You might like to go out every weekend for drinks and a good meal, but after a while, that adds up. Having fun with your pals doesn't necessarily mean you need to spend tons of money. Here are some ways you and your friends can get the good times rollin' without emptying your checking accounts.

15 Things To Do With Friends

1. Host A Potluck Dinner

chicken and corn in a bowl with tongs beside salad and salsa

Putting together a good meal for your friends is a great way to save some dough. Everyone can bring a dish and be involved. Coordinate with your pals to prepare:

Some of your friends could bring bottles of wine, but it might be more fun to ask them for the equipment and ingredients to make your favorite cocktails. There's really no limit to what you and your friends can bring to the party!

2. Binge Watch A Series

a person holding the remote to a tv that says netflix

Going to the movies can be costly, and while everyone loves to watch a good film, sometimes there's nothing better than simply hunkering down on the couch for hours with your BFF. Thanks to online streaming services, you now have unlimited access to movies and shows. Research shows that people between the ages of 18 and 24 are binge watching the most, but no matter your age, you can enjoy a good Netflix session to save some money.

3. Plan A Cheap Travel Day

two girls walking on a sidewalk

The movies sure make traveling look easy. But in the real world, we can't up and leave everything to spend a week in Paris; things are expensive, and we're a little more responsible than that. That's why you should look into planning a free travel day. This kind of outing could include:

  • hiking trails through wooded areas or parks
  • a picnic in the park
  • a walk through the neighborhood or visit to an area you've always wanted to see

Aside from the good, inexpensive fun it can bring you and your friends, studies show that walking strengthens your bones and muscles and relieves stress. Wherever you choose to walk, 30 minutes per day is all you need to benefit.

4. Volunteer

Volunteer workers linking arms

Just because you're spending time with your friends doesn't mean you can't rally to do some good for the community. A lot of us don't like volunteering unless we're volunteering with friends, and that's exactly why it's such a wonderful option. Research volunteer opportunities near you, and gather up your friends to help give back. And hey, you never know -- you might just make some new friends there.

5. Start A Book Club

6 people reading in a circle

If you and your friends love to read, consider forming a book club together. You can set the pace based on your tastes and meet up once a month or every two weeks to gab about your new read over snacks and wine. This is another great way to keep your whole group involved. You can take turns picking the novel you want to read.

6. Host A Game Night

a close up shot of a board game piece

As fun as it is to visit local board game cafes, the fun and food cost money. Why not save your pennies and have everyone bring over their favorite game to play? We're not just talking about Clue or Guess Who? -- there are tons of adult board and card games out there that will keep everyone entertained. A few party favorites are:

  • Cards Against Humanity
  • Speak Out
  • Telestrations After Dark
  • Joking Hazard
  • Settlers Of Catan
  • Family Business

7. Have A Spa Night

a person resting with cucumbers on their eyes

Nothing beats being pampered. You and your pals deserve it! Instead of shelling out hundreds of dollars for fancy spa treatments, host a spa night at home. Give each other manicures and pedicures, try face masks together, and lounge around in comfy clothes. Some additional items that will make the night amazing are:

  • a great bottle of wine
  • the perfect playlist
  • scented candles

8. Visit Or Host A Yard Sale

a yard sale sign on a tree pointing off camera

Do you have some stuff to get rid of? Round up your friends and host an epic yard sale that will not only make you lots of money but will also clear out clutter. Decide who will host the big event, and have your friends gather the unwanted items lying around their homes. Just remember basic tips like:

  • Don't charge ludicrous prices
  • Not everything you have out there will sell
  • Stay open for at least a few hours to drum up business
  • Make signs and post them around town ahead of time

You could also hit up some local garage sales to see what sorts of treasures you and your besties can find.

9. Go For A Bike Ride

two women riding their bikes on a sidewalk

You could take a good long hike through the park or forest, but why not up the ante and bring your bike along? Do some research into the bike trails close to you or to your friends and take a refreshing ride along the beach, through a park, or on a quiet trail. Bike riding has many health benefits, allows you to explore your town, and is a fun way to get some fresh air.

10. Find Events Around Town

a close up shot of a microphone

What's going on in your neighborhood? From concerts in the park to karaoke nights, there are dozens of options to choose from. Go online and check out what's happening in and around your city. More often than not, you'll find:

  • open mic nights
  • library times
  • free museum days
  • community theater
  • talks at a bookstore

If you're lucky, some of the events might even be free.

11. Go For A Swim

a group of friends having fun in a pool

One of the worst things ever is to be bored on a summer day. There's way too much to do, and you shouldn't spend you time sitting around at home. What's the best way to beat the sweltering heat? The pool, of course. Even if you don't have one in your backyard or at your apartment, you can always visit:

  • neighborhood pools
  • the beach
  • water attractions
  • recreation centers

12. Host A Movie Night

four friends on a couch watching a movie

Movies aren't as cheap as they used to be. The good news is that theaters usually have cheap nights where you and your friends can spend a fraction of the price for the same great film. Rally your pals and choose a film to see together.

If you really want to save money, go on Netflix or Hulu and pick some movies from your list of movies that you've been meaning to watch. You'll only need to pay for food and drinks.

13. Hit Up The Pool Hall

three pool cues on a red pool table

Playing a game of pool really won't set you back that much. And, depending on when you head to the hall, you might also get great drink or food prices. Get some friends together and head down to the pool hall for a dive-bar feel and some classic music.

14. Visit The Arcade

games in an arcade

Maybe board games bore you to death. Why not head over to the local arcade for a cheap night of fun? Arcade admissions are typically in the $10 to $20 range, depending on what you play, how often you return to play, and how long you stay.

15. Discover New Hobbies

women chatting while knitting

One other thing you can do with your pals is discover new things together. You might find that you're really good at knitting, drawing, baking, or gardening, but you'll never know until you try them! You don't need a ton of money to try these things out, either. Spend a couple of bucks to get yourself a sketchbook or some yarn, gather your buds, and try some new things together.

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