"A picture is worth a thousand words," the fascinating idea that a single image can convey so much more than so many words. Perhaps, that's precisely why Christmas cards in their modern form continue to carry on the cherished holiday tradition.

Every December, when you open a Christmas card, does your heart fill with warmth and pang of nostalgia for holidays past? Holiday photo cards capture a touch of Christmas magic, the love that we wish to share with friends and family near and far.

Capture the moments that will make your holidays picture perfect with our inspirational Christmas card photo ideas that your friends and family will love.

2020 Christmas Card Trends: Home For The Holidays

hot cocoa and popcorn

I think we can all agree that 2020 was certainly a year to remember, and not always for the right reasons. For some families, they may be racking their brains for those special moments they can share from a year that was deemed "not-so-special."

We've collectively missed out on those typical summer vacations, annual gatherings, and weekend getaways that would almost always offer up those picture-perfect moments that traditionally become part of the yearly family Christmas card. But, surprisingly 2020 did offer families something else, a time of pause.

This year was a time to reconnect with yourself, your loved ones, and nature. One glance at this year's camera roll, and you'll quickly notice a trend that your magical family moments took place right at home or in your backyard.

This holiday season, send loved ones a holiday greeting filled with the welcomed warmth of home. After all, there is no place like home for the holidays.

Top Pick Christmas Photo Cards Ideas

1. Front Porch

most festive minted

Your typical family portrait sessions with your family photographer may have looked slightly different this year. During the pandemic, a common photography trend amongst professional photographers included mini driveby sessions to front porch photography as ways of staying safe and paying-it-forward as we continued to find ways to spread joy this year.

Wrapped in botanical illustration and timeless, elegant typography, this most festive Christmas card from Minted is the perfect way to showcase your front porch family photo.

2. In The Kitchen

handwritten marker

In a time of so much worry, everyone fled to the heart of the home, the kitchen! Our obsession for bread making was born as the nation kneaded to relax. Snapping a family photo in the kitchen while baking your favorite pumpkin pie or preparing cookies for Santa is a beautiful way of capturing that happy togetherness of the holiday spirit.

The handwritten marker card by Minted offers two photo spots for your baking adventures, with a lovely handwritten brush font on top.

3. Cozy In Bed

family card, photo in bed

What's more familiar and comfortable than your own bed? Recreate this adorable Christmas photo in bed with cozy matching holiday pajamas and the family dog! Add a Christmas storybook to this cheerful picture for more holiday flare.

This bold greeting from Minted features eye-popping modern typography on the bottom of the card.

4. Vintage Truck

love peace and hope

This year the charming vintage truck has boomed in popularity amongst home decor enthusiasts and photographers alike. There's no surprise as to why country life's simplicity is more attractive now more than ever. Nods to country life have charm, ease, and comfort that we all long for, especially during the holidays.

Recreate this darling DIY vintage photoshoot in your old blue or old red. The Love, Peace, and Hope card from Minted is a wonderful choice to showcase your vintage truck family photo with its delicate hand-drawn botanicals.

5. Staying In

season greetings

This year your living room has more than likely hosted many family fun nights, now bursting with new and exciting happy memories to love and cherish. From family game nights, Friday night take out, and social distance zoom parties, it's certainly been an adventure. Celebrate the ending of this wild and crazy year by toasting to your favorite place in the house, the living room.

Say, "Season's Greetings!" with Minted's simple signature card featuring a beautiful handwritten signature font.

6. Modern Entryway

entryway pose

When it comes to holiday photo ideas, folks often think of the same ol' basic shots. This year think outside of the box. Reimagine how you can use your home space to take the most stunning DIY Christmas photos. Consider using unconventional areas of your home, such as modern entryways decorated with simple wreaths, gifts, and bows utilized as a holiday backdrop.

Minted's mod tidings gives us fun and easy-going modern vibes for those looking to incorporate new and inspiring looks into their Christmas cards.

7. O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

christmas tree minted

Going to the Christmas tree farm is a favorite Christmas pastime! The official start of the Christmas season, and a place to make holiday memories to last a lifetime. It's the perfect place to capture your family portrait for your yearly Christmas card. Snap a photo of your family standing in front of the trees, or choose to photograph your family-hauling away a freshly cut Christmas tree.

Be Merry by Minted is an elegant choice for your family Christmas card. It features a classic festive message and beautiful scrolled font.

8. Beach Goers

good riddance 2020

Perhaps, this year's annual beach trip didn't go quite as smoothly as year's past. But, if you did make it to the beach or live seaside, it makes for a great photo-op for your Christmas cards! Those wishing they were spending Christmas on the beach will absolutely adore them.

We're feeling Shutterfly's "Good Riddance 2020" card and can't wait for brighter days ahead.

9. Bloopers

crying children

If 2020 has taught us anything, it's that not everything goes to plan. Shutterfly's hilarious, "This will have to do," card captures the very essence of our feelings this year.

So, this is our Christmas card. It's 2020, insert shrug emoji.

10. Nailed It

kid picking nose

Does your crew have a sense of humor? Show them that you're keepin it real this holiday season, with a hilarious, nailed it Christmas card from Shutterfly. Bonus points for sharing only your BEST nailed it recipes, Christmas edition.

11. Don't Forget Your Pets

women and dog

Include your pet in on the Christmas festivities by honoring them in the holiday card spotlight this year! Step it up with holly jolly holiday pet costumes, or keep it laid-back with an adorable pair of reindeer antlers. Whatever you choose, it will surely be a memorable moment to look back on.

Shutterfly's shining glee photo card is simple yet features the words, "Merriest Christmas," in festive gold.

12. Silent Night

couple and crying baby

Did you welcome a new baby this year? If so, you're also a new member of the no-sleep club. Welcome new parents, this too shall pass, just like 2020.

Your new bundle of joy offers so many DIY Christmas photo card options that will fit hilariously well with Shutterfly's Silent Night card. Your friends and family will love this playful take on this classic Christmas song, along with an adorable photo of your beautiful new baby.

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