Putting together party favors that are both charming and inexpensive can be headache-inducing. Different parties require different favors, and you want something anyone attending would enjoy. You no longer need to fret, because we've got ideas for all the important occasions in your life.

Wedding Favors

1. DIY S'mores In A Box

s'mores kit in a box

These adorable boxes of s'mores ingredients can be given to anyone. They're simple to put together yourself, and they won't set you back too much money, either. S'mores are perfect at any time of year, too, so you'll be able to use this idea no matter when your wedding is.

2. Personalized Glass Coasters

personalized glass coasters on a table

No one likes scrubbing water rings off their coffee table. Your guests can avoid that hassle with these glass coasters. Personalize them with the date of your wedding, a thank-you note, or a quote you've always loved. They come in different sizes and shapes as well, so you're sure to find something you love. Guests will be sure to use these practical party favors.

3. Bottle Hanger Boxes

bottle hanger boxes on bottles

You can make these bottle hanger boxes as expensive or as affordable as you'd like. Want to drape each box over a small bottle of champagne and fill the box with sweets? Go for it! Want to drape each box over a bottle of water and fill the box with hangover necessities? That would work, too. You'll need to put them together yourself, but the assembly process is a breeze.

Birthday Party Favors

4. Picture Frames

series of black picture frames

You could put photos of you and your friends inside these frames, or you could leave them empty and let your guests use them however they'd like. Depending on the frames you grab, you could be paying a lot or a little for these favors. But the smaller ones aren't too expensive and still maintain a modern, stylish look. You could also go with something more creative by purchasing frames with funky patterns.

5. Bottle Openers

someone using bottle opener

A bottle opener is the tool you always need but never seem to have on you. Give your friends this practical item so that they'll never be without a frosty beer again. You can usually find sets of them online to save yourself money. You can go with a different design or unusual material. Even if your buddies have bottle openers on their bar carts at home, it's always a good idea to have one on hand... and no one ever does.

6. Wine Glasses

engraved wine glasses

Hey, it's wine o'clock somewhere. Celebrate the best time of the day with these inexpensive yet durable wine glasses. Your friends will use them for years to come, and you can personalize them. Even if you go with the plain kind, these glasses are still super useful. Some companies allow you to purchase them in sets, which means less money spent!

Party Favors For Kids

7. Stickers

collection of sticker books

One of my favorite things to do as a kid was to collect stickers. The best was when you had those sheets with different scenes on them, inviting you to place whichever stickers you wanted on them. Kids have incredible imaginations, and you can foster their creativity by giving them sticker books to take home. Plus, it'll be inexpensive for you.

8. Fun-Fact Goody Bags

goody bags with candy and fun facts inside

Kids are always learning new things. Cater to their sense of wonder with these fun-fact goody bags. If you're sticking gummy worms in the bags, for example, include a paper teaching the kids some cool things about earthworms.

9. Books

2 kids books

Why not send the kids home with a wonderful keepsake and something they can learn from? Depending on the theme of your party, you could grab a book or two to match it. You could also visit stores like T.J. Maxx for amazing deals that'll save you money. If your kids don't care for traditional books, you could choose coloring or activity books.

Christmas Party Favors

10. Hershey's Kisses Trees

paper tree filled with hershey kisses

Christmas parties bring joy, laughter, and time together with loved ones. Sure, you just splurged on drinks and party food, but 'tis the season! Give your guests a little something extra with this do-it-yourself tree filled with Hershey's Kisses. You can mix and match flavors or create specific trees based on your friends' personal tastes.

11. Chocolate-Dipped Marshmallows

chocolate dipped giant marshmallows

Even after guests have stuffed their faces with your delicious party food, it's nice to give them a take-home dessert they can indulge in afterward. Chocolate-dipped marshmallows are just the thing: an easy project for you, and a light dessert for your guests. Decorate them with sprinkles, use different kinds of chocolate, or keep things festive with crushed candy canes. Stick them in a bag once they're cool and wrap with a bow!

12. Ornaments

angel ornament

Your guests' trees will sparkle this year with your ornament party favors! There are many inexpensive options available online for you to choose from. You can customize the ornaments, engrave them, or provide each person with a unique ornament to remind them of the good time they had at your party.

New Year's Eve Party Favors

13. Attire And Accessories

2018 party hat with glitter on it

Nothing rings in the new year quite like party horns and hats. When the holiday rolls around, these items can be found just about everywhere, from the dollar stores to the more expensive party supply stores. Grab your guests some funny hats, confetti poppers, noisemakers, or horns, and let them take their accessories home with them.

14. Fortune Cookie Treat Bag

fortune cookies in plastic bags

Why not give your guests fortune cookies in cellophane bags to wish them good fortune in the new year? These cookies aren't super expensive, and you can add personalized messages to the bag toppers so that guests know you're really thinking of them. Of course, you could also bake cookies of your own and use those instead.

15. Miniature Bells

a mini bell in plastic wrap

Ring in the new year with thesemini bells! You can engrave them with the names of your guests or the year. Regardless, you'll have something festive for your gathering.

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