Ah, honeymoons...the least stressful part of the wedding process. After you’ve professed your love for one another, entertained droves of out-of-town guests, and spent an arm and a leg on the whole shebang, it’s finally time to relax.

Whether you’re a couple who likes infinity pools and relaxing spa treatments, or ATVing and hiking through beautiful landscapes, we’ve got you covered. Um, is it just us, or are you also sad that you only get one honeymoon?

At any rate, here are our top seven dream honeymoon destinations.

Turks and Caicos

Turks and Caicos a Paradise Island

You may have heard Turks and Caicos dropped in casual conversation in episodes of Gossip Girl or Keeping Up With the Kardashians...but it turns out that it’s a real place!

Well, guess what? Turks and Caicos isn’t just a getaway for the ultra-rich—it’s also a world-class place for a honeymoon. Direct flights are plentiful from the East Coast, which makes this a perfect destination for honeymooners based in New York, Boston, or Miami.

Turks and Caicos is a British Overseas Territory that is made up of 40 islands and cays. While there is a lot of bougie shopping to be had and expensive meals to be enjoyed, there are fun activities for couples on a lower budget to do together to celebrate their union.

Lounging on one of the many beaches or hiking the Blue Mountains are some great options. Of course, if you can swing it, we recommend staying at one of the famed luxurious resorts for at least one night, such as the Blue Haven Resort and Marina. Turks and Caicos, here we come!

The Whitsundays

Aerial photo of Whitehaven Beach, Whitsundays

You’ve heard of Sydney and Melbourne, but have you ever heard of the Whitsundays? This pristine collection of 74 islands is located off the coast of Eastern Australia, approximately 560 miles north of Brisbane.

The Whitsundays are the easiest way to visit the Great Barrier Reef. If snorkeling isn’t your thing, you can always book a reefsuite with Cruise Whitsundays. What is a reefsuite? Australia’s first underwater accommodation on the Great Barrier Reef. It’s part of a day trip that cruises around the Whitsundays and then docks just outside the Great Barrier Reef for the night. This experience will set you back a pretty penny, but it’s worth it, right? After all, you only (hopefully) get married once!

If you prefer a different experience, we recommend the romantic day trip to Heart Reef! The trip is a luxurious day tour that involves a scenic helicopter flight, a glass-bottom guided boat tour of the Heart Reef Lagoon, snorkeling, and champagne!

Pro Tip: September is the best time of year to have your honeymoon in the Whitsundays, as there is little to no rainfall, and the ocean water is perfect weather for swimming.

Amalfi Coast

Morning view of Amalfi cityscape on coast line of mediterranean sea, Italy

The Amalfi Coast is a 30-mile stretch of coastline along the Mediterranean Sea, just south of Naples. This is a great place to honeymoon because there are so many different options of how to spend your time, depending on what you and your honey like to do!

Outdoorsy couples will relish in the multitude of outdoor hikes and breathtaking drives along winding mountain roads. Couples who want to catch up on their R&R will appreciate spending their time at one of the many available beaches and resorts.

Some of the main towns on the Amalfi Coast are Sorrento, Positano, Ravello, Amalfi, and Capri. Many people who visit the Amalfi Coast prefer to jump from town to town throughout their stay to get the full experience. Plus, this just means more time in Italy...and who can argue with that?!

The Maldives

Overwater luxurious spa in the tropical blue lagoon of Maldives

The Maldives has pretty much what you would expect for a dream honeymoon: cerulean waters, all-inclusive overwater bungalows with private chefs, white sand beaches, and not a single cloud in the sky.

Located off the coast of India, the Maldives is an isolated set of over 189 islands in the Indian Ocean. Much of the country’s revenue is derived from tourism, so you can rest assured that your stay will be made up of spa treatments and good service!

Since the Maldives are just a series of disconnected islands, there isn’t much to do by way of hiking or exploring. This is a honeymoon that kind of forces relaxation on its visitors, which isn’t the worst thing in the world. Hey, being such on a deserted island with your new spouse with nothing to do but each other? Sounds like a dream to us!


Beach Villas on small tropical island with palm trees

Fiji is another archipelago of small islands in the Indian Ocean, but there’s a little bit more to do there than in the Maldives. Adventurous couples may want to take a day trip over to the Yaswas Islands to visit its volcanic peaks, blue lagoons, and sprawling green landscapes. Taveuni is another island in Fiji that offers up a plethora of athletic activities, from hiking to scuba diving to snorkeling.

Of course, if you just want some time to rest and relax with your new spouse, there is plenty of time to do that, too! We recommend booking a stay at a luxury hotel such as the Likuliku Lagoon Resort.


Machu Picchu, Cusco,Peru: Overview of the lost inca city Machu Picchu, agriculture terraces and Wayna Picchu, peak in the background,before sunrise

Peru is a great honeymoon destination for the adventurous couple! In the same trip, you could visit the mountains, rainforest, ancient ruins, Pacific Ocean, and the desert.

Hiking Machu Picchu, white water rafting, sandboarding, and exploring the Amazon rainforest are just some of the activities you can engage in while in Peru.

If you can swing it, we recommend staying at the Sanctuary Lodge in Machu Picchu for a breathtakingly romantic honeymoon night. We also recommend staying a night or two in Lima, because it is known as a gastronomy destination worldwide. Oh, and don’t forget to schedule a trip to see the llamas!

Costa Rica

Majestic waterfall in the rainforest jungle of Costa Rica

If you’re on the fence about where to go for your honeymoon, we’d like to let you know that Costa Rica truly does have it all. Adventurous couples will enjoy hiking through the Cahuita National Park or exploring the Arenal Volcano Hot Springs.

Couples who are in the mood for a little more R&R will enjoy staying at the El Remanso Rainforest Lodge, where they will enjoy room service and a private plunge pool in their room. Um, can we just stay in Costa Rica forever?

Want to go to all of them? We don’t blame you! Hey, there’s nothing wrong with suggesting an “extended honeymoon bucket list tour” to your new spouse-to-be, right?! If they love you, they’ll know what’s good for them...

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