This is not a drill...repeat, this is not a drill: Mother’s Day is a little over a month away! Have you ordered your mother her gift yet? If not, you better start thinking about what you want to get her, because the clock is ticking!

This year, we’re obsessed with the idea of personalized Mother’s Day gifts. Why? Well, a personalized Mother’s Day gift shows the recipient that you truly put time and effort into thinking about their gift, which will mean so much more to them than if you just pick them up a generic flower bouquet or Mother’s Day card.

We know what you’re thinking: Personalized gifts are expensive and hard to track down, right? Nope, not at all! Luckily, Mixbook, a customizable photo book company, is here for you. Mixbook lets you create all sorts of personalized Mother’s Day gifts from your computer with just the click of a button.

So, what’s the catch? Well, the catch is that you need to upload your photos sooner rather than later to make sure you get your Mother’s Day orders in on time. Mixbook is a popular site, and they get busy around holidays! So, as long as you place your order with Mixbook, like, should be golden.

Wondering what personalized gift you should order your mother for Mother's Day? Thanks for asking! Here are some of our favorite Mother’s Day gift ideas from our good friend, Mixbook.

Recipe Book

A young and beautiful mother in a blue shirt and apron is preparing dinner at home in the kitchen, along with her little cute daughters with light hair

Shopping for a foodie mom? Mixbook’s Recipe Book is the perfect gift idea. Upload cherished family recipes, with or without pictures, into Mixbook’s selection of recipe book templates. Shortly thereafter, you’ll receive a cute recipe book that will allow you to recall your family’s favorite recipes with ease. Hopefully, this Mixbook Recipe Book is a gift that will be passed down from mother to daughter for generations to come. There’s nothing better than connecting over food, right?

Family Photo Book

Family looking and sharing memories by the photo album

Family Photo Books by Mixbook are the perfect gift for moms who love looking at their whole family. These books come with a variety of templates to choose from, so it’s just as easy as dropping your photos into the book. Of course, you can always customize them as much as you want...but that’s up to you! It just depends on how much time you have, and we know moms are already short on time each and every day! You go, hardworking mama!

Baby Photo Books

Close up looking at baby s album

Shopping for a first-time mother or grandmother? Mixbook’s Baby Photo Books are just for you! These adorable photobooks have a variety of available templates for you to choose from, which is a huge time-saver. If you’re in this new baby’s life at all, you know how precious and scarce time is now. So, let Mixbook do all the hard work for you! Oh, baby baby!

Acrylic Prints

mother and daughter hold photo canvas at home

Acrylic is all the rage these days, so why not gift your Mom a set of acrylic prints? These acrylic prints from Mixbook are a huge step up from the 4x6s you get from Walgreens every year, so you better believe that your mom will be thrilled with her gift. These acrylic prints will come out so beautifully that you’ll probably want to order a few copies for yourself!

Magnet Cards

Happy mother's day! Child daughter congratulates mom and gives her flowers tulips and postcard. Mum and girl smiling and hugging. Family holiday and togetherness.

These personalized magnets by Mixbook are a great gift for the mother who is always in or around her kitchen. Why? Well, because she’ll always see her Mother’s Day gift, of course! Plus, they look great, which is just an added bonus for your kitchen decor. Score!

Photo Calendar

A woman looks at a calendar with a family photo. A useful gift with your photos. Souvenir. additional photographer's service.

Have a mom who likes celebrating the fact that she’s a mother all year long? A photo calendar from Mixbook is the perfect gift idea for her. Choose from a selection of predesigned templates, or create your own layout. Upload the pictures you want for each month, press submit, and then wait for Mixbook to do its thing! Then, you’ll receive a calendar that is meant to spread Mother’s Day love all year long.

6x6 Acrylic Blocks

These 6x6” square acrylic blocks have a glass-like finish and are perfect for creating a high-end gallery look. We think black and white pictures look especially good in these acrylic blocks, so if you have any, load them up onto Mixbook and enjoy the fruits of your labor! Rock out with your block out, mama!

Custom Photo Cards

Don’t have time for anything too crazy? You’re in luck...Mixbook’s custom photo cards will do just the trick. Just upload a picture or two of your kids to Mixbook’s custom photo card editor, and then let it do its thing! There are a variety of templates to choose from, which is a total timesaver for busy parents. Thanks, Mixbook!

Framed Canvas Prints

Mixbook makes beautiful framed canvas prints, and Mother’s Day is definitely the time to get in on them. Upload your most recent family photo, and let Mixbook do the rest. Soon after, you’ll receive a beautifully wrapped canvas of the photograph you submitted to them. Now that is going to be something that Mom is proud to hang up!

Wedding Memory Book

There’s nothing that moms love more than to see their children happy and in love. So, if you just got married, gift your mom and new mother-in-law a wedding memory book for Mother’s Day! They’ll enjoy looking at pictures of how cute their kids are and will be able to relive that special day at any given moment’s notice. Easy peasy!

Brag Book

Does the Mom in your life love to brag about their kids or grandkids? Well then, a brag book from Mixbook is the perfect gift for them! These pocket-sized books are the perfect size to be carried around in a purse, so they can whip them out whenever needed. Hey, why do you think they call them brag books?

Remember: Mother’s Day is May 9th, 2021! Order your personalized photo Mother’s Day gifts from Mixbook now to make sure your order arrives on time...and to make sure your mama is appropriately celebrated!

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