Whether you entertain guests in a small city apartment, a country cottage, or a grand suburban home, your entryway or foyer will serve as a starting point as it introduces your home's unique personality while welcoming your guests to your humble abode.

Not only do entryways make great first impressions, but they also provide a practical space for outdoor and grab-and-go essentials for the whole family, while keeping them neatly organized in one area. Discover how you can elevate your foyer with stunning entryway decor that will make a great first impression as you welcome guests into your home.

Entryway Table

BON AUGURE rustic console table

Style and elegance begin with a single console table that will also serve as your hub or drop off station for outdoor and on-the-go necessities for both you and your houseguests. We suggest looking for foyer tables with adequate storage space, with multiple shelves or drawers, that will not only be used to display home decorations but can also be functional to house mail, keys, and seasonal apparel.

The rustic console table by Bon Augure features a three shelf open design with an impressive 300-pound weight capacity. The chic industrial style entryway table fits many modern decors and is easy to assemble in just 20 minutes.

Washable Rug

Ruggable white rug

Entryways in most busy households will see plenty of foot traffic throughout the years. Even though your foyer is a high-traffic area, you'll want to maintain a stylish, yet warm and clean, space that will greet guests as they enter your home.

Cleaning entryway carpets can be a hassle. With Ruggable, you can save time and money by washing your rugs at home in the washer! Simply detach your rug cover from the rug pad and then wash and dry as you would with your regular laundry. When your rug cover is dry, reattach to the rug pad. Easy peasy.

Round Wall Mirror

large black round mirror

Accentuate your foyer and entryway lighting with a bold and grand entryway mirror! Not only will an entryway mirror provide you with that last-minute check before your head out for the day, but it will also amplify your brightness from your entryway lamps, overhead lighting, and any natural light.

When choosing an entryway mirror, we recommend a larger mirror for a more dramatic effect and placing it in your entryway console center, about six to ten inches above the table. This black round wall mirror is one of Amazon's top-selling mirrors, for its simple design and affordability. The round wall mirror comes in five different sizes, ranging from 16 inches to 36 inches wide.

White Shutter Hooks Wall Shelf

white shutter hooks wall shelf

No room for a console table? No problem! This white shutter hooks wall shelf from Kirkland's is simply charming and is the perfect organizational solution for entryway decor for small spaces. Bring this cozy shiplap design together with some greenery or floral and some added farmhouse wall decor.

Faux Fiddle Leaf Tree

faux fiddle leaf tree

A lovely full fiddle leaf tree will add both warmth and dimension to your entryway. The cozy Instagramable fiddle leaf fig is considered one of the easiest house plants you can grow. But, if you can't wait, and you're fairly certain you can't hone your green thumb skills, you can purchase a faux fiddle leaf tree from QVC by Valerie Parr Hill. Place the small weighted base in a decorative planter or woven basket.

Glass And Metal Lanterns

malta glass lanterns

Create a stunning and elegant display by placing lanterns of at least two different heights on your entryway console table or place them on steps on the stairway landing. We adore Pottery Barn's Malta glass and metal lanterns for the timeless simplicity and affordability.

Faux Book Bundle

personalized book bundle

Add a touch of whimsy to your entryway decor with an adorable faux book bundle. The faux book bundle from TheWoodenOwl can be personalized with your family's names for a unique and heartwarming touch. Complete this farmhouse entryway decor look, with a set of wooden beads and a house plant for some added warmth.

Entryway Wall Decor

family sign

Any wall art is essential for creating a warm and inviting entryway. One of the most popular entryway wall art choices is the beloved wooden last name sign. Family name signs provide entryways with a rustic, cozy feel. Wooden signs are usually the most popular, for their long-lasting durability and warmer selection of tones. The personalized last name sign from AlexanderLaserDesign is made from birch wood and comes in your choice of eight different finishes.

Welcome Sign

welcome to the shitshow

Life is not always rainbows and unicorns! Your entryway may be stunning, but you can still let your guests know you're down-to-earth genuine folks. This personalized "Welcome To The Shitshow" sign from shopCarolinaMade will surely make your visitors chuckle. Choose from five different wooden frame finishes.

Boxwood Wreath

boxwood wreath

Boxwood wreaths are incredibly versatile and are an excellent addition to your entryway decor. There are several ways to use a boxwood wreath when decorating your foyer year-round.

  • Place the wreath on a coat rack hook
  • Use on an interior closet or basement door
  • Make a wreath topiary by placing a large boxwood wreath in an urn
  • Hang a wreath inside a vintage frame, old windowpane, or mirror
  • Place a small wreath in a bowl, basket, or on a tiered tray on an entryway table

We love the artificial boxwood wreath from Lvydec on Amazon for its ease of care and affordability. Choose from three different sizes.

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