stuffed with pepperoni and cheese. Heavenly. Much appreciated, West Virginia.

wheels of cheese

Wisconsin: Cheese

My best frenemy. It's no surprise Wisconsin is known for its cheese. I wish I had accessibility to their cheese 24/7 but it's probably for the best that I don't.

Wyoming: Beef Jerky

Chewy, savory, and a great snack to pack for hikes and road trips. Say what, say what? Beef jerky, yeah it really work-y (thank you, Hannah Montana).

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