As Mother's Day approaches, it can be difficult to come up with the perfect gift for your mom. And as you spend time thinking and browsing stores and the web, time can pass quickly, and before you know it the holiday is only a few days away... and you're still present-less. What to do? Go DIY.

Clay Ring Dish

It's easy to make a cute little clay dish where your mom can store her rings and other jewelry. You can easily find oven-bake clay at a crafts supply store, and all you need to do is roll it out, shape it into a bowl and bake. After it's baked into its proper shape, add paint or glaze to make it pop.

Coffee Filter Flowers

These adorable coffee filter flowers will look stunning as a creative centerpiece for your Mother's Day brunch -- and they will never wilt. You need two coffee filters for each flower you make, tissue paper, pipe cleaners and watercolor paints to make this craft bloom.

Coffee Mug Holder

Is your mom a coffee connoisseur? Consider making her a cute holder so she can display and easily find her favorite mugs. Though there are tons of options for the shape, design and weight limit, the process is universal and simple -- screw in hooks for the mugs on the front, install a hook to hang it on the wall on the back, and voila.

coffee mugs hanging on wooden blue boards
Theeradech Sanin/Shutterstock

Colander Planters

This is a unique take on hanging planters that your mom will adore. All you need is a colander and some twine. The holes in the colander provide drainage to the plant, so keep this basket hanging outside to avoid a mess each time you water it.

Crochet Potholders

Making a potholder is a simple process that is a great exercise for beginner crocheters, so don't worry if you're not well-versed in the art form. If your mom loves to cook and bake, these homemade potholders would be a great, practical gift.

Homemade Bath Bombs

Though these homemade bath bombs require many ingredients and tools, they're simple and quick to make. However, be sure to plan ahead when making this -- each bath bomb requires hours of drying before they're ready to be gifted and used. If you can, leave them resting in the silicone molds for up to a day. These are also great additions to put into a spa-themed Mother's Day gift basket.

white bath bombs on white marble surface
Michelle Patrick/Shutterstock

Jewelry Holder

The jewelry holder is similar to the coffee mug holder but on a much smaller scale. Again, there are many different styles you can make your jewelry holder, but the process remains universal. Just screw in some hooks and add a hanging mechanism. This will make a cute place where your mom can organize her necklaces and bracelets.

Marbled Mugs

You can easily turn plain, boring white mugs into beautiful marbled cups by using a combination of nail polish and hot water. You mom will be sipping her hot drink of choice in style. Just be careful with using them -- these mugs are hand wash only.

Painted Mason Jar Vases

It's known that Mason jars make simplistic yet beautiful vases for holding a few stems of flowers, but you can up your mom's jar game by painting colorful designs onto them. Just grab some chalked paint and go to town. Painted mason jars are a great way for your mom to brighten up her space.

shelf of empty mason jars

Painted Wine Glasses

You don't have to be a gifted artist to make beautiful painted wine glasses. From a simple polka dot design to lettering to painting flower petals, your glass will look stunning and your mom will love sipping wine while admiring a piece of your art.

Pounded Flower Tote Bag

Though the finished product looks like the florals are painted on, there is no paint required to make this flower tote bag -- it is made completely with natural dyes. Soak the bag with alum powder and water, pick some brightly colored flowers, lay them onto the canvas and hammer them down. The alum solution will help the colors transfer from the plants to the tote. To keep the flowers in place and not obscure the print, tape them to the canvas with masking tape before hammering.

Stamped Tea Towels

Slice some citrus and, using multi-surface paint, brush the color onto the fruit half and stamp them onto the tea towel canvas. This simple process will make a beautiful, brightly colored patterned tea towel that your mom can use to add a splash of fun to the kitchen.

String Art

String art might look complex, but all you have to do is make a design, hammer in some nails and weave some bright yarn through them to create a pattern. You can make anything from hearts and flowers to a string art border framing a message or photograph, and your mom will hang it up immediately.

house string art on dark wood base

Teacup Candles

If your mom loves candles but owns everything from Yankee, give her a more personal gift by making your own candle in a cute teacup holder. Teacup candles are a bit complicated to make, so make sure you have all the necessary supplies and tools. Add your mom's favorite scent by mixing essential oils into the wax.

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