On January 10th, 2021, our lives changed forever. No, we didn’t discover an amazing new takeout spot. No, we didn’t deep clean our bathrooms from top to bottom. No, we didn’t score an amazing deal on a new pair of trainers. No, what changed our lives on this date is much more important than any of these.

January 10th, 2021 is the date that Sarah Jessica Parker posted a cryptic teaser trailer on her Instagram feed. It didn’t take long for fans to figure out that her teaser trailer meant that the acclaimed Sex and the City series was coming back...for a short 10-episode revival entitled “And Just Like That” on HBO Max.

Here are five reasons why we can’t WAIT for the Sex and the City revival:

We’ll Get Answers about Samantha’s Fate

Kim Cattrall

It was announced, early on, that Samantha Jones would not be a part of the highly-anticipated 10-episode revival. Obviously, this is a huge bummer, but it’s not unexpected. Ever since news of the feud between Kim Cattrall and Sarah Jessica Parker emerged, fans worried that they wouldn’t get that third Sex and the City movie that they had been wanting for years.

But closure is always appreciated, and this revival will finally give fans a way to officially close out the Samantha Jones chapter. Since it’s clear that Kim Cattrall won’t ever be back in the franchise, we have a few theories about what could have happened to her:

  • Maybe Samantha moved back to Los Angeles to finally settle down with Smith Jerrod for the second time. We were always obsessed with the way he loved her, despite her persistent attempts to push him away. Team Smith forever!
  • On a sadder note, maybe Samantha succumbed to an aggressive recurrence of breast cancer. We all remember her valiant battle in the show’s final season, but her follow-up treatments were never discussed. If this is the case, we hope that the remaining three girls pour one out for their friend and can pay tribute to her in some way.
  • Our favorite theory? Samantha Jones died doing what she loved. Reader, we all know what is...

We’ll Get to See Carrie and Big’s Relationship

Chris Noth Mr. Big

We became so invested in the ups and downs of Carrie and Big’s relationship throughout the show, but we didn’t really get to see their love story come to fruition. They got together at the very end of the series, and we got little glimpses of their love story reprised at the end of the first movie and the end of the second movie. It’s not enough!

We’ve all developed some pretty serious commitment issues as a result of Carrie and Big’s relationship, right? So, we need to see that these two lovebirds can make it work with those banal tasks that go hand in hand with long-term relationships. Because let’s be honest...that’s where the real love story is.

Carrie and Big doing laundry together? Count us in! Carrie accompanying Big to a colonoscopy appointment? We’re here for it! Carrie filing their taxes? Yes, please! Anything that shows that these two star-crossed lovers have found a way to make it work in real life is a-okay with us.

We’ll (Hopefully) See Some Familiar Faces

Evan Handler

If you’re a die-hard Sex and the City fan, you probably remember some of the more notable side characters that helped make the girls’ lives colorful. We don’t have any details on who will (or who won’t) be making appearances, but we have a few preferences on whom we’d like to see:

Obviously, we’d love for the five main golden men of the SATC revival to make an appearance: Mr. Big, Steve Brady, Stanford Blatch, Smith Jerrod, and Harry Goldenblatt. But we wouldn’t be mad if we got to catch up with some of the lesser remembered (but still important) characters of the show such as Trey McDougal, Aidan Shaw, Aleksandr Petrovsky, or even Richard Wright. It would be fun to see how the girls react to their ex-boyfriends and to see if anything has changed over the years.

We’ll Get to See How the Girls Have Adapted to Today’s Modern World

point finger on screen mobile phone closeup, person texting text message, hipster touch blue screen on smartphone light night city, girls using in hands cellphone close up, online internet

The last time we touched base with Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte, they were still relying on dial-up internet access and landlines. They had just started to dabble with cell phones, though they were the big clunky ones that definitely wouldn’t fit in a cute clutch. So much has changed in the technological world since that last episode aired, and now we need to find out how the girls would act in today’s day and age.

We’d love to see Miranda scouring Zillow for a vacation home in the Hamptons for her family. We’d love to see Carrie fighting temptations to order DoorDash or to avoid getting Amazon packages too regularly. We’d love to see Charlotte on NextDoor starting fights with fellow moms about noise ordinances—and then we’d love to see her use Alexa to sing her kids to sleep.

Oh, and just before we forget...we’d love to see what the girls are like on a Zoom call with each other. Because let’s be honest—there's no one else we would rather on a Zoom call with!

We’ll Get to Be a Part of Their World For One Very Last Time

BERLIN - MAY 15: Kristin Davis, Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon and Kim Catrall attend the German premiere of 'Sex And The City' at the Cinestar movie on May 15, 2008 in Berlin, Germany.

This is the most important reason why we’re excited about the Sex and the City revival. When the series ended, 16 years ago back in 2004 (omg we're old), we were devastated. Then, we were miraculously blessed with the first movie in 2008. Against all odds, in 2010, we were given a second movie. We hoped that we would get a third movie, but news of SJP’s rift with Kim Cattrall made us fearful that a reunion would never happen.

Now, albeit sans Samantha, we’re getting something even better than a movie. We’re getting 10 whole bingeable episodes! Sex and the City provides comfort. We know who these women are, we know what they love, and we know the city that loves them back. Even though these episodes will be new to us, they’ll still give us these same nostalgic feelings as when we first started watching the show.

The Sex and the City revival starts filming in Spring 2021. Release dates still have yet to be announced, but you better believe that we’ll be the first to announce it once they do. It’ll be here before you know it, and then it’ll be over, just like that. Grab your cosmos and get ready, ladies!

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