Remember when you first started dating your significant other? That feeling of excitement and adventure that comes with new experiences is a high that's extremely hard to duplicate when you are years into a relationship.

If you're looking for a way to spice up your date nights—or if you need new ideas for pandemic-friendly dates and experiences—we would like to introduce you to The Adventure Challenge: Couples Edition.

What is the Adventures Challenge: Couples Edition?

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The Adventure Challenge: Couples Edition is essentially a date night book that provides you and your SO with date ideas. It's surprisingly affordable, and the dates are filled with adventure, surprise, and the occasional adrenaline rush.

The book features 50 unforgettable scratch-off adventures and experiences that will allow you and your SO to grow in new levels of your relationship. The catch is that you don't know what your next adventure will be until you scratch off a challenge. It's kind of like a date night lottery ticket, and you win every time you play.

The Adventure Challenge: Couples Edition is a beautiful hardcover book filled with challenges like cooking a delicious apple pie blindfolded, recreating your grandparents' very first date, or painting a masterpiece on a unique canvas.

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As each challenge unfolds, you and your partner will find spontaneity, romance, and zest in your relationship. They range in cost from $0 to $50, but you can adjust them to fit your budget. Once you scratch off a challenge, you HAVE to do it.

The challenges are broken down into different categories, so you'll know if they involve arts and crafts, cooking, or the outdoors. They also have fun individual titles, so you can try to guess what the date might entail. There are also symbols next to each mystery challenge to alert you if you'll need to make a trip to the store, if you'll make a mess, or if you need a babysitter.

No matter which one you choose, The Adventure Challenge: Couples Edition promises the chance to discover something new about yourself and your relationship.

To document each adventure, they offer a Lomography Automat Instant Camera, which we highly recommend. Not only will you have fun with each adventure, but you'll also have pictures to make a keepsake that you can look back on. Next to the scratch-off spot, there's a place to attach a photo and make notes.

There's Also an Adventure Box

In addition to The Adventure Challenge: Couples Edition book, you can also subscribe to The Adventure Box service. Inside the Couples Edition book, you'll see a tiny box icon on some of the pages that are an extra feature of a scratch-off challenge.

Those box icons indicate that there is a curated box with specialty items for that specific date that's available from The Adventure Box subscription. The idea is to save those dates for when your monthly subscription box arrives.

When you receive your box, simply check the name of the date inside and then scratch off that name in your book. Then, all you have to do is pull the rip-off tab and get your date started.

The Adventure Box saves you from having to go to the store and grab supplies for your date night because it comes with everything you need.

How Does The Adventure Challenge: Couples Edition Work?

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When you receive your book, there will be dozens of ideas for you to discover under a scratcher. The book will provide you some details before you scratch each box, like where the date will take place.

Most of the dates in the book do take place at home, which makes them very pandemic-friendly. There are some adventures that take place in specific locations. But they do give you a head's up in the date description about where it takes place, so you can decide if you want to head out into that specific situation.

The book will also tell you the time frame of the date, so you can plan ahead and get a babysitter if needed. You'll also know the price tag for the evening so you can budget accordingly.

Spoiler Alert: The Adventure Challenge Date Preview

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For example, if your adventure is a culinary date night, The Adventure Challenge: Couples Edition book will give you an idea of what a trip to the grocery store will cost. The book will also let you know if there are any specific items that you need to bring with you or have available at home while on your date.

All of these little details make it easy for you to choose with adventure to scratch off. But, you won't know the specifics about your date until you start scratching and unveiling the adventure at hand.

Tiny spoiler: One of the date nights in the book is to build a blanket fort, cook S'mores using canned methanol gel, and watch one of the 10 best romantic movies.

Why We Love The Adventure Challenge: Couples Edition

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The best thing about this book and the subscription box is the fact that it brings back that excitement from when you first started dating. It brings back that surprise, that element of the unknown, and plenty of adventure.

The new ideas for each date make you and your SO feel like your relationship is just as exciting and fun as it was when you first met.

We also love The Adventure Challenge: Couples Edition because it's budget-friendly and the dates are really a lot of fun. The date ideas are things we could have never come up with on our own. They shake up your routine.

This book also gives you that exciting feeling of being asked out on a date along with the mystery of not knowing where the night will take you.

The Adventure Challenge: Couples Edition is absolutely worth it. Not only does it create super fun date nights with awesome experiences and conversation, but it also makes you look forward to the next one.

This book will absolutely change date night forever. And when you've finally completed all of the dates, you can grab the Friends and Family editions for even more fun with the people you love. No SO? No prob. There's also a Solo edition so you can make the most of your alone time. 

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